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Our New Jacks Cleaner 2 Cannabis Seeds Packs

The New Jacks Cleaner 2 Cannabis Seeds Packs On Sale

5 Marijuana Jacks Cleaners 2 Cannabis Seeds V2 Included In Every Pack

our Jacks Cleaner 2 Cannabis Seeds V2 a version of the legendary mother plant Jacks Cleaner is a favorite among collectors of extremely potent hybrids. The strain has none of the Haze flavors of JTR and is a much taller style Sativa plant with a racing buzz that seems to slice through just about any type of high and leave the toker vibrating with a smile on there face.

The taste and smell of the plant’s our jacks cleaners 2 cannabis seeds are 100% lemons and the taste is a mouth full of citrus almost like a lemon head candy. This strain was created for all those in search of a Jacks Cleaner cut for there own head stash but not in the right circles to acquire a cutting.

Jacks Cleaner 2 is a very close recreation of our most dominant Sativa Hybrid and most potent strain, Jacks Cleaner. This is Bubbleman’s favorite bubble making plant. This strain is intense, trippy, visual, phase shifting and can cause paranoia. It can increase heart rate and appetite. It is great for pain relief.

Phenotypes: All females are lemony sweet to the smell, almost as lemony as the JC, though there may be a few phenotypes with a lighter, lemon smell, probably from the JTR influences. Select the largest yielding female
Height: Medium to heavy stretch/ Colas swell late
Yield: Medium / Heavy trim work
Indoor/Outdoor: Does Well In Both
Best Way to Grow: Topped and placed in the bud early due to stretch.
Harvest: 8-10 Weeks
Sat/Ind: 80/20
Hybrid: Pluton X Purple Haze X Lambsbread X NL X Jack Herer X JTR Male
High Type: Intense, trippy, visual, spacey, pain relief
Taste: Makes very usual bubble tasting and smelling like lemons

All females are lemony and sweet to the nose, almost as lemony as Jacks Cleaner, though there may be a few phenotypes with a lighter lemony smell, probably from the Jack The Ripper influences. Select the largest yielding female

Medium to heavy stretch / Colas swell late

Medium / Heavy trim work

Topped and placed in bud early due to stretch

Pluton x Purple Haze x Lambsbread x NL x Jack Herer x Jack The Ripper Male