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huckleberry cough seeds

Huckleberry Cough V2

MOM- The cough is a very special clone only cut of an Old NL#5/Haze..
I first received The Cough in the late 90s from a friend who moved to Oregon from Colorado.. At the time I was gifted the cut, I was told it was the original NL#5 clone crossed with a Haze Bros Haze that he had been growing in colorado.. He assured me this strain is NOT the same as the NL#5/Haze that came from Amsterdam… It is named ‘The Cough’ for a good reason, it Makes you COUGH… She has nice medicinal values, great yields and is Powder Mildew resistant… I’ve seen her in rooms covered with PM and she never once showed any signs of it..
With her 12+week bloom time, she is an advanced strain to grow which made her close to extinct when everyone went for faster blooming strain as the Kush trend took hold of the scene…. I knew how special she was, and could not bring myself to let her go… Over 15 years later I still have the original cough that I was gifted..

DAD- Our newly selected Oregon Huckleberry Male [which is a strain we started back in 2007], has become married with the Cough, providing an vigorous offspring that nicely compliments one another.. The fast bloom time and tight internode spacing made the Cough a more suitable plant for indoor gardens.

Indica/Sativa %

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Bloom Length:

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Pheno #1(30%)- Cough leaning Pheno that is the largest of the group and highest yielding. With a 2x stretch plants should be planned out for bloom accordingly. Nice amount of haze comes thru on this pheno with undertones of berry and skunk.

Pheno #2(50%)- 50/50 pheno that provides the best of both parents. Tight sweet/sour buds with a 1.5x stretch. Good size plants that need to be staked and trained to prevent colas falling over.

Pheno #3(20%)- Huckleberry dom. pheno has the tightest buds and least amount of stretch(1x).. Woody stems make it a bit more difficult for scrog, so topping may be best for scrog/branching on this pheno.

Huckleberry Cough

Somtimes, you have to go a little heavy duty. From TH Seeds, this strain combines Seattle Big Bud, Killing Garberville, and Mendoccino Hash Plant. It smells just like its namesake. For growers, it flowers in about 8-9 weeks, has huge yields, and is easy to grow.

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Huckleberry Cough Flavour

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