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Green tea «Ivan-Tea» – Organic Fireweed Seeds

Organic Fireweed «Ivan-Tea» (Chamérion angustifólium, (Epilóbium angustifolium))

In twentieth century Britain, this bright flower acquired the nickname “bombweed” because it thrived in bomb craters. Fireweed has become a symbol of the Alaska and the Yukon region, and has a long history of culinary and medicinal use; currently, the slightly spicy petals are used to flavor wildflower honey, candy, ice cream, or jelly.

Fireweed is very attractive to bees and butterflies, and Fireweed honey has become quite sought after. Fireweed seeds do best with a cold/moist treatment for 4 weeks prior to planting, or directly sow the herb seeds outdoors in the fall.

How to Grow

Fireweed forms cottony seeds (like cottonwood seeds only smaller and lighter) in thin seed pods that are spread by the wind. So far I have not seen any plants that have come up from seed however I've been harvesting seeds before too many blow around. Moreover starting seeds has been kind of iffy, it seems to me they need a great deal of care to get going.

I managed to start some plants from seed even during fairly hot weather by filling a pot with dirt, sprinkling the seeds on top and coating with very fine dusty soil. Then water from the bottom and/or spray with a fine mist. Do keep the pot out of the hot sun and make sure the pot is cooler at night. Once I tried starting them in a cool basement with a fairly constant temperature and this did not work. A couple of times I tried starting the seeds by placing them in the ground and this did not work. I also managed to start them by putting some in Park's Starts (rubbery peat-like cylinders) on a windowsill in late Winter. Also do not attempt to plant plants you do manage to start in hot conditions, I did this and very few (or none? I forget) managed to survive.

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Fireweed is in the Evening Primrose family meaning that it can spread rapidly. My first experience with fireweed led me to think it would soon be all over the place however it is not nearly as aggressive as some other members of the family (like showy primrose, Oenothera speciosa, one heck of a spreader that has been in many seed catalogs in recent years). It forms a limited number of shoots in the spring and if you pluck them out you will not get new sprouts all over the place. If you dig up a sprout in the Spring it will only grow slowly that season and not bloom until new sprouts come up the following year. It also has does not compete well against other perennials like Helenium, New England Aster and Bee Balm so in a wild setting it will not take over as far as I can tell. Also deer and elk are supposed to like the plant and they would control it in the wild.

Иван Реликвия Томат Премиум СеменНой Пакет

Каждый год мы выращиваем гигантский сад наших любимых овощей. Большинство наших любимых овощей старые сорта времени, что люди в настоящее время называют "Heirloom". С большим удовольствием мы предлагаем для вас наших фаворитов.

Это фантастический красный помидор реликвии. Плоды большие красивые красные, на протяжении и до конца. Огромные растения должны быть в клетке. Огромное производство следует ожидать! Этот помидор был почти потерян, но был возвращен из почти вымирания специальной группой любителей помидоров Ивана.
Обычный лист, Неопределенный, 82 дней

В отличие от других, мы не покупаем семена из внешних источников. Наши растения выращиваются вручную с нежной любящей заботой. Ваша покупка помогает нам продолжить наши поиски органически производить семена премиум здесь, на нашей ферме. Мы увлечены садоводством и стремимся представить ничего, кроме лучшего для наших коллег садовников. Фотографии вы видите фактические фотографии образца помидоров мы выросли. Есть 10 семян на упаковку

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Мы гарантируем прорастание на текущий год или ваши деньги обратно. Семена должны храниться в прохладной сухой области.

True Garlic Seed, S18 Ivan mix

Avram of Garlicana Farm in Tiller, Oregon has successfully produced True Garlic Seed (TGS) in enough quantity to distribute to those who want to dive deep into the world of garlic plant breeding. We are thrilled for the opportunity to help get this seed out into more hands and also to grow some ourselves.

True Garlic Seed is an exciting opportunity to experiment with something new. It is NOT an economical way to produce garlic due to the difficulty to produce the seed. Furthermore, each seedling must be grown for at least two years before a bulb will be produced, and results are unpredictable since propagation is not through clones.

Please read this article before beginning your TGS adventure.

From Avram: “True Garlic Seed (TGS) has a low germination rate. With each generation germ rate improves but expect as low as 15% and as high as 40%. Seeds require vernalization (aka. stratification). Soak seeds in a 1% bleach solution followed by a rinse and a month under refrigeration before seeding into flats or plugs. Germination is inconsistent and can occur from a few days, a few weeks and even a couple months. It is recommended to read this article before endeavoring on this. Growing garlic from true seed is not like growing onions, it’s a project with uncertain results. Nor is TGS a commercially viable means of propagating garlic, it is experimental and offers the possibility of introducing variation into a gene-pool limited by millennia of asexual propagation, of obtaining virus free stock, potentials for disease resistance, of combining traits that cross groups or defy categorization, in short, creating something new.”

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S18 Ivan mix

“The seeds in this mix are descendants, several generations out, from seeds given to Avram from Dr. Ivan Budenhaggen. Like Avram , Ivan obtained germplasm from GRIN and began a garlic breeding project. The four parents in this mix expressed Purple Stripe characteristics and all yielded an abundance of TGS with minimal fuss of bulbil removal.”

For more on the naming convention used here, check this out.

Order fulfillment for this item is through Garlicana in Tiller, Oregon. It will ship and arrive separately from any other items you purchase.

We do not anticipate having future availability of True Garlic Seed. To purchase this item, please contact Garlicana directly.