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For patients who have asked for more sativa flower options, we are pleased to announce that we have added two new sativas to our menus. These tall, rangy plants take longer to grow than their shorter indica or hybrid counterparts, but they can be worth the extra time and effort. Our only concern is that if we keep growing plants this tall, we might need to hire some extra tall staff members to care for them!

Klaus Poltilla, Prime’s director of operations, is not a short person – the plants behind him are just very tall!

The plants in the background above are a classic sativa cross: Panama x Colombian Gold. As the colas continued to expand, the stalks could barely support them, even with assistance.

This “Leaning Tower of Cannabis” is comprised of Panama x Colombian Gold plants that became too heavy for their stalks to support

Meet the New Flowers!

In addition to Panama x Colombian Gold, we are pleased to introduce another classic sativa cross: Golden Thai. This flower is available in 3.5g and 1g sizes and in single pre-rolls.

Golden Thai (Gold King Thai x Double Colombian Gold x Panama Red x UK Cheese) flower, trimmed

The Panama x Colombian Gold came out looking good as well. However, since the buds were not as consistent as we might have liked, we decided to trim them and process them into pre-rolls.

Panama x Colombian Gold: available in single and multi-pack pre-rolls

In addition to these new sativas, we’ve also added a new hybrid flower called “Margolope.” We don’t quite know what to think of it yet, but it has an interesting smell and we believe it is worth a try!

Margalope (Chocolope x Frozen Margie): available in 3.5g, 1g, single and multi-pack pre-rolls

As you can probably tell, we are very excited about the new flowers. And these are not the last new flowers we will be rolling out in 2021! Patients, we will be sure to tell you about new flower options when they arrive at the dispensaries. We look forward to hearing which ones you like best!

Spooky New Flower for October!

Prime ATC introduces “Ghouls N Ghosts,” a promising new flower strain with a fun, Halloween-friendly name.

Don’t be afraid – it’s only cannabis!

Prime’s growers are freakishly excited to unveil this spooky new strain of flower for the month of October. Ghouls N Ghosts is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Ghost OG and SinMint Cookies. Like the Orange Mojito flower we released last week, it was bred by SinCity Seeds. We couldn’t resist having a little bit of Halloween-inspired fun with this photo!

We promise that there will not actually be any bats, spider webs, jack-o-lanterns, or ghosts in the flower we are selling at our dispensaries. But there will definitely be a lot of reddish-orange hairs. Take a look at these hand-trimmed buds!

Prime’s Ghouls N Ghosts flower, trimmed Prime’s Ghouls N Ghosts flower, trimmed

Perhaps this strain should be called “Scary Harry,” instead? We’re not sure, but if you’d like to try it for yourself, you can find it here on our online menu.

As always, we look forward to hearing any feedback we receive from patients!

Two New Flower Strains!

Orange Mojito and Apex are now available in both Merrimack and Chichester!

If you’ve glanced at Prime’s menu this week, you may have noticed two new flower strains: Orange Mojito and Apex. These have both been added to our gold tier on an introductory basis, and we think patients are going to like them!

Orange Mojito

For fans of actual mojitos, this might seem like an odd name. Mojitos are made with mint and limes, not oranges! But when you smell this Orange Mojito flower, the name makes total sense. This hybrid leans slightly sativa (55/45), and it is a cross between Orange Cookies and SinMint Cookies bred by SinCity Seeds.

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Patients who have been with Prime for a few years may remember a strain called Tangerine Haze. The aroma of Orange Mojito is somewhat similar: fruity and a little bit minty, like the name suggests. We hope patients will find this strain beneficial, and we look forward to hearing feedback on its effects!

Prime’s Orange Mojito flower, pre-harvest Prime’s Orange Mojito flower, trimmed

This new strain is also a hybrid (50/50), and it also produced some great-looking flower. Bred by ETHOS Genetics, Apex is a cross of Mandarin Cookies and Lilac Diesel Bx3.

Prime’s Apex flower, pre-harvest Prime’s Apex flower, trimmed

Patients, we hope you enjoy these two new flower strains, and we look forward to hearing what you think of them!

New Concentrates!

  • THC Total: 51.8%
  • CBD Total: <0.19%%
  • CBN: 0.16%
  • CBG Total: 1.55%
  • CBC: 0.43%
  • THC-V: 0.30%
  • CBD-V: <0.10%
  • Linalool: 1.52%
  • beta-Myrcene: 5.66%
  • alpha-Pinene: 0.57%
  • d-Limonene: 3.55%
  • beta-Caryophyllene: 6.16%
  • THC Total: 74.7%
  • CBD Total: 0.51%
  • CBN: <0.09%
  • CBG Total: 1.18%
  • CBC: 0.10%
  • THC-V: <0.09%
  • CBD-V: <0.09%
  • THC Total: 45.7%
  • CBD Total: 0.30%
  • CBN: 0.11%
  • CBG Total: 2.08%
  • CBC: 0.27%
  • THC-V: 0.22%
  • CBD-V: <0.09%
  • Linalool: 1.08%
  • beta-Myrcene: 4.27%
  • alpha-Pinene: 2.49%
  • d-Limonene: 2.62%
  • beta-Caryophyllene: 3.22%
  • THC Total: 75.6%
  • CBD Total: 0.18%
  • CBN: <0.10%
  • CBG Total: 2.18%
  • CBC: <0.10%
  • THC-V: <0.10%
  • CBD-V: <0.10%

Cookie Pebbles

We’re happy to announce our newest strain, Cookie Pebbles, available today!

Cookie Pebbles:

  • 1 gram, 3.5 gram, & 7 gram packages
  • THC Total: 19.2%
  • CBD Total: <0.09%
  • CBN: 0.36%
  • CBG Total: 0.16%
  • CBC: <0.05%
  • THC-V: <0.05%
  • CBD-V: <0.05%
  • Linalool: 0.44%
  • Beta-Myrcene: 0.43%
  • Alpha-Pinene: 0.10%
  • D-Limonene: 1.14%
  • Beta-Caryophyllene: 0.77%

Stay tuned for more new strains coming in the near future! In the meantime, feel free to check out our current menu here.

Our Harvest is For Sale!

We are thrilled to announce that strains from our first harvest have passed rigorous testing and are now available for sale. We are releasing the following strains, please see their respective testing information below:

Hybrid #18 – Albert Walker
Available in 3.5 gram and 7 gram packages
THC Total – 17.9%
CBD Total – <0.08%
CBN: <0.04%
CBG Total: 0.60%
THC-V: <0.04%
CBD-V: 0.22%
Linalool: 0.07%
beta-Myrcene: 1.95%
alpha-Pinene: 0.14%
d-Limonene: 0.07%
beta-Caryophyllene: 0.50%

Hybrid #9 – Gorilla Glue #4
Available in 3.5 gram and 7 gram packages
THC Total – 25%
CBD Total – 0.09%
CBN: <0.04%
CBG Total: 0.42%
THC-V: <0.04%
CBD-V: <0.04%
Linalool: 0.20%
beta-Myrcene: 1.22%
alpha-Pinene: 0.06%
d-Limonene: 0.77%
beta-Caryophyllene: 1.22%

New Strains & Harvest Update

We have successfully harvested our first crop! The remain in the drying room for several more days, until they have reached the proper moisture content and consistency. As stated in previous emails, we will keep you up to date on the crop’s progress!

New Strains in Stock
We received the Purple Eclipse and Red Beard and will begin offering them tomorrow AM. The testing results are:

Hybrid #17 – Red Beard
Available in 3.5 and 7 gram packages
THC: 19.25%
CBD: 0.07%
CBN: <0.04%
CBG: 0.45%
CBC: 0.06%
THC-V: <0.04%
CBD-V: <0.04%

Indica #7 – Purple Eclipse
Available in 3.5 and 7 gram packages
THC: 22.09%
CBD: 0.06%
CBN: <0.02%
CBG: 0.88%
CBC: <0.02%
THC-V: <0.02%
CBD-V: <0.02%

Harvest Update

We have successfully harvested our first crop!

The plants are now in the drying room where they will remain for the next 7-10 days, until they have reached the proper moisture content and consistency. As stated in previous emails, we will keep you up to date on the crop’s progress!

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Strains in Stock
We are happy to announce that we have received clearance to dispense the following strains:

OG Kush
Available in 1 gram, 3.5 gram, and 7 gram packages
THC: 16.2%
CBD: >0.06%
CBN: 0.12%
CBG: 0.28%
CBC: 0.28%
THC-V: >0.03%
CBD-V: >0.03%

Green C.
Available in 1 gram, 3.5 gram, and 7 gram packages
THC: 10.2%
CBD: 0.06%
CBN: >0.03%
CBG: 0.37%
CBC: >0.03%
THC-V: >0.03%
CBD-V: >0.03%

Blueberry Headband
Available in 1 gram, 3.5 gram, and 7 gram packages
THC: 17.5%
CBD: >0.07%
CBN: 0.04%
CBG: 0.17%
CBC: >0.04%
THC-V: >0.04%
CBD-V: >0.04%

All 3 strains above will be available tomorrow morning, Tuesday 3/7/17. We will be calling patients who have been waiting on Cannabis Flower since last week, as well as providing updates about the Purple Eclipse and Red Beard as soon as we have more detailed information.

We greatly appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you this week!

The Complete Ghost OG Strain Review

OG Kush is one of the most popular marijuana strains on the planet. This legendary strain is also available in a wide variety of flavors. You may have heard of Tahoe OG and San Fernando Valley OG, but what about Ghost OG? It is often considered as a lesser cut of the legendary OG Kush strain. Despite the almost dismissive attitude toward this strain, we can assure you it is both potent and satisfying.

What Is the Ghost OG Strain?

Ghost OG weed is an indica-dominant hybrid that comes from OG Kush. Some weed lovers believe its parents include Afghani and Chemdawg. However, most breeders believe it is a phenotype of the original OG.

Most breeders believe this strain is a phenotype of the original OG Kush

Far from being a pale imitation, Ghost OG is a Cannabis Cup winning strain. Ghost OG is a potent strain that provides a significant high without ever overwhelming the user.

Ghost OG Aroma

If you are expecting it to smell like OG Kush, you’re in for a big surprise. Ghost OG has a floral scent with more than a hint of citrus. After lighting up, you may eventually notice a strong smell of pine and soil, which provides a dank odor. One user described this strain as being like OG Kush with a slice of orange.

Ghost OG Flavor

The sweet citrus scent carries over into the taste. However, you should get a grassy flavor, along with earthy and piney notes.

Ghost OG Appearance

While OG strains tend to have dark and tight nugs, the buds of Ghost OG are loose. They are bright and often have an aesthetically pleasing oval shape. The lime green color combines beautifully with orange pistils, and the dark green leaves provide excellent contrast. Once Ghost OG is almost ready to harvest, you will notice the milky trichomes on the calyxes.

Ghost OG Strain Grow Info

You won’t get Ghost OG seeds in your hand because it is a clone-only strain. However, you should find it reasonably easy to cultivate. It adapts to warm Mediterranean climates and is highly resistant to common diseases, while also being a low-maintenance strain.

Ideally, you will top your Ghost OG crop early, and often, because it will continue growing vertically once you force it into the flowering stage. The Screen of Green (SCROG) method is a good option. Also, you should prune it heavily on the bottom to help the buds near the top gain weight.

If you decide to grow Ghost OG indoors, it takes approximately 8-9 weeks to flower. Indoor growers are looking at a yield of up to 11 ounces of weed per square meter planted. When growing outdoors, it should be ready to harvest in early October. However, it typically produces a low yield of 9 ounces per plant.

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Ghost OG THC Content – Highest Test

The average THC content of Ghost OG is around 21%. The highest recorded THC content in a Ghost OG sample is believed to have been 24%. Most Ghost OG strains will have a THC content which ranges between 18-24%.

Ghost OG CBD Content – Highest Test

It is rare to find a crop of Ghost OG with a CBD content of over 0.3%. As a result, the THC to CBD content is around 50:1 or more in most cases.

How Is Ghost OG Likely to Affect Me?

Ghost OG is not a strain for the neophyte because it offers potent mental and physical sedation. Users report feeling relaxed and free as this weed slowly removes any feeling of stress. If you are an experienced cannabis user, you’ll find Ghost OG’s high is easier to deal with than most. Some consumers of this strain say that it has antiemetic properties, which may help to settle anxiety-induced nausea.

Ghost OG lovers say that it has mood-enhancing effects that leave them feeling happy and uplifted. This strain may even boost creativity in some people. One downside is that the flavor is so moreish that you may overindulge by accident.

Most Ghost OG consumers say that it has soporific effects in its latter stages. For this reason, Ghost OG is best suited to evening time rather than daytime use.

Medical Benefits of Ghost OG

Ghost OG is a widely used medicinal marijuana strain because of its versatility. Some consumers say that it helps to relax them and reduces stress. As Ghost OG is said to have a calming and sedating effect on its consumers, it may be useful for individuals with an anxiety disorder.

Reviewers of the Ghost OG strain say that they find it useful for alleviating a wide variety of painful conditions. Some of these include chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraines, and joint aches.

Once the body high takes over, Ghost OG tends to make you feel sleepy. For this reason, Ghost OG is becoming increasingly popular for cannabis consumers with insomnia.

Possible Side Effects of Ghost OG

Although Ghost OG is potent, it should not have many adverse effects on experienced cannabis users. Common side effects include dry and itchy eyes, cottonmouth, and dehydration.

These issues are easily solved by having a large bottle of water, and eye drops, nearby when using it.

Other possible adverse effects include slight dizziness and paranoia, although this usually impacts inexperienced users. Occasionally, smoking this strain could cause a headache, although that could be down to dehydration.

Final Thoughts on Ghost OG

Arguably, Ghost OG may not be as popular as other OG cuts, such as Alien OG and Tahoe OG. However, it is still a fantastic marijuana strain that provides a strong yet even high. Unlike so many other strains, it doesn’t produce cerebral effects straight away. Ghost OG’s cerebral effects typically take around 20-30 minutes to kick in. However, novice consumers should be cautious with this strain, as its sedating effects can be potent.

Regardless of whether you ate 10 minutes or 6 hours ago, Ghost OG will give you a ravenous appetite. Due to its sedative-like effects, we recommend using this strain in the evening.

Ghost OG is an ideal strain for new growers because it is low-fuss with high resistance to diseases and pests. The main downside is the reasonably low yield, which is less than half of other, better known, strains.