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how sturdy are cannabis seeds

Just How Resilient Are Cannabis Plants?

T hough the moniker of “weed” has some very fitting applications for cannabis, growing premium cannabis is not like growing tomatoes — you can’t just pop a seed in some dirt on a windowsill and expect to harvest buds in a few months. There are countless articles on the internet outlining the best ways to grow marijuana at home including the best grow lights, the best soil, the best watering practices and so on. But despite the heavy focus on ways to protect cannabis plants from pests and stress, marijuana plants are pretty darn hard to kill.Sure, extensive stress can reduce bud production or increase the likelihood of growing seedy weed, but short bouts of stress are no match for a strong cannabis plant. In fact, some stress can actually improve growth and cannabinoid production, which we’ll discuss more in just a bit.

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Cannabis Resilience

Though there are certainly ideal conditions in which to grow cannabis plants, they are surprisingly resilient to environmental stressors like damage and temperature fluctuations. For example, though the ideal temperature to grow marijuana is between 60 and 80℉, they can bounce back from excessive temperatures by watering them generously, protecting them from prolonged heat (with fans for indoor grows or a tarp for outdoor grows), and feeding them a little seaweed extract to increase nutrient absorption that gets blocked when a water source runs dry.

Cold temperatures provide another source of stress to cannabis plants. When cannabis plants freeze, the water inside of the plant walls freezes which causes damage to the cells therein. Though a slight frost is concerning, if the plant can thaw out slowly, the damage will be minimal and a light pruning of dead leaves and stems can bring it back. If the plant experiences a hard freeze, though, the damage may be too extensive to recover from. Protecting your plants with a cloth or makeshift greenhouse pre-frost can help protect the plants from damage or shock.

Also of note, some cannabis plants are better equipped to deal with stress than others. Whether purchasing cannabis seeds online or clones from a dispensary, it’s important to understand the ideal grow conditions and tolerance level of each plant.

For example, strains like Killer Queen, Northern Lights, and Critical Jack are all known for their high stress tolerance and ease of cultivation whereas strains like Thai Passion, Maui Wowie, and Headband are considerably more difficult to grow. Some of the most common reasons strains have difficulty navigating stress include size (which makes them more prone to burning in indoor grows) and an inability to fight off mold and pests (which can be exacerbated by excessive watering).

Cannabis Adapts to its Environment

Though we’re still uncertain of the exact origin of cannabis, we know that different strains come from different climates and that their grow patterns reflect their adaptability. For example, indica-type cannabis strains originated from the variable climate of the Hindu Kush mountain range. As a result, these strains have adapted their grow habits to meet the conditions of their environment; smaller plants with shorter grow cycles helped ensure these plants would grow to maturity despite an impending cold season.

Conversely, sativa-type cannabis strains which originated from a temperate climate along the equator evolved their grow habits to accommodate the longer, hotter summers by growing very large and often produce fluffy buds that stretch the length of their long stems.

For this reason, sativa strains tend to be better able to withstand high temperatures but may not do as well in cooler, wetter environments.

Cannabis also produces seeds as a survival mechanism; when the plant becomes stressed, she may produce seeds as a means of preservation. If she is in a stressful environment not conducive to her own survival, producing seeds helps ensure that her offspring will carry on her legacy. She may also produce more trichomes or accessory colors to protect her from the sun or harsh UV-B rays and will grow more colas when pruned or manipulated using the SCROG training method.

Controlled Stress Increases Cannabinoid Production

One of the most common ways growers use controlled stress to improve plant production is by training them with something like the SCROG (Screen of Green) method which guides plants as they grow through a series of screens to maximize light exposure.By increasing sun exposure in the center, cannabis plants are encouraged to produce more stems which will eventually produce colas and thus more flowering buds. This outcome can also be accomplished by bending the main stem to the side or by pruning the main stem (a.k.a. “topping” the plant) during its vegetative stage provided that the plant is healthy and contains four to five nodes. Topping the plant will cause it to produce two new nodes just below the site of the cut resulting in a bushier plant and a larger harvest.

Another common tactic used to encourage cannabinoid and terpene production in cannabis is by exposing them to UV-B lights after the plants have flowered for about two to three weeks. Because UV-B rays are so harsh (they give us humans sunburns), exposing cannabis plants to this type of light at the right time encourages the production of terpenes and cannabinoids which act as a natural sunblock for the plant. Trichomes not only help reflect the light off the leaves, but also emit a terpene cloud in high temperatures to cool the plant naturally. By using UV-B light at just the right time during the flower cycle, growers can increase trichome production without damaging the plant. Dropping the temperature in the grow room a few degrees at night can also have the same effect, this time thanks to the trichomes’ natural insulating capability.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to stress, most of us agree that it’s best to keep it at a minimum (this goes for both plants and animals). However, sometimes a little stress is beneficial because it improves resilience and increases output. Though stressed plants should always be monitored and carefully nurtured, the fact is, cannabis is very resilient and may thrive in (carefully controlled) high stress environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cannabis Plants Survive After Being Frozen?

Cannabis plants can endure a light frost, but the deeper the freeze, the harsher the damage will be. However, that being said, it’s always worth it to see if your plant will bounce back, you’d be surprised what they can endure.

Will Cannabis Plants Die if You Forget to Water Them?

Like any plant, cannabis can’t go too long without watering, but can spring back after a low period. Infrequent watering may stress the plant, which can affect bud quality and trichome production.

Are Strains Affected By Where They Are Grown??

Different types of cannabis will grow better in different climates, and will be stressed by factors (such as humidity or heat) that are foreign to it. In general, Sativas fare better in hotter climates and indicas thrive in cold, but the hybridization of so many strains means that each will have its own unique ideal grow conditions.

What is your experience with cannabis resiliency? We’d love to hear your story.


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HEAVYWEIGHT SEEDS – Cannabis Seeds Review

With the fine weather now approaching you can start to think about your cannabis growing for either indoors or outdoors.

If you want to try a new cannabis seed bank or want to mix up your cannabis seeds with a fabulous cannabis seed bank, then why not shop at Cannabis Seeds Store and buy your Heavyweight Seeds today.

Heavyweight Seeds are one of our customer’s favourite cannabis seed bank and in this blog you will see why.

Heavyweight Seeds is a Spanish company that was founded in 2008. This cannabis breeder uses only highly stable pure genetics and provides a wide range of different tastes and flavours. The Heavyweight Seeds came to the European market in 2010 and got a recognition at once due its high quality.

The main goal of the team is producing the top-quality feminised genetics with high yielding.

The collection of Heavyweight Seeds contains Indica’s, Sativa’s and excellent hybrids that provide cerebral, medical, social and other effects.

So, it will be great choice for any grower and smoker. Heavyweight’s strains produce very large crops that also make it ideal for commercial growing.

The seedbank has his own auto flowering collection. All strains demonstrate great stability and also high yielding. They are suitable for small spaces and also for beginner growers.

So, whether you are a beginner on cannabis growing or the super elite Heavyweight Seeds have the cannabis strains for you.

With Cannabis Seeds Store stocking all Heavyweight cannabis seeds you can purchase yours today.

Let me tell you about some incredible cannabis seeds.

Fruit Punch Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

It is finally here! After many requests Heavyweight have produced an auto flowering version of the legendary Fruit Punch.

Being sativa dominant, Auto Fruit Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds grows quite tall for an auto and takes a little longer from seed to harvest than indica dominant autos (around 70-80 days), but it is well worth waiting those few extra days. The result is a phenomenal plant that yields fat, resinous buds and one of the smoothest, sweetest smokes known to mankind!

Cultivation could not be easier, as Auto Fruit Punch flowers automatically; it does not require any change in light cycles indoors and performs to a high-level outdoors.

Auto Fruit Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds is quick, consistent and abundant, making it a great choice for beginners or more seasoned players who want a reliable and trouble-free crop time after time.

The high is cerebral and creative, perfect for socialising (gather round the punch bowl!) and also great for pain relief minus the debilitating couch lock common to indica plants. The flavour is a haze lovers delight, with crisp notes of lemon, lime and a hint of sugar mango; the aroma is pure citrus bliss!

Auto Fruit Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds was most definitely worth the wait and will make a fantastic addition to any indoor or outdoor garden.

Reviews of Fruit Punch Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This was my third grow and by far my best result yet in all aspects. I still have a very long way to go and I am working on patience for my next run. I will be running another one of these right away to do it right this time. I know I pulled her early and made a significant light change more than halfway through this grow. With all that said I love this strain. The smells are otherworldly I was the kind of sweetness that makes you smile every time it hits your senses.
Every time I grow a Heavyweight seed it is insane yield.

This strain is pretty easy to grow. Just give it enough light, water, and nutes. This strain also provides a very nice night-time buzz. This is on my list of strains to grow again.

Fruit Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Fruit Punch is fast becoming a legend around the globe; this quickly flowering sativa dominant plant produces both big yields and the sweetest of smokes.

The high is uplifting and creative, perfect for social occasions, daytime toking and pain relief without couch lock. Fruit Punch is a breeze to grow and a great choice for beginners.

Commercial growers also love this plant for its rapid and trouble-free reliability, producing big crops time and time again.

Once you have tasted the Punch, you will be sure to come back for more.

Reviews of Fruit Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Taste wise the best plant I have had in a long while. Waiting for the taste to really show up after some curing, really liking this one! Does not branch out great at all, LST would be my choice of training. Did not like topping.
Cannot say anything bad about Fruit Punch by Heavyweight seeds. Been growing for a year now and is an incredibly resilient plant. Took clones since seed and have had 4 harvests since. Highly recommended.

I would recommend Fruit Punch by Heavyweight seeds to anybody! Breeze to grow in terms of resilience to topping and training, not super pungent smelling (great for stealth), but the stretch is quite explosive, so height can be a definite factor.

First half of harvest (57F) is really heady high, with almost no stoned/couchlock. I harvested with about 25-30% clear trichomes (I know it was way early), and about 5% amber. I wanted as little couch lock as possible.

Fast and Vast Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

If you are looking for maximum yields and maximum potency in an auto flowering strain, then look no further.

Fast was the first hurdle for Heavyweight, taking a sturdy white dwarf and crossing it with an Auto Skunk that would reach its full potential in 7 careful weeks, and then the Vast came when further crossing with a powerful Afghani auto.

Great care has been taken to ensure that the high yields are not at the expense of quality, the long thick buds covered in sparkling crystals produce a high quality soft and sweet smoke with spicy undertones.

The effect is very fast and knock out, leading to a long-relaxed stone.

Reviews Fast and Vast Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

What a turn around. I really have had so many problems growing this strain in the past, much due to me. Though she may show many different phenotypes there are some utter gems in the pool!! Really was a last round KO taking them to 12 weeks before the chop.
Wow turns into a magic tree. it is so much sugar on it. And for a 9week plant give a nice number of buds. My LST ON a beginning did not work much but soon as it grow and with all my LST adjusts it reveal all of is power.
Hope you like, like I do.

2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

The Heavyweight team had a task here how to improve on probably the best auto flowering strain available anywhere at the moment Fast and Vast.

Taking great care not to lose any quality at the expense of yield they took a beautiful example of a Northern Lights auto and crossed it with the mighty Fast and Vast.

Although the huge yield of fast and vast has been retained the addition of the heralded Northern Lights genes have produced a mouth-watering masterpiece.

The entire plant is covered with resin, even the stem and branches, the smoke is pure with a fruity edge, the effect is a beautiful high (with giggles) and then a deep relaxed stone, giving the effect that is so hard to find, yet so sought after.

Well, here it is at last, it is the finest auto they have ever produced, making even the most dubious critics of autos think again.

Reviews of 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

A very strong strain, if you have things to do, do not smoke until afterwards.

Overall, it has a nice piney flavour and a great daytime smoke. Will definitely be doing a proper grow with this strain soon.

Strawberry Cheesecake Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Crossing a really stinky cheese with a fruity and potent Chronic, Strawberry Cheesecake is a smoker’s delight.

There is the classic Cheese taste and aroma, coupled with an underlying mouth-watering sweetness. The hit is hard and heavy, just perfect for the serious smoker.

Strawberry Cheesecake Feminised Cannabis Seeds is also highly recommended for medical ailments, particularly arthritic and muscular pain.

Rapid growth quickly leads to a forest of thick buds, but the plant stays short and stocky; ideal for those who have space issues.

Both big yielding and super strong, Strawberry Cheesecake is the perfect mix of quantity and quality.

Reviews of Strawberry Cheesecake Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Beautiful, sweet aroma with cheesy undertones.

Tastes pretty nice and sweet in a spliff, the high is a creeper! I find it does give me anxiety for the first 10-15 mins but once you settle into the high can 100% feel the indica side coming through with a nice body high.

Nice strain. I had tried this before I grew it and got the same results, nice fruity/skunky smell with hints of diesel!

Very stocky indica looking plant. Strong branches. Chunky colas. Needed cal/mag during flowering. Sweet tasting smoke.

Wipeout Express Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

The Heavyweight team set about producing a serious “heavyweight” with the hard hitting Wipeout Express, the effect is fast, very fast, and the couch is soon calling you for a cosy hour or two whilst you remember your name.

Primarily looking to inject power into this strain the Heavyweight team used a huge Northern Light Auto/Afghani Auto hybrid and crossed this with a highly potent White Widow Auto to give Wipeout Express it is serious power.

The plant grows fast but stays at about 1 metre and bushes out, also it is low in odour making it very popular with small gardeners with nosey neighbours.

The harvest is plentiful and solid crystal covered buds abound, this is certainly the strongest auto variety we have ever seen.

Remember this is no ordinary auto, this is a Heavyweight!

Reviews of Wipeout Express Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Incredible smoke and I loved growing Wipeout Express.

5 stars on this weed!

Massive Midget Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

The power of this exotic strain, is beautifully hidden beneath its mouth-watering tropical flavours, a must for all discerning smokers with an eye for quality.

We’ve taken a highly stable Afghani/Nepalese auto flowering hybrid and then crossed it with our Jamaican/Hawaiian auto flowering hybrid to produce the Massive Midget.

Tested through five generations for uniformity and stability this beauty is now amazing its growers with abundant yields of compact resin covered buds.

The smoke is smooth with a citrus aroma and fruity-herbal flavour, the high is calm and highly creative, and its high CBD levels make it a useful medical strain with good pain relieving qualities.

Get used to it, this is no ordinary auto this is a Heavyweight auto!

Reviews of Massive Midget Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

First time growing this one love her structure and boy did she cake it on the last two weeks, highly recommend.

Midnight Mass Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

A legendary Kashmiri / Bubble Candy cross, Midnight Mass is like a call to prayer for all those who worship at the altar of the Ganja Gods.

This very special plant will take you on an odyssey to mystical, faraway lands, all from the comfort of your own couch.

Midnight Mass Feminised Cannabis Seeds inspires a strong, physical buzz, but there are also moments of great clarity along the way. A sweet, fruity fragrance gives way to earthier undertones, enveloping the senses.

As the name implies, Midnight Mass grows at a rapid rate and can produce massive yields, making it a great choice for commercial crops.

Early finishing and with strong mould resistance, Midnight Mass performs well outdoors, particularly in cooler climates. Indoors, it is a great choice for SOG gardens as growth is compact and uniform.

With big buds and spiritual highs, Midnight Mass will have you on your knees.

Reviews of Midnight Mass Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Very easy to grow.

Would love to grow again and I will be doing. 5 stars from me.

Jackpot Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

With many auto flowering strains now available, it can be really difficult to know which one to choose.

Well, look no further; the Heavyweight team have been busy perfecting the ultimate auto!
We are proud to announce the arrival of Jackpot, an outstanding cross of the legendary Jack Herer and the mighty 2 Fast 2 Vast.

Heavyweight Seeds had a really good feeling about crossing these two formidable strains, but little did we know they would be a match made in heaven!

Jackpot Feminised Cannabis Seeds is the ideal option if you are looking for a strain that is incredibly easy to grow and an end product that is of the highest possible quality.

Taking only 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest, Jackpot is simplicity itself to cultivate and is well suited to almost any environment. Standing at just 80-100 cm tall, it is the perfect choice for those with limited space and also for outdoor crops where discretion is required.

It is rapid development and remarkable resilience makes Jackpot particularly suitable for outdoor cultivation and it will continue to give great results when the temperature is above 10% C.

This means it can be grown all year round in many locations; anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Reviews of Jackpot Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Oozing with resin, Jackpot produces large, sticky buds that will astound anyone more accustomed to autos of lesser quality. Likewise, yields are high, with an average of 50-80 grams per plant.

The effect is initially euphoric and energising, but gradually evolves into a deeply relaxing and long-lasting stoned sensation. The first Toke carries the fruity undertones of 2 Fast 2 Vast, followed by a spicy, earthy taste that resonates back to the original Jack Herer.

If you are looking for an easy to grow, quick finishing and high yielding auto, you have just hit the Jackpot!

Budzilla Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This devastating G13 / Skunk #14 cross is a must for any grower who is serious about their smoke. For soaring highs and supreme yields,

Budzilla takes some beating. Although sativa dominant, she can be kept relatively short if pinched out and will in turn produce a monster crop.

With incredibly dense bud formation, plenty of air flow is required to prevent any mould developing, but Budzilla also shows strong resistance to the elements.
Budzilla retains the classic taste of old school skunk and also has a nostalgic Haze high; she is a creeper, however, and can be a great source of inspiration and intense creativity.

Reviews of Budzilla Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

If you are a fan of classic genetics, this buds for you.

It was a delight to grow I have one more seed that I will grow in the near future I expect to get 5 oz dry weight.

Regular cannabis seeds

Regular seeds should give a theorical percentage of 50% female plants and 50% male plants. This may vary depending on luck and environmental conditions. Most times, the proportion will be 4-6 female plants for every 10 germinated seeds.

Ideal for mother plants

Plants from regular seeds are less likely to hermaphroditism than feminized seeds. For this reason, regular seeds are used by many growers to select mother plants and have a quality source of cuttings.

Regular seeds are a favorite among expert growers

With regular seeds you can select both male plants and female plants to produce “homemade” seeds. Many experienced growers use only regular strains, while feminized seeds are is mainly demandedd by novice farmers. Do not forget that the rest of strains would not exist without regular seeds!