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how to grow regular cannabis seeds

Regular Seeds

For the old school lovers who love to keep it natural regular cannabis seeds are the perfect choice for them. Keeping it natural without any chemically produced alterations regular cannabis seeds produce both male and female offspring in an equal ratio unlike the feminized seeds which only produce female offspring.

Regular cannabis seeds are the naturally bred strains which are obtained by crossing over the male and female parents. The high end cannabis consumers know the taste and uniqueness of regular cannabis seeds and are highly obsessed with them. These days when we have produced too many altered and modified cannabis species it’s rare to find regular cannabis seeds. And what’s more rare to find is people who love to smoke regular cannabis seeds.

It’s the female cannabis seeds which are smoked whereas the male counterpart is generally of no use to stoners. So, people usually prefer to cultivate feminized seeds and get 100% female seeds but then the ones who understand the difference between the modified and produced feminized seeds and naturally grown regular cannabis seeds always prefer regular cannabis seeds over any other modified and altered strains.

Also for those who want to produce seeds on their own would need both male and female regular cannabis seeds. To grow and produce seeds on your own you cannot go with any other seeds other than regular cannabis seeds. Get the best quality high yielding regular cannabis seeds now at your doorsteps with us. Order them online now.


Delicious Seeds regular marijuana seeds are the strains you need to obtain resistant and excellent quality cannabis plants.

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Starting at: €30.00

Earn from 6 to 12 delicious coins.
6 coins = €0.60 and 12 coins = €1.20.

Starting at: €30.00

Earn from 6 to 12 delicious coins.
6 coins = €0.60 and 12 coins = €1.20.

Starting at: €112.50

Earn from 30 to 60 delicious coins.
30 coins = €3.00 and 60 coins = €6.00.

Starting at: €30.00

Earn from 6 to 12 delicious coins.
6 coins = €0.60 and 12 coins = €1.20.

Starting at: €30.00

Earn from 6 to 12 delicious coins.
6 coins = €0.60 and 12 coins = €1.20.

Starting at: €30.00

Earn from 6 to 12 delicious coins.
6 coins = €0.60 and 12 coins = €1.20.

Regular marijuana seeds What are they?

Regular cannabis seeds are the first commercialized strains of this plant.

Both male and female plants can germinate from it. That is why they have become the Nemesis of marijuana growers, especially if they are not very experienced.

The problem with male plants is that, if they flower, they can release their pollen and hermaphroditize all the plants in the crop. In this way, the quality of the plants decreases, as well as the flavor of the resin.

However, the most expert growers continue to opt for regular marijuana seeds, as they have other significant advantages that we will talk about in the next section.

According to experts, the probability of an even division of female and male plants is quite high, although other studies reveal that they can also produce 70% females and 30% males.

This way you won’t have to get rid of the entire crop. You only need to remove the male plants to enjoy the best strains of female plants.

The regular seeds are genetically modified to obtain feminized and autoflowering strains.

If it weren’t for regular marijuana seeds, the great genetic wealth of cannabis is destined to be depleted forever.

That is why at Delicious Seeds we recommend cannabis growers and marketers to bet on this type of strain.

Features and benefits of regular cannabis seeds

Despite the popularity of feminized and autoflowering strains, regular marijuana seeds have not yet been totally displaced from the market.

And now you will find out why.

They are more resistant and vigorous than other strains

This means that regular seeded plants are more resistant to weather changes, pests and other adverse situations that the harvest can suffer.

They have an immense variety of pure phenotypes

The phenotype refers to the set of characteristics that each strain has. This means that the regular seeds generate greater variety and possibilities of crosses. A very important advantage for expert growers looking to create their own strains.

In this way, you can play with the different strains to obtain very different plants in terms of their life cycle, intensity of aroma and flavor, as well as the effect they produce during consumption.

In addition, these types of seeds have pure phenotypes that have not been genetically modified. One of the benefits most celebrated by expert growers.

High content of cannabinoids

Marijuana seeds that have this characteristic usually produce plants that offer greater aroma and flavor power. One of the qualities most sought after by recreational and holistic consumers.

Why buy regular marijuana seeds?

If your goal is to care for a hardy crop where you can play with different strains, make crosses, and create your own strains, then regular cannabis seeds are the best option for you.

However, to ensure the quality of the harvest it is necessary to take into account a series of requirements during the life cycle of each plant.

For their part, recreational and holistic marijuana consumers will find in these plants the desired aroma and flavor potency, as well as the effects of their preference, depending on the varieties that are harvested.

Tips for growing cannabis seeds

Due to the difficulty of harvesting this type of seeds, if you finally decide to sow them, it is necessary to take into account some specific care that we will talk about below.

The most important of all is to define the sex of the plant at the right time. This will allow you to remove the male plants in time, to prevent them from releasing their pollen and ruining the harvest.

Make sure you have well-drained and aerated soil. These types of plants do not require large doses of nutrients as occurs with other varieties, since they are very vigorous and resistant.

Humidity and temperature

The proper temperature for cannabis harvest is 21 ° C. A characteristic shared by most varieties.

During the first stages of growth, it is recommended that the grow room have enough humidity to favor its development. When they begin to reach a considerable height and are close to the flowering phase it is best to reduce the humidity levels to 40% or 50%.

Clearly growers have greater control of the plant life cycle by growing regular cannabis seeds indoors. However, if you sow them outdoors you can still ensure that the harvest came to fruition.

To do this, we recommend sowing them in spring and harvesting them in autumn. It guarantees a good dose of nutrients and avoids its cultivation in times of snowfall.

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