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keeping cannabis seeds in freezer

How To Store Seeds for Years.

Over the Last Several Months, I Acquired Quite the Seed Collection.(Link)
I Managed to Accumulate 500+ Seeds, and Currently I’m Not even Growing so I Needed to Find a Way to Preserve these Amazing Genetics
With a Little Research and a Bit of Common Sense I Devised a Method.

Deep Freeze: IMO is Good For Storing for Decades or More. Bare in Mind a Small to Medium Percentage (20-35%) WILL be Lost Due to the Deep Freeze. The Seeds that Survive the Freeze Should Stay Viable for a Lifetime.

I Plan on Using Most-All my Beans Within 3-5 Years. I Believe With the Proper Tact/Precautions the Fridge proved to be the Most Practical ( Everyone has One, If Not Seed Storage is the least of Your Problems )

Seeds Store Best in Dark Places, a Cool, Steady Temperature is Important.
Moisture can be your Worst Enemy and you Best Ally. Too Much and the Bean will Germinate, not Enough and The Seed Will Dry Out. There is Enough Moisture in a Refrigerator to Actually Start Germination in a Seed. To Counter Act the Moisture I Use Instant Rice. The Instant Collects more Moisture than Regular Rice.

Problem was Keeping Several Different Strains Separated yet Combined in the Same Container.

Small Glass Vials

Used for Sample, Oils, Perfume, Cocaine, Ect.
They Can be Found at Spice Shops and Ebay.

Their Unit of Measurement is Called a Dram
1 Dram= Holds approx 1/8 Fluid Oz and is 1.75" High x 0.5" Diameter/Wide
I Found 1/2 Dram was perfect size for me (1.375"H x .375"W) which can hold up 40 seeds/Max with Rice. Although they are Ideal for 20-30 Seeds and Leaves Enough Extra Space for Plenty of Rice.

I Fill The Bottom With a Layer of Rice, Then a Layer of (10-15) Seeds.

Then Another Layer of Seed and Rice to Top it Off

Although the Caps Fit Pretty Snug, I Use White Electrical Tape to Create an Even Better Seal, Also it Works Well for Labeling

I Then Use Black Electrical Tape to Block any Light from Penetrating the Vial, Which Also Prevents them from Braking if They Get Knocked Around

My Vials, All Ready for Next Step.

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I Use a Small Mason/Ball Type Canning Jar

I Found the 6oz Jars are an Excellent Size (3.75"H x 2.75"W). Nice Thing is This Size is VERY Common, for Candles, Spices, the Larger Baby Food Jars. Lots of Recycled Jars on E-Bay

Sweet Thing is, They’re Tall Enough I can Stack the Vials Inside. A Row of 14 on the Bottom + a Row of 14 on Top of Them for =28 Total Vials

I Fill All Remaining Space in the Jar With Rice

Just Like The Vials, I Cover the Entire Jar with Electrical Tape to Block Out any Light Penatration, then Seal the Lid with the Tape

Then In The Fridge it Goes

I Save all My Original Packaging in a Separate Jar

I Know All This May Seem a Bit Over Board However I have Close to $5K in Seeds, I Believe, Many of Which, Soon Won’t be Available

I Hope This is Helpful to Someone!!
Keep IT Up Everyone!!

-Capt Dutch

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very nice, i like it.

you should report back here in 1,2,3,4,5 years when you germ these to show what % you got and if this is the best method. looks pretty sound to me.

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That is a great post!
This definitely should be a sticky or be in one of those "Links for things you need to know" posts.

K+ to you, my friend!


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Nice post dutch.

Get to poppin’ a few now while you wait for the results of the deep freeze


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get there while you can


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Interesting addition to Freezing them Sounds correct to me, In fact. May be wise to thaw them out the same way.
As an Electrician , I Once went to a Frozen Seafood Processing Plant that Recently Closed. All The Food was Still There Cryogenically Frozen (-200° C!!).
I Don’t Really Know The Technicalities, However to Move the Preserved Food, They Couldn’t Simply Thaw out Food When it is THAT COLD They Had to Gradually Raise the Temp a Few Degrees Each day.
Thats Where I Came in , The Last Couple People that Still Had Their Job at the Plant, Were the People who Monitored the Temperatures of the Freezers. We where Installing a Remote Monitoring System, so The Temps could be Observed Elsewhere (We Took Our Time, So The Workers There Could Get a Final, Full Weeks Check )

Interesting Blurb from the Wikipedia Page on Cryogenics:
"Cryogenic storage at very low temperatures is presumed to provide an indefinite, if not near infinite, longevity to cells although the actual “shelf life” is rather difficult to prove. In experiments with dried seeds, researchers found that there was noticeable variability in deterioration when samples were kept at different ‘frozen’ temperatures–even ultra cold ones. Temperatures below the glass transition point (Tg) of polyol’s water solutions (around minus 136°C) appear to be accepted as the range where biological activity very substantially slows down, and minus 196°C (liquid phase of liquid nitrogen) is the preferred temperature for the storage of important specimens. While fridges, deep freezers and extra cold deep freezers, all similar to domestic ones, are used for many items, generally the ultra cold of liquid nitrogen at -196°C is required for successful preservation of the more complex biological structures to virtually stop all biological activity."

BTW SOTF420, The "Q-tip ends" is a Commendable Idea, However it wouldn’t work with these Vials. The Top Openings(Necks) aren’t Wide enough (5mm) Some of the Larger Seeds where a close fit. Well I bet you could get the Q-Tips in. However getting them out Would be a Whole ‘nother Struggle

I Don’t Think the Rice will get Moldy or Nasty . I’ve Never Read of anyone Having that Problem.

Think of When You Order Chinese Food, You Always get The Free White Rice. Because you got the Delicious Pork Fried Rice Unfortunately the White Rice Usually goes to Waste. When you (Maybe this ONLY Pertains to me ??) Come Back a Month or so Later , The Rice is Simply Dried out. Not Moldy or Even Nasty, and That was Moist when it was refrigerated. So I Think It’ll be Fine

Thanks for The Input . Please keep it Coming, I’d like this Thread to be Up for a little while so It can be Seen, to Teach

-Capt Dutch

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How To Store Marijuana Seeds Properly –

When they are exposed to temperature changes or light, cannabis seeds begin using their store of nutrients. This is a disaster because they ultimately won’t have the nutrients to germinate. When they are exposed to temperature changes or light, cannabis seeds begin using their store of nutrients. Make sure your seeds remain away from light, as it can directly trigger germination.

The lower the temperature, the less likely your seed is to germinate unexpectedly. Experienced growers tend to have special refrigerators to store their seeds. Ideally, your fridge is a no-frost model. If you can place the seeds in the fruit and vegetable section, that is even better. Another option is to freeze the cannabis seeds.

Then put them in a dark container. Also, it would help if you germinated these seeds immediately once they come out of the freezer. Don’t allow them to thaw first. What About Humidity? Here is a quick overview of what will likely happen to cannabis seeds at different humidity levels:

How To Store Cannabis Seeds The Right Way – Dutch Passion

Your cannabis seeds need a certain level of moisture for germination. If the humidity level gets too high, your seeds will rot in storage. An extremely low level of humidity of around 8-10% is suitable only for long-term storage. If it drops below 8%, you offer any insects present in the seeds the chance to become active and start reproducing.

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Place this sealed container in the fridge. Remember that opening your fridge can cause significant temperature fluctuations. As a result, it is ideal if you have a second fridge that is seldom used. Also, you should note that modern fridges have low humidity levels. If the humidity is too low, your seeds will begin using up nutrients.

Unfortunately, all you need is one insect in a container to destroy all of your seeds. The first consideration is to avoid exposure to ultra-low humidity. However, for long-term storage, this is precisely what you are supposed to do! One option is to spread diatomaceous earth (D.E) where you store them.

How To Properly Preserve Cannabis Seeds

Crucially, for our purposes, it serves as an excellent natural insecticide. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t use D.E if you plan to store your seeds in a fridge with other food. Imagine paying $100+ for seeds, going to the trouble of storing them, only to find that insects ruin them. It would help if you also stored your seeds as high above the ground as possible.

Insects and pests also thrive in dirty storage areas. As a result, you must ensure the storage area remains clean. Otherwise, you won’t just attract pests to your seeds; microbes will form and damage the seeds. Do you want to consume marijuana from contaminated seeds? Germination, You can ‘test’ your seeds once you have removed them from storage.

If they sink, they should be fine. However, if they float, it is more likely that they are bad seeds. You can still try to germinate, but there is a greater risk of producing poor-quality cannabis, or else the seeds fail to sprout. You can keep floaters in water for approximately 72 hours to see if they sprout a tail.

How To Store Marijuana Seeds So They Last For Many Years

Make a small cut into the shell as a last-ditch attempt to get it to sprout. Final Thoughts on Storing and Preserving Cannabis Seeds, If you purchase marijuana seeds and intend to use them almost immediately, you should have no issues. Even so, it is probably best to keep them away from direct light.

Once the goal is to store cannabis seeds for months rather than days or weeks, everything changes. You need an airtight container, which you should store in a fridge. Include a vacuum-sealed container if you plan to store the seeds for several months or longer. When storing cannabis seeds, you must ensure they are not exposed to germination conditions.

Also, store in 20-30% humidity (8-10% for long-term storage) and a cool temperature. Keep the environment clean to avoid pests, and consider the tips above for germinating old seeds. Published on: 4 May 2020.

How To Store Marijuana Seeds So They Last For Many Years

YOUR SEEDS ARE ALIVE Many people forget this, but it’s true—your cannabis seeds are living organisms. Before they germinate, however, they are in a state of rest (much like some animals when they hibernate). And like all living things, seeds can die. When storing your seeds, you’ll want to give them the optimal conditions to ensure they hold through until you’re ready to germinate and plant them.

EFFECTS OF HUMIDITY ON CANNABIS SEEDS Humidity is easily one of the biggest threats to your seeds. Here is how different levels of humidity (% relative humidity) affect your cannabis seeds: EFFECTS OF HUMIDITY ON CANNABIS SEEDS Seeds drown and wilt after about 12 hours. Seeds germinate. Advisable to store your seeds.

For long-term storage, it’s best to keep your seeds in a sealed container inside the fridge. Remember that opening the door of your fridge can actually cause some pretty dramatic temperature shifts. If you happen to have a second fridge that gets used less often than the one in your kitchen, use that one to store your seeds.

How To Store And Preserve Cannabis Seeds [Fully Explained]

It’s super important your seeds aren’t directly exposed to these conditions, as the lack of humidity can cause them to use up their nutrient stores just to stay alive. CAN YOU STORE SEEDS IN THE FREEZER? Yes, cannabis seeds can be stored in the freezer. The lower the temperature, the slower the decline.

Meet the conditions we outlined above, and you should be able to preserve your seeds for up to five years and still get a high germination rate. KNOWING WHICH SEEDS TO PLANT AND WHICH TO STORE When you’re ready to germinate your seeds, inspect them and germinate any seeds with damage to the outer shell first.

Seeds with cracks in the outer shell are a lot more vulnerable and shouldn’t be stored. At Royal Queen Seeds, we take pride in our work and want to ensure every grower only has the best genetics in their garden. That means we inspect all of our seeds before packaging.

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How Long Do Marijuana Seeds Last – Storage Techniques

Older seeds often have an extra tough outer shell. Gently scratching this shell with some sandpaper can help moisture and warmth enter your seed at the time of germination. Try gently scarring your old cannabis seeds just before soaking to help them sprout. The ridge is the slightly elevated side of your seed.

Removing it gently with a sharp Stanley blade can help your seed sprout. In a last attempt to germinate your seeds, creating a small cut in the seed’s shell may help. However, this is no miracle cure, and you’ll need to be careful to avoid damaging the inside of your seed.

Whenever possible, avoid buying more seeds than you plan to plant so as to avoid having any issues at the time of germination.

Seed-Saving Pros and Cons

Many home gardeners like to save seeds from their garden for future planting in order to either preserve a favored variety or to save a bit of money by not having to purchase seeds from some of the many seed vendors. But is this a good idea? The first thing to consider is seed viability–how long a seed retains its ability to germinate and grow. The second thing to consider is the cost of buying the seeds in the first place. The third thing to investigate is the cost of buying bedding plants–immature sprouts that are ready for hardening off and then planting. Finally, the fourth consideration (in the case of cannabis cultivation) is whether or not to buy clones–rooted cuttings from female plants.
Viability. Most of the seeds from your garden don’t last too long. Typical viability is only a few years under ideal storage conditions. Here are a few examples: cannabis, 3-6 years; chile peppers, 2-3 years; beans, 3 years; corn, 2 years; tomatoes, 4 years; and melons, 5 years. According to seed supplier High Mowing Seeds, “Proper seed storage conditions are cool and dark. The moisture content within the seed greatly affects germination rates. Seeds should be stored in their original packaging in a cool (below 50 degrees Fahrenheit), dark place where their moisture content will stay relatively stable. Here at High Mowing we keep our seed cooler at around 45 degrees Fahrenheit with less than 40% humidity.” In other words, the best place to store seeds is your refrigerator. But not your freezer, in my opinion, because the temperature is not cold enough. Cryogenic seed storage that seed banks use requires liquid nitrogen at -196° Celsius, while home freezer temps are only about -18°C.
Commercial Seed Costs. Most packets of seeds are not expensive at all. For example, Burpee sells a 130-seed packet of Jalapeño Early Organic for $4.95, so that’s about 4 cents per seed, so why bother to save seeds of this variety? However, cannabis seeds sold by dispensaries can be $10 or more each! In this case, it makes sense to save some seed, especially as you only need one male plant to pollinate every female plant you are growing. You won’t have sinsemilla, but you’ll have a lot of free seeds that will last for 3 to 6 growing seasons.
Bedding plants. Nearly all the garden plants you’d ever want to grow are available from nurseries as bedding plants. Most of the work of germination and growing to planting size has already been done for you, so all you have to do is harden the plants off and then place them in your garden beds. Pricing varies according to plant varieties, size of the plants, and the seller. Typically, a four-pack of pepper seedlings will cost about $3. However, some big box stores, like Home Depot, buy from the bedding plant wholesaler Bonney Plants.which has eliminated plants in 4-packs and 6-packs and now sells only individual plants in small pots for $3.98 each! I advise visiting local nurseries that still sell the packs.
Cannabis Clones. The problem with clones is that then tend to flower prematurely, which radically reduces the yield because when flowering starts, vegetative growth slows way down, so your mature female sinsemilla plants might only reach a couple of feet in height when they normally could be three times that size. Clones are usually sold by dispensaries rather than nurseries. I’ve given up on them.
Some Seeds Are Way More Vital Than Others. The oldest seed ever sprouted was 2,000 years old! Details here.
One of the Longest-Running Scientific Experiments Ever Is Testing Seed Viability. Details here.

In conclusion, I raise some varieties from seed and buy some as bedding plants. But I don’t usually save seed because most of what I grow changes from year to year,