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high yield auto cannabis seeds

What’s the highest-yielding autoflowering strain?

Auto-flowering strains are kind of like the “houseplant” version of weed. I’m a big fan of autoflowering cannabis strains for first-time growers, but also for anyone who wants to achieve a lot of potent buds in a short amount of time with a lot of flexibility. Auto-flowering strain options today are enormous, and there is an autoflowering strain that will satisfy almost any grower’s needs.

Autoflowering plants produce great yields when you choose the right strains

Note: Other strains of cannabis are “photoperiod” strains. Photoperiod strains require special light periods to make buds (“photo” refers to light; photoperiod stands for “light period”). Photoperiod cannabis strains only make buds if they get 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness every day. Buds can dry up and die if you unintentionally expose photoperiod plants to light during their dark period. No grower wants that!

An autoflowering plant can feel more simple to grow than a traditional/photoperiod strain of cannabis because they automatically start making buds (hence the name) after about 3 weeks. They don’t need special light schedules or any input from you whatsoever. With autoflowering plants, you basically just plant a seed and wait. Keep your plant alive and healthy with plenty of light and you’ll harvest buds in 2-3 months.

Grow an autoflowering strain to harvesting buds in 2-3 months!

Autoflowering cannabis strains come with a lot of benefits for home growers:

  • Quicker Harvest – 2-3 months from seed to harvest compared to 3-5 months on average for photoperiod strains. Autoflowering strains give you buds sooner with less of a time commitment.
  • Check on Plants Whenever – Flowering photoperiod strains need a daily 12-hour dark period and even a small light leak can cause buds to dry up and die. That means no checking on your photoperiod plants during their “night”. Having plants off-limits for 12 hours a day can be surprisingly annoying if you have a busy or erratic schedule. Autoflowering plants don’t care about light periods so you can check on them at any time. Much more convenient.
  • Plants Stay Small – It’s easy to accidentally produce enormous photoperiod plants (I had to bend over one of my first plants because it hit the top of my closet), while most autoflowering strains stay relatively small due to the short growing period. That makes auto-flowering strains a great choice for growers who prefer a small or easy-to-hide garden.
  • Flexibility – Photoperiod plants must be grown in “batches” to ensure all plants make buds at the same time. That’s about 3 harvests a year if you never take time off between grows. You could run out for many months at a time if you have to close down the garden due to moving, going on a long trip, taking a break between grows, etc. Many home growers prefer a steady supply of buds as opposed to getting just a few big harvests a year. You can plant an autoflowering seed whenever you want and always be just 2 months from harvest. Plant an autoflowering seed every week and you’ll soon be harvesting a plant every week. You don’t need to worry about timing your grow so every plant makes buds at the same time. Even if you do grow autoflowering plants in batches, you’ll still be harvesting about every other month instead of just a few times a year.
  • Excellent Yields – Despite the short time to harvest, quality autoflowering strains get comparable yields to photoperiod plants of the same size. That’s because they receive up to twice as many hours of light a day while buds are forming. Get big yields, only faster.

But what’s the best autoflowering strain? Which yields the most bud for the least amount of time or effort? And yields are important, but what about potency and bud quality?

Autoflowering Strains with Above Average Yields

    by Seedsman – Buds don’t always turn purple (cold nights can help bring out the color) but no matter the color of the buds, the potency and yields are great. by MSNL – I’ve harvested several of these plants and was pleased with the results every time. Plants can get big but respond well to training. Buds produce strong cerebral effects, and yields were good-to-great. (American stabilized version) – These plants responded well to plant training and produced nice yields. I really enjoyed the strong yet unique bud effects of this strain. It reminded me of a sativa/haze with more of a body stone. by Sweet Seeds – Impressive purple bud color on most plants, great yields, lovely effects, and an overall easy strain to grow. by Dinafem – This plant naturally grew wide and bushy with excellent yields and bud quality. by Dutch Passion – Good yields with dense buds that look nice, but this strain was especially a winner in the potency department. The buds ended up being a fan-favorite due to the strong mental and physical effects. by G13 Labs – An extremely popular autoflowering strain. Plants stay short, are quick-to-harvest even for an auto, and the sparkle-encrusted buds smell like heaven. by Seedsman – Medicinal strain with under 0.5% THC, beautiful purple buds, quick-to-harvest, tends to stay short. by Bomb Seeds – I’ve grown 5 different plants of this strain over multiple grows in different setups, and every one came out marvelous. Easy to grow, great yields, beautiful sparkly buds, and potent effects. Highly recommended! by Dutch Passion – Average potency buds, but the best yields of any auto-flowering plant I’ve ever grown. Always yields twice as much as the next auto-flowering plant in the tent. However, plants can get big so watch the height! A great choice for someone who wants classic bud effects that aren’t too overwhelming. by MSNL – The plants grew big but with a good bushy structure (not too stretchy), responded well to training, and produced enormous yields of high-quality bud.

Ultimate Auto has the best yields of any auto-flowering strain I’ve grown so far. This plant produced over 4 oz per plant even with only a corner of the grow tent to itself.

Recommended Autoflowering Breeders

Many other breeders also produce great auto-flowering strains (Dutch Passion, FastBuds, Barney’s Farm, etc.), but the following breeders stand out for consistency.

Get good genetics for a bountiful harvest!

Where Did Autoflowering Strains Come From?

Although I recommend auto-flowering strains now, I’m normally a photoperiod grower and I avoided autoflowering strains for years. Autoflowers used to produce poor bud quality and yields.

Why did auto-flowering strains start off so bad? Autoflowering plants descend from a strain of wild hemp from around Siberia known as Cannabis ruderalis. Although these tiny Ruderalis hemp plants produced minuscule buds with almost no THC, they had a unique “auto-flowering” characteristic.

C. ruderalis – This tiny wild hemp plant is the ancestor of all auto-flowering strains

A forward-thinking breeder thought to cross Ruderalis hemp plants with popular marijuana strains to capture the auto-flowering trait on plants with photoperiod-level buds and yields. The first commercial autoflowering strain “Lowryder” was introduced in the early 2000s, and although buds were subpar, more and more breeders were developing autoflowering strains aimed at home growers.

The original “Lowryder” plants produced small yields and low-potency buds

When I tried growing my first auto-flowering plants in 2015, the buds were still not quite photoperiod quality, but much better than the old Lowryders. By the time I tried autoflowers again in 2018, I finally got the bud quality I was looking for.

My first autoflowering plants in 2015 grew well but the bud potency wasn’t quite there

When I tried autoflowers again in 2018, the results were far better

Several of the strains produced excellent bud quality and potency

As I started figuring out which breeders made the best autoflowering stains, my auto-flowering results kept getting better

I experimented with growing autoflowers in small spaces (the mini tent on the left is only 3 feet tall)

First under fluorescent lights, which got pretty good results

Then under LED grow lights, which worked even better. Autoflowers can produce a lot of bud in a tiny space!

There are now hundreds of auto-flowering strains available that produce buds with a variety of effects and smells. Here are examples of auto-flowering buds I’ve grown.

Ultimate Auto by Dutch Passion (ultimate yields!)

Creme de la Chem Auto by Mephisto Genetics (smooth, tasty, and beautiful)

Cinderalla Jack Auto by Dutch Passion (talk about high potency!)

Amnesia Auto by MSNL (gorgeous buds with captivating effects)

Black Jack Auto by Sweet Seeds (unique soaring bud effects that reminded me of an outdoor Sativa or Haze strain)

I’ve now grown almost 50 different autoflowering strains from several different breeders. Yes, some autoflowering strains are underwhelming, but some strains consistently produce great yields with photoperiod-level bud quality and potency. Auto-flowering breeders finally accomplished what seemed almost impossible. You can get the convenience of auto-flowering plants with the yields and magical quality of photoperiod buds.

Now that you (hopefully) know a little more about the best autoflowering strain for you, I hope grow your own awesome auto-flowering cannabis plants at home!

XXL Autoflower Strains 2022: 10 Highest-Yielding Autoflowers

Bust your scales and awe your friends with the yields these triple xl autoflowering strains can bring you

We have our own share of personal experience with XXL autoflower strains, but, for this post, we have combed through Growdiaries for some champion autoflower grows. Let’s start the countdown!

Table of Contents

XXL Autoflower Strains Ranked by Real-Life Yield

#10 Green Poison XL Auto (Sweet Seeds)

This is a balanced indica-sativa hybrid with 15 to 20 percent THC, a pleasant sweet and fruity smoke, and a mellow easy-going high. The breeder has selectively bred this strain for several generations making sure that all plants have about 25% longer stems than their predecessors. As a result, Green Poison XL Auto has more bud sites and heavier yields.

Grow another round of these stanky ass weeds,
Sweet Seeds comin with that fire on these!
not another xl out there stackin such cheese, show it to your growmies gonna take em to their knees
Jigga please, these seeds grow trees
Tallest in the garden, other autos like “jeez”
“She a beast, blocking all my breeze she is. Look at all her shiny crystals, cola in my shiz it is”


#9 Royal Gorilla Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

A taller, wider, and more productive strain when grown outdoors, Royal Gorilla Auto is leaning to the indica side. Its highly resinous buds have a bold taste of Diesel and Kush and smell of pine and citrus fruit. Thanks to 20% THC, this hybrid is amazingly potent. Its alround euphoric high makes you both glued to the couch and very stimulated mentally.

Make sure to check out other XXL autoflower strains in the large and glorious Gorilla family.

The Royal Gorilla Auto is quick, she finished on time and came in at 682 grams wet weight which is good for an autoflower in a pot that size running soil.


#8 Northern Light Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

Northern Light Auto is an old-school indica lineage that is available practically in any seed bank’s collection. This xxl autoflower version by RQS produces compact plants with a huge central cola and much smaller side branches. Perfect for SOG. You’ll get tons of buds that have a pleasant sweet smell and relax you without making your body immobile, nor killing your motivation to do your chores. A nice physically calming and mentally envigorating stuff to smoke from late afternoon till it’s time for bed.

What a blast I had doing my first grow ever and getting this result!


#7 Zkittlez Auto (FastBuds)

This candy-flavored treat is celebrated for its intense sweetness. Its berry and fruity overtones become overwhelming after a proper cure. The THC level of 23% is something to awe even seasoned smokers, and newbies can give up growing for good after just one harvest. The buds are simply so potent that they may last you for years. The effect of Zkittlez Auto is a hybrid one. It starts all in the head and then settles in your body for long three hours or mellow relaxation.

She came on thick and fast from germination and stayed that way through to Harvest… Had a good experience keeping her wet and pushing the her nutrient levels.


#6 Auto Blueberry Ghost OG (Original Sensible Seeds)

The Blueberry line isn’t exactly famous for its xxl yields, but this hybrid of Blueberry and Ghost OG seems to be an exception. Auto Blueberry Ghost OG produces oversized and heavy buds with a strong and clean flavor of berries and fruits. The high first overwhelms you with a surge of euphoria and then morphs into a loud body buzz—like a roaring applause for the great job on the part of the breeder.

This is a moneymaker, 180 g in 13 weeks is a great outcome.


#5 Girl Scout Cookies (FastBuds)

Girl Scout Cookies is the flagship of the new-generation cannabis coming from the US West Coast. This autoflowering version by FastBuds gives you a chance to grow the same quality buds as the patrons of California’s dispensaries enjoy. The aroma is one-of-a-kind. It combines the smell of coookie dow with a background of Kush and earth. The high envigorates you mentally, but makes your body immobile for hours. Doesn’t matter because you don’t have to be anywhere else to feel completely happy.

This is my second time growing a Girl Scout Cookies autoflower! … She grew with vigor, and yielded a sticky bounty!


#4 Big Bang Auto (Green House Seeds)

Big Bang Auto was bred for commercial yields, but also to be commercially appealing. With a frosty appearence like this and large solid flower clusters it can’t be anything but. The smoke is also very pleasant: mellow, soothing, and very effective medicinally. You can use this weed for pain and lack of appetite.

… never grew anything in my life before and i gotta say im happy with my results… they were easy, took my countless mistakes of overwatering like a champ, and responded really well to LST and defoliation. ive never trained a plant before so u can imagine but she just loved all the trainings and always fully recovered only after a day later. overall, a very tolerating strain. PERFECT for newbies who are bound to make a mistake or 2. Exceptionally high yielding for an Auto…


#3 Pineapple Express Auto (Barney’s Farm)

Pineapple Express Auto is an undying classic. This particular version by Barney’s Farm has so much more than the champion yield to recommend it. You’ll fall in love with the mouth-watering juicy flavor of this marijuana, as well as its high that melts away any stress and drowns you in perfect happiness.

Very easy and strong one, would recommend for beginers and for experienced growers if they look for a plant you can’t kill, I’ve tried … Not always good conditions but good light, fertilizers and a lot of air for the roots did their jobs good, still I am very amazed by capabilities of this strain


#2 Pineapple Express (FastBuds)

There are newer and trendier xxl autoflower strains in FastBuds collection, but people still go bonkers when they see Pineapple Express Auto. These plants are so frosty, you’ll end up smoking stem and branches, too. Or at least rub them till all the resin that covers them sticks to your fingers. Been there, done that. With so much THC, the effect is strong and long lasting, intensely relaxing and free of paranoia. The flavor is a rich tropical mix.

She was a “slow and steady wins the race” phenotype! 6 weeks veg + 8 week flower…. This lady holds my personal record, for my largest yield from an indoor plant.


#1 Among XXL Autoflower Strains — Purple Lemonade (FastBuds)

This plant embodies everything you look for in a modern xxl autoflower. It’s gigantic, insanely productive, and tolerant of any abuse that a newbie grower can throw at it. The finished product is picture perfect, has a bittersweet zesty taste, and creates a unique high. Despite its indica dominance and 22% THC, Purple Lemonade does not create a stony, groggy, drowsy feeling. If anything, it rather boosts your energy, leaving you motivated and creative.

Make sure u have room for this variety! Absolutely monstrous! The more u train the bigger and more fruitful she gets… so get that finger work going! Every cola was a donkey dick glorious!


Autoflower XXL Yield Champions
XXL Autoflower Strains BRD Medium Yield Per Plant
Green Poison XL Auto SS Soil 123g
Royal Gorilla Automatic RQS Soil 125g
Northern Light Automatic RQS Soil 139g
Zkittlez Auto FB Soil 145g
Auto Blueberry Ghost OG OSS Soil 180g
Girl Scout Cookies FB Soil 182g
Big Bang Auto GHS Soil 200g
Pineapple Express Auto BF DWC 290g
Pineapple Express FB Soil 326g
Purple Lemonade FB DWC 537g

The one below didn’t quite make the cut yield-wise, but we simply couldn’t pass on such a beauty!

Original Auto Northern Lights (FastBuds): An XXL Autoflower Strain All the Way

Actually, 330g (11.64oz) from two plants is a great result, especially in a 24”x24” (0.5m 2 ) tent.

The huge colas of Original Auto Northern Lights are completely frosted by THC crystals and taste like rich soil with hints of spices and fruit. Smoke them after a long day, and your body will get filled with heavy-handed drowsy euphoria. This is the perfect remedy for nighttime relaxation.

More XXL Autoflower Strains

The 11 strains we described above have demonstrated their ability to bring insane amounts of bud. Choose any of them, and you’re on your way to outsized harvests.

And if you want something else (different names, flavors, genetics, etc.), check out this list of high yielders. We have pre-filtered them for autoflower xxl yield, but you can filter them further until you hit on something that perfectly suits your needs.

Big Yield Auto Feminised Seeds

Not for nothing is this strain called Big Yield Auto as its name describes this plant’s characteristics perfectly. It produces very large yields in short order and as it’s an auto-flowering strain it doesn’t rely on a change in lighting schedule in order to begin the period of florescence.

Big Yield Auto will grow well indoors, outdoors and also in a greenhouse. Its short stature means that it is ideal for small indoor spaces or, alternatively, it can be hidden among the flower beds or between shrubs in the garden or even be grown successfully on a balcony. The life-cycle of this plant is just 9 weeks and then it will be ready for harvesting. In regions with warmer climates it is possible to get 2 or even 3 harvests per year and where this is a marginal possibility plants can be germinated ahead of being planted out in order to save a week or two for each successive crop.

It has a clear, refreshing taste and a tempting scent of lemon. THC production can be as high as 22% and this, along with low CBD, provides a very potent and psychedelic high that is not intended for novices.