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himalayan cannabis seeds

Himalaya by Oaseeds

Himalaya is a pure Indica strain with its origins in the high mountains of Nepal and Northern India where cannabis grows wild. Some botanists believe that this Himalayan region is actually where cannabis plants first evolved.

It has a complex flavor and bouquet with hints of chocolate, pepper, spice and coffee. The initial high comes as a powerful body hit which is likely to send you straight to the couch for a lie down. Definitely not a smoke to indulge in if you have important plans for the day, but it’s a great relaxer for chilling out in the evening. This weed can help people who suffer from poor appetite or insomnia and it can also act as an effective painkiller.

Himalaya seeds produce plants that are surprisingly tall for an Indica type. Indoors, the plants, which have many branches, can grow to 1.5 metres, while outdoors they can shoot up to 2.5 metres. The buds are long and quite thin with a dense structure and the THC content is around 15 percent.

Indoors, plants need some trimming to keep it in bounds and it has a flowering time of eight to nine weeks. Its bushy, branching growth habits make it a good candidate for the SCROG cultivation method. You can expect yields of between 450 and 600 grams per square metre.

Its mountain origins mean that this is an unusually hardy plant so growing it outdoors in the cooler climates of Northern Europe is perfectly possible. It’s a fast growing strain and may need support as it matures. Harvest comes around mid- to late September and each plant can produce up to 1.5 kilograms.

To conclude this Himalaya review, smoke this heritage strain and you can justifiably imagine that you’re experiencing the same high as some of the earliest cannabis smokers in history many thousands of years ago. Himalaya is a great choice if you’re looking for a pure Indica hit and a plant that is exceptionally hardy.

Himalayan Gold Seeds

Himalayan Gold feminized cannabis seeds from Greenhouse Seeds are waiting for you at Ice Headshop. Himalayan Gold is absolute fire if you haven’t been told. These lovely ladies produce results that are phenomenal for both indoor growers and outdoor growers alike. Consumers love the incredible high associated with the delicate balance of cannabinoids produced by Himalayan Gold from Greenhouse Seeds. Ice Headshop has what you need when it comes to all varieties of delectable weed.

  • Average THC Content: 15%
  • Average Yield: 600-1000 Grams per Square Meter SOG
  • Average Flowering Time: 60 Days

Himalayan Gold is a hybrid cannabis strain with an average flowering time of 60 days. Indoor growers are absolutely astonished when they see 600 – 1000 grams per square meter from growing in the sea of green. Results like these make Himalayan Gold worth its weight in gold. Now get ready to plant yourself in your sleep for this incredible treat if you’re an outdoor grower you can see as much as 1500 grams per plant or more! These incredible ladies turn into a virtual weed trees in no time at all. Can you imagine 1500 grams in as little as sixty days per plant?

Now I bet you’re saying that’s some pretty impressive results but what about the cannabinoid profile? How about a 15% or better average THC and 1.5% CBD with a .5% CBN to top it all off? When you’re looking for an incredible strain that may be the thing to help alleviate your pain and get you feeling right in the brain, Himalayan Gold may be just the thing for you. Now you know what to do, order some Himalayan Gold feminized cannabis seeds online at Ice Headshop and get yourself feeling mighty fine.

It is illegal to grow cannabis seeds in the UK. These seeds are for collectable and/or souvenir purposes only.

More Information

SEEDBANK Greenhouse Seeds
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
Strain Other
Autoflowering / Photoperiod Non-Autoflowering
Flowering Time Indoors 8 to 10 Weeks
Flowering Time Outdoors Late September
Indica / Sativa Indica-Sativa 50/50
THC Minimal
Yield Good
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Blue Himalaya Cannabis Seeds

Blue Himalaya Cannabis Seeds from Short Stuff Seeds

Shortstuff seeds Blue Himalaya is an indica dominant auto which is the result of crossing the fattest, most resinous Nepalese kush plant we could find with our auto line and then introducing a complex blueberry hybrid.

The result is a highly resinous strain which stays very short and gives off a wonderful blueberry aroma. The plant has very chunky, compact buds and has wonderful medicinal qualities borne out of its indica heritage. This strain finishes very quickly and is sure to please.

Blue Himalaya is one of our range of ‘dwarf autos’ for people looking for a stealthy plant that stays short and stocky but still produces excellent yields of top quality medical marijuana. Blue Himalaya will rarely exceed 15 inches and will go from seed to bud in around 65 days. Blue Himalaya will begin to auto-flower after around 18-21 days and then exhibits explosive bud growth with limited stretching and often ends up producing one massive main cola which can weigh as much as an ounce on its own!