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how to tell when cannabis seeds are ready to harvest

Learn to identify the perfect time to cut marijuana plants

After dedicating months to the care of our plant, that much-anticipated moment draws near, the day to harvest our home-grown. This is the time when many novice growers experience the following doubt: When to cut the cannabis plants? Just observe and pay attention to a few important details that identify the correct time to harvest the marijuana

Depending on the variety of cannabis we have planted, the flowering time will vary significantly. Indica varieties will be ready to cut seven to eight weeks after the start of flowering, whilst sativa dominant varieties will require much longer. This time is just a rough guide, The seed bank should give the approximate date of harvest so we can estímate the date to cut our marijuana plant, but the exact date only the ripening of the trichomes can tell us.

The first clue that the plant gives us, that the time has come to cut it will be the amount of trichomes in the buds that have changed colour, usually to an orange-brown or amber color. The optimum time to harvest marijuana is when between 40% and 70% have changed colour, not before. It is at this time when THC levels are at their highest. With the help of a microscope we can study the colour of the trichomes. If they look a whitish colour it is a sign that they are not yet mature.

Once we have decided to harvest our marijuana, we must pay attention to the correct method of harvesting. Ambient humidity should be kept as low as possible, to avoid the inside of the buds getting damp. The plant can then be cut as a whole, or branch by branch

When all the branches of the plant have been cut, they should be tied with pieces of twine or string. Use scissors to carefully remove the large leaves and some of the smaller leaves (leaving the leaves that surround the buds and have a high resin content to increase production) so that the circulation of air through the buds is not obstructed.

So how to dry marijuana?

It is advisable to avoid climates that are too cold or humid, as drying will be slow and may cause mould. Neither should conditions be too hot or too dry for drying our marijuana bud. The ideal environment is somewhere dark and ventilated with a temperature of between 18 and 24ºC, and a relative humidity of 45-55%

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From Kannabia Seed Company we would like to state the following items in accordance with current legislation in force in Spain:

1.- That cultivation should only be for personal supply and consumption.

2.- That the use and purpose of your cultivation must be therapeutic.

3.- That the plantation should be carried out in the privacy of your own home, similarly the consumption.

And most importantly, all information that is given references a small cultivation.


You have gone through all the stages of this beautiful process that is growing your cannabis plant. And, now that the buds are already beautiful, fragrant and super flowered, how do you know that it’s the right time to harvest and enjoy the reward of your hard work and enjoy your plants with their greatest potential.

We’ll be very honest: the harvest can be that “all or nothing” moment of your cultivation. If you do something wrong, you can lose months and months of dedication, nutrition, lighting, pruning, caring – and money. So, you need to ensure, in every possible way, that this will not happen, and that your cannabis will be harvested when it needs, according to your purpose.

The truth is that there are several tips on how to harvest and even different times depending on what you are going to do with your cannabis: if you are going to use it to smoke the flower, make an oil, to make hash, to make fresh frozen… So, maybe the first point of this post is to know if you have already defined what you want from your plants.

With that in mind, we can better explain our harvesting process and what we know about it, to help you finish your cultivation cycle with love. Let’s go!

Is it the right time?

When is the best time to harvest your cannabis?

To see if it’s the ideal time for harvesting, you will need to watch the resin develop in buds and leaves. The trichomes that show the maturity of the plant. We recommend that you buy a magnifying glass, as this can be quite difficult to see with the naked eye! You should look closely at the trichomes. At the beginning of the cycle, they are just balls, called basal trichomes. As the plant matures, more elongated trichomes appear, with a lollipop or mushroom shape.