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hippy crasher seeds

Hippie Crippler Seeds

Hippie Crippler strain, regular seeds. A potent and uplifting sativa-dominant hybrid.

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10 Seeds / $80 Don’t worry, Hippie Crippler isn’t some strange affliction you may get from hanging around with flower children, it’s an uplifting sativa-dominant hybrid. Patients love this cross of AK-47 and Blue Satellite for its sweet smell and taste. Take this Hippie home and you’ll be glad you did. While this strain is popular for daytime, it may leave some patients bleary-eyed and a little spacey depending on tolerance and dosage.

Hippy crasher seeds

My son gave me some of this to try the day after I had surgery for a broken ankle. It really took the edge off of the pain and allowed me to wean myself off of the pharmaceuticals much faster. The first dose I took knocked me out like a sledgehammer! Granted, I am a lightweight and only take a hit or two at night to reduce anxiety and help me get to sleep, but this is a hard hitting strain for sure. Since I only dose at night I prefer an indica dominate strain and this one is perfect for someone that either has some pain they are trying to overcome or needs a little help shutting down after a hard day. Highly recommended!