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krishna kush seeds

Krishna Kush

Krishna Kush from Colorado Seeds is a feminised cannabis strain created from Lavender and Gupta Kush with the goal of creating a powerful and tasty variety with good production and an Indica character that will be irresistible to growers.

Krishna Kush stays compact in growth from the beginning, making it easy to cultivate in grow rooms with limited headroom. Its lush, dark green leaves can take on purple tones depending on the phenotype cultivated.

A well-branching variety, it’s perfectly suited to the SCROG (Screen of Green) technique being if employing a longer veg time, although it can also be grown in SOG (Sea of Green) at a rate of 20 plants per m2 by simply pruning the lower parts before switching to flowering.

During its flowering phase it forms large, compact flowers and its high resin content makes it ideal for extractions or concentrates. Its flowering period is fast, reaching full maturity just 7 to 8 weeks after the photoperiod change.

Krishna Kush is remarkably potent thanks to its high THC level of up to 27%, which makes it a good candidate for medicinal users seeking a physically relaxing effect, to reduce anxiety, to stimulate the appetite or assist sleep.

In outdoor cultivation, it can be harvested in early October giving a high yield depending on the size and volume of the plant.

Krishna Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Krishna Kush is from Colorado Seed Inc. and is one of the most impressive Kush varieties you will ever experience. This is a large, purple plant with large thick colas with glittering trichomes. It was made by combining Lavender, Big Skunk Korean, Afghani and Super Skunk with Gupta Kush. Because of its varied heritage, it can provide deep sedative effects and at the same time an overpowering feeling of happiness and relaxation. Krishna Kush is known for the relief of stress and insomnia.

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Krishna Kush Marijuana Strain Specification

Type: Indica

Flowering period: 50 to 55 days

Climate: Moderate

Yield: 500 grams per square meters indoors

Flavors: Berry, spicy, flowery, herbal

THC Levels: 27%

Height: Average

Growing difficulty: Moderate

What are the effects of Krishna Kush?

Krishna Kush can make you feel very relaxed. It would seem like all your worries and troubles have been completely erased from your mind. It will also make you feel happy to the point that you are giggly and tingly all over. You will surrender to a satisfying sleep as the effects of this strain gradually wear off.

What are the medical benefits of Krishna Kush?

This strain is useful for the relief of insomnia. You will be able to sleep soundly and will have no problems initiating sleep as well. No need to use sleeping aids and medications which can only make your condition worse. It is also for stress because of its powerful relaxation effects. It can also curb pain with its natural analgesic effects.

What are the negative effects of Krishna Kush?

You will feel dizzy because of the overpowering relaxation and sedative effects of this strain, therefore, you must be very careful. You may also feel dry eyes, dry mouth, and restlessness especially if you are new to using Krishna Kush.

Tips for growing Krishna Kush

Krishna Kush stays compact from the beginning of its growth to harvest time. It can grow indoors or outdoors but when grown indoors, it’s best to use the SCROG method to improve veg time and increase yields. You can also use the SOG method. Provide your plants with good soil suitable for cannabis growing and feed only organic plant food.

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