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jelly sherbet seeds

Jelly Tots Cannabis Seeds

Jelly Tots Cannabis Seeds by Holy Smoke, this really is a bit special for us , it’s been 2 years in the making and worth every minute these phenos are now exceptional..

Flavours lots and lots of jelly tots !! and it really is – the slightly tart orange from the Tropicana cookies Interacts with the sweet purple sherbet and you get a myriad of colorfull flavour profiles just like opening a pack of jelly tots it just hits the senses instantly.

This strain truly lives up to its name she produces big bountiful and extremely solid nugs which make a huge pile it seems keep expanding as u chop it up !

She’s easy to grow doesn’t need a lot of nutes and with the grow sites all over your quickly see the capacity she has and the finished product is like nothing else with created.

Holy Smoke – Female Cannabis Seeds

Taking some of the strains he has developed it was only natural that Nick founder of Holy Smoke Seeds should take those strains and move into the Female Cannabis Seeds market place. Offering some of their very select cannabis seeds in feminized from Holy Smoke Seeds once again position themselves as one of the most select seedbanks in the country.

Holy Smoke Seeds can trace their roots like the rest of humankind to Africa. Nick the founder of Holy Smoke Seeds was exposed to various different marijuana strains during his time in Africa, he then moved to Europe where his love for indicas and breeding really took off. So Holy Smoke was born and has never looked back, a few select strains with some of the finest genetic material on the planet, that’s Holy Smoke Seeds.

  1. £50.00 – £59.99 1 item
  2. £60.00 – £69.99 9 items
  3. £70.00 and above 11 items
  1. 7-8 Weeks 1 item
  2. 8-9 Weeks 12 items
  3. 9-10 Weeks 5 items
  4. 9-11 Weeks 1 item
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