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kush xl auto cannabis seeds

Kush XL Auto Flower Seeds | Kush XL Cannabis Seeds

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Kush XL Auto Flower Seeds

Kush XL Auto Flower Seeds are quick to flower, grow stronger plants for indoor or outdoor gardening, and produce potent flowers that taste like heaven.

You must like the work put into this strain’s genetics. Imagine getting 20% Ruderalis on an Indica 60% dominant powerhouse that also comes with a 20% Sativa horsepower. Now stop imagining and try our Kush XL Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds. These superior genetics are the root of its equally exceptional features and benefits.

With a low CBD content and an impressive 17% THC content, this is a plant that should make the medical marijuana community quite excited. This variety has a very relaxing aroma that is slightly sweet and sour with a spicy tinge. The spice is dominant in the sweet and earthy taste. It’s not overwhelmingly strong, but it’s there and will linger on the palate after you take a hit.

Effects of Kush XL Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Effects are immediate and long-lasting. The smoke is one of the smoothest you will ever enjoy, with no burn in the throat or anything like that. The warmth and energy you get from smoking Kush XL Auto Flower Seeds are not to be defied.

In high doses, it will induce a full-body stone that borders on couch lock, leading to an overwhelming desire for sleep in some users. In smaller amounts, the high is much more uplifting and even, allowing users to get things done while enjoying the high.

When the effect is felt in the head, it is very relaxing and calming with a bit of an edge that can lead to bouts of euphoria when it really takes hold. It increases appetite and eases muscle tension and pain throughout the body. This epic strain comes highly recommended to all those who seek the ultimate Indica high marinated with the right amount of Sativa sauce.

How Does Kush XL Auto Flower Seeds Grow?

The Kush XL strain is highly regarded among breeders and has been around for decades. The reason for its continued popularity is simple; it’s a great all-rounder – it doesn’t matter if you’re growing it indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouse environments; she does an equally good job everywhere!

This little lady can grow up to a meter high, with good support she will be a prizewinner every time! She performs well in any medium from soil to hydro, but her size makes her perfect for SCROG setups or even indoors if you have limited space or want to make the most of your garden – either way, Kush XL promises steady yields of top quality highly resinous buds that pack a serious punch.

Kush XL Auto Flower Seeds strain flowers anywhere between 60 – 70 days from seed which means you can have 3 or 4 harvests a year! You will get medium tall plants that yield up to 200-300 g/plant outdoors and 300-400 g/m2 indoors. For first time growers, we recommend an indoor grow as they are very easy to control, but for more experienced growers, it’s a great strain to grow on the balcony as long as it has a sunny south-facing exposure.

The buds are well covered in trichomes; they are green in color with orange pistils, making them look like a sort of lime green/orange color. They also have little cloudy crystals covering the ends of buds and leaves, which makes them so sparkly and pretty. The smell when flowering has hints of earthy scents, pine, and sweet fruit smells to it, which is quite complex for an auto flowering strain. It is really sticky because there usually is lots of resin when touched.

History of Kush XL Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Once more, the mighty OG Kush sired an incredible strain by the name of Kush XL Auto flowering. Our strain is created from mixing the potency of OG Kush and a Ruderalis.

Kush XL Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Kush XL Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC content and faster flowering. It is a small strain growing only 20 to 60 cm tall but can produce up to 300 grams per plant outdoors and up to 400 grams per square meter indoors. This is a talkative, creative, and relaxing strain with pine, sweet and earthy flavors.

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More About Kush XL Autoflower

Kush XL Autoflower is an indica dominant hybrid autoflowering feminized strain. It was created by combining the genes of a potent Kush XL and a mysterious ruderalis strain. Kush XL Autoflower is for first-time growers because it is very easy to grow. You can cultivate this indoors or outdoors, and these plants will still grow without any worries.

Kush XL Autoflower will flower without any special lighting. This happens in just 8 to 10 weeks. These plants are very small, growing only 20 to 60 cm only. But don’t worry because, despite its height, you can still harvest as much as 400 grams per plant. Kush XL Autoflower has 17% THC and 0.2% CBD.

Kush XL Autoflower buds are small but dense with earthy, sweet, and pine smells and flavors. Kush XL Autoflower will respond to cannabis training techniques like SCROG or SOG plus will also improve yields by trimming or pruning.


Cannabis indica resulting from the crossing of an original plant from the mountainous regions of India and Pakistan (Hindukush) and another 4th Generation (F4) Skunk Autoflowering plant selected over the years by our breeders.
Rebecca Kush is a Kush-dominant plant, a very productive hybrid that grows to almost one meter tall. The aroma is of incense with some fruity tones.
Its structure resembles a Christmas tree with a large central flower; The cultivation of the SOG ” Sea Of Green ” type is recommended to increase the final production.
Rebecca Kush flowers 8 weeks after germination, with some individuals of the species flowering up to 7 weeks.
The effect is physical and relaxing at the same time, ideal for the treatment of insomnia, loss of appetite and partly for the treatment of pain. Perfect for the evening.

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It includes only seeds selected and cleaned by hand produced by a group composed of the best international breeders to give you one of the best products on the market.
HSB includes only very stable and highly productive genetics, tested and subsequently stabilized over the last 10 years by breeders with over 20 years of experience in the world of cannabis.

The Hand Selected Bulk menu includes autoflowering and feminized, with fruity, sweet, incense, citrus or cheese flavors and more particular and exotic aromas to satisfy eyes, palate, body and mind.