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grasshopper genetics cannabis seeds

Grasshopper Cannabis Company

Providing as much available information and educating patients about the therapeutic benefits of medicinal cannabis and patient privacy are top priorities. Our knowledgeble budtenders offer one on one consultations to help patients find the medical cannabis flower, concentrates, tinctures, oils, edibles, etc. that are most likely to alleviate ailments. We strive to provide an array of medicinal cannabis delivery products. Please take advantage of our readily available certified lab test results for everything in our dispensary. We are proud of our growers and processors and welcome the opportunity to show why. Come park your high horse and experience the real at Grasshopper Cannabis Company at 111 N Dean A McGee in Wynnewood, America!

Grasshopper genetics cannabis seeds

Grape stomper love it got the dab alot better than the bud

Sativa dominate at 60 to 70%. Chunky lighter green colored buds covered in a ton of frosty crystals with amber hairs. Taste & smell was a milder sweet sour grape which made for a smoother smoke. Cerebral high at once making me happy & uplifted. Followed by nice body relaxation without the heavy/sleepy effects. Mine was Home Grown & it did get the job done but, the effects did not last long. Would buy an eighth from a dispensary if i come across it. I am STOMPing my way out of here, Peace!

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