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Germination Pro Tips

Please let me know if you have any germination advice! Or A quick run down of how you germinate. I keep losing seeds. I use the paper towel method to get them to sprout and then they just stop growing after I put them in rock wool. I use pH adjusted water and let the rockwool sit in a think layer of water to soak in water. I even have a humidity dome. I don't know why I'm not having success. But as you can imagine its getting VERY frustrating losing seeds and needing to re-order and lose the money again. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Fill cup with tap water

Drop seeds in said cup

Let sit for 24hrs and check

Put seeds in wet paper towel sealed in ziplock

Check in 24hrs – usually see taproot by now

If ko tap root keep checking every 12-24hrs up to about 2 weeks max.

Fill solo cup with promolix

Make small indentation in soil

Place seed in soil

Lightly cover with soil (I like to sort of flick it on till its covered).

much appreciated! Thanks!

So I do a variation of the paper towel method. What I do is I drop the seed into a shot glass of water for 24-48 hours. Then I come back and if the seeds floating I give it a tap to see if it’ll sink. If it sinks then it’s ready, if it’s still floating then it’s not ready. This is softening the outer shell so it makes it easier for the tap root to break through. Then I place them in a damp paper towel in a ziplock bag with it slightly open to allow air flow. I then place said back in a dark place and I’ll have a tap root in 1-4 days. Typically it’s closer to the 24-48 hour mark though, but I’ve had some stragglers. Then plant as you see fit.

(First-time grower) Humidity issues, seedling stage.

So I just got my set up finished 8-9 days ago. I germinated the seeds and now they are all showing and looking in good health.

The guide I am using says I need to keep my RH humidity around 70% but my ventilation system is too good. I spray water out of a water bottle and within 2 hours or so my humidity is back down to 35-45% (Temperature 72-78F).

Do I continue to try to fight this issue? Will it give me problems? and is it ok to just water more and let the humidity sit at its natural level?