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Lemon Diesel Strain: Sweet & Heavy-Hitting

Lemon Diesel Is A Very Heavy Hybrid Strain Of Cannabis

To be completely honest, we were thrown for a bit of a loop with this medical marijuana strain. You see, when I saw Lemon Diesel on the dispensary menu, I immediately assumed the genetics would consist of Sour Diesel and Lemon Skunk (or maybe Lemon Kush or even Lemon Haze).

“This hybrid is predominantly Indica and will affect your body accordingly.”

However, after doing a bit of research and asking around, it turns our that Lemon Diesel is actually the potent offspring of California Sour and Lost Coast OG.

Lemon Diesel recently placed top 10 in The Emerald Cup (one of the toughest growing competitions in America). If that doesn’t prove the strains potential to be great, we don’t know what will. Most people assuming that most Diesel strains mainly affect the mind, but this hybrid is predominantly Indica and will affect your body accordingly.

How Will The Lemon Diesel Cannabis Strain Affect Me?

The easiest way to describe the taste of Lemon Diesel is to compare it to a glass of ice water that is close to empty with a lemon floating in it. The smoke is so sweet, with no earthy undertones what-so-ever.

“The Lemon Diesel strain is fast-acting and full-bodied.”

An intense lemon flavor will linger on your tongue indefinitely, making you realize where the lemon comes from in its name. The gasoline undertones from the California Sour are really only recognizable in the smell of Lemon Diesel, not so much the taste.

We feel that is probably a good thing. After all, the smooth (yet strong) lemon-infused smoke will make you realize why this is a new favorite strain or ours.

The Lost Coast OG in the genetics brings a euphoric spaciness that starts in the head and eventually provides a nice body buzz as well.

Overall, the Lemon Diesel strain is considered a fast-acting and full-bodied hybrid, making it ideal for patients suffering from chronic aches and pain, migraines, and inflammation.

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Cross: -The infamous Lemon Kush BX5 X Humboldt Gelato BX3 strains

Type: 70 % Indica, 30% Sativa

THC Range: 25% plus

Description: A Mega Pheno Hunt winner with high THC levels complemented by juicy terpenes gushing with lemon flavor, the Lemongrass name came easy. Beloved for its high-flying effects and super delicious flavor, Lemongrass is perfect for any indica lover who’s after a high level of potency. This bud has a sour and citrusy lemon flavor with hints of spicy vanilla and rich herbs. The aroma is very similar, with hints of spicy herbs and pungent diesel that intensify the more that you toke.