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Question about humidity early in the grow.

For seed germination, as I understand it, having very high humidity (90% + ) is good for the growth of the seedling. I was wondering how long I should keep the humidity dome going? How long till it is no longer beneficial to the sprouts?

Thanks in advance!

I've never heard of it being beneficial to a seedling. Once you see green, the roots are established enough to keep it watered. I've never used any dome for a seed. I don't use a dome for clones either. Use one as long as you like, just remember that that it needs fresh air and mildew is more likely with high humidity.

Hmm, I had heard domes were good for the seed, but seeing as how I cant find much evidence online for after the leaves have sprouted, I'll just remove the dome, I had been giving fresh air every 6-8 hours or so, and the dome was relatively big.

This is really helpful thank you!

Damping off is a potential problem with seedlings under domes. High humidity and low airflow promote the growth of various fungi that can kill a tender seedling before it has a chance to get started. Domes are good for clone cuttings where you're trying to limit transpiration in a plant with no roots, but you're better off without for seedlings.

My makeshift humidity domes. They work really well.

Nice idea. Domes are expensive and poor quality. That’s a great solution.

Domes are expensive?

Also diffuses light on top better for clones and seedlings!

I wouldn't call it "makeshift". If anything its a HUGE quality improvement

Beats the flimsy tops I was buying before any day!

Sometimes the cheapest ideas. are the best ideas

I think so! If it works it works!

You could glue a solo cup where each cup is and place the cup with the plant in that cup, that way you can pick it up without having any shift.

The way my light sits I can just pop one side open and slide the other off but that’s a good idea might have to get the glue gun!

I use 1.5l coke bottles.

cut it about a third from the bottom and poke holes in the bottom, then fill 3/4 fill with coco and drip water on till damp. Take a large cutting and stick it in. Put the top half of the bottle over the top and wrap tape around it.

If you cut it in the right place the top half of the bottle will sit over the bottom. Only worth doing if you only have a couple clones though.

If you wanna do loads of clones get a big plastic box, doesn't matter the colour, put about 2 or 3 inches of sand in the bottom, stick a load of small plant pots in the sand (sand holds them still and holds water) fill the pots with coco, stick your clones in and then stick a plastic sheet over the top, and clear plastic bag will do, I tied it on with string. Then a 60W (actual) cfl above and a little heatmat below and your set.

Seedling sprouted with a homemade humidity dome over it, should I be worried by the leaves?

Your grow light is probably too close, back it off to 24" if you are over 200 actual watts.

Since you are growing in Coco you need to add cal-mag to your daily feeding schedule after day 5.

I have a 300 watt viparspectra and have it a bit over 30” above the plant (it says 32-40 in the instructions).

I have calmag and gave it a 1ml dose (to 1litre ratio) today with its first drink, about 12 hours ago.

lil guy looks so cute in the big pot lmao

I know haha, didn’t want to put him in a little one as it’s an auto

Yep, first real leaves and curled up and the starting leaves are down. Only watered as I didn’t want the coco to completely dry out, edges are very dry. Used about 250ml of water around seedling. Coco/perlite was made up 3 days ago

It's curling down because of too much water and humidity once the seed sprouts and it's that big you don't need the humidity Dome anymore take the Dome off let the Coco dry out before you water it again.

Cheers will do. Dome was put on over night when I transplanted the germed seed and in the morning it had grown and curled. Haven’t put it back on since.

I also have a seedling heating mat under the drip tray, should I turn that off or would that not effect the leaves. Plant is in a tent in my garage and it’s winter. Tent is on top of cardboard so not directly on concrete but still cold overnight. Think ambient temp is okay due to heating from the light and just have one of the top tent holes open for air