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Germinating seeds

Hey Reddit crew, I been growing 12 years always from clone and have my room running like clockwork. Im over the local strains and been getting in seedbank seeds.

Im really struggling to get them to seedlings. Im using the paper towel in ph 6 corrected water with no other nutes. Let the taproot to 1cm then into jiffys or peat moss. Im keeping the temp between 18 degrees Celsius and 24 the best I can but only got 3 plants out of 25 seeds.

What am I doing wrong and what is the normal hit rate on seeds?

I get like 99% germ rate by keeping it simple, soak seeds for 24 hrs in water then put in dirt no need for the paper towel step, the energy is almost gone from your seeds by the time they get into the dirt.

Baby roots are very fragile best if they emerge from the seed in medium, then by the time the tap is 1cm long it will be rooted

I put mine in distilled water 12 – 18 hrs. Tap em and watch em sink. Then in drain them into paper towel on plate, a couple layers,, then couple layrs on top. Put on top of fridge in cuboard till they pop.

Then, straight to a solo cup. Prewet soil for a damp consistency with plain 6.3ish water.

mist with spray bottle to keep media damp and keep warm and humidish till they pop. Continue to mist. Give little bits of water to soil after rooting establishes in 4 days ish. Then i mist and water and let dry, and repeat.

Favorite Germination Technique?

I know there are dozens if methods out there for germinating seeds. I've tried my hand at a bunch and am still torn on what the best method is.

I've began experimenting with different methods and keeping detailed notes but was wondering what you all thought was the best method or your favorite method?

Dirt in cup, moisten dirt. Poke a hole and drop seed and water a little more.

Idk what happened when I try this I get nothing. 5 tries not one germ. I'm not sure if its heat or light issues or something else.all together.

How far do you keep your light away when you do it this way?

If I’m doing soil I just soak them for a day or so in water. I don’t worry about a taproot or anything, and just throw them in the media and cover them. No humidity domes or anything. I’ve never had one not sprout, but I don’t do bagseed either.

I do my veggies this way too.

I’ve never understood why people use a paper towel with cannabis. I mean, it’s cool to see a taproot and all, but it’s needless handling of a very delicate thing.

I feel similar. I'll do it sometimes but am always sketched out with the idea of putting my dirty, dangerous hands on this delicate baby. Feel safer hydrating in water and placing in final home. Any chance to remove human error I attempt to remove.

How far away are the lights when you do it this way?

I use those little jiffy pods or whatever they're called. Simplifies thing (for me)

I've found simpler is better when germinating. Specially the newer you are. Cutting out any chance for human error I'd key with such delicate babies.

Putting onto one liggt to keep it warm is not a bad idea. May have to give this a shot.

My vote's for paper towel method, nothing else has ever worked for me lol.

A thread over at ICMag reveals that hands down, the best method is to throw them casually into a worm bin!

Yeah I'm going to stick with a paper towel and water lol.

I haven't been able to master the paper towel method. I don't know wtf I'm doing wrong. Ieven bought a seed mat and temp guage and no luck :/ BUT this weekend my daughter's friend took a snapchat of her worm bin filled, I mean filled with germinated seeds. My brain short circuited staring at the pic and now I just saw your post about a worm bin. I guess it's time for me to do some research :/

I soak my seeds for 14 hours and transfer to a moist paper towel for a couple of days until a tap root is 3/4 of an inch. Hasn't failed me yet.

This is similar to my go to simply.becausenof how easy it is.

First timer here; I have a rapid rooter tray in a humidity dome (on heating pad) and I just planted 4 dry seeds in them this weekend and am seeing sprouts today! Curious to hear all the other experienced growers techniques

Congrats on your first germination! I remember how exciting that feeling was. Enjoy every second of your growing journey.

Personal method is soak in water for.roughly 24 hours, after soak in paper towel covered for moisture until tap root grows roughly 1/2" I will then transfer to a jiffy pod in a dome for humidity. And once seedlings start to grow it's off to the final pot.

I modified the "paper towel method" the first time I grew years ago. I had a sponge (like Bob SquarePants) with the holes in it. I soaked it then rung it out. Placed the seeds in holes the perfect size for them with the end the taproot will come out of facing up. Put it in an open ziplock set it on a cable box. Worked very well, the sponge retains the moisture well and buffers the heat from the cable box to the seeds.

Fav method if you have an unused sponge like that laying around. I feel like this should be more popular, the foam holds moisture and let's air in without worrying about drowning them in wet paper towel. If you pop seeds a lot it's worth a couple bucks to get one. Just make sure you rinse and wring it out good before using it. Then dry it out after.

My current grow I started with random bag seed in the shot glass to paper towel method, but they were not stored well and none popped.

Got good seeds, did same method they popped in about 48 hours. I only let them soak in the shot glass for a few hours hours before moving to paper towel.

Needed one more seed and wanted it to pop faster so it wasn't too far behind the other. So I did shot glass with just a few drops of 3% peroxide, soaked for about 12 hours. Then paper towel and it popped within 24 hours in the paper towel.

This will be my new go to unless I have a sponge like that again. Also I think I might have used some peroxide with the sponge. That was suggested for germination a lot more 10 years ago than I see it now.

I prefer to easily check it and see if it's starting to crack and then see the taproot. Before putting it in it's medium.

So stupid – i can't event germinate the seeds!

So I'm surprised I passed science class in high school because I can't even get my seeds to germinate.

I bought a variety pack from Greenhouse seeds, the ones with the colored coating on them (I know. seems like a lot of people here don't like greenhouse).

I decided to start with 3 seeds in 3 separate jiffy pellets.

I soaked the jiffy pellets in water for 30 minutes, drained a bit of the water, put the seeds in added, some soil, put the plastic cover on top and left them alone.

It's been 15 days and none sprouted.

Well, while that was going on, on the 12th day I decided to try a fourth seed using the paper towel method.

I soaked the paper towel, squeezed out the excess water, put the seed between it and slipped it in a ziplock bag. I put it in a dark room, made sure the heating was at 24C in the room and left it alone.

here we are and nothing has sprouted.

I found the seeds in the jiffy pellet, still in tact. The colored coating still on.

I looked at the paper towel and that seed also has the coating still on.

This does not seem normal to me, it should have dissolved.

As a last resort; This morning, I took two seeds, threw them in a glass of water. it's been 12 hours and the coating is still on, i'm hoping tomorrow it has dissolved and I can put them in paper towel.

any advice? Should the coating still be on after all this time? I mean, i knew I was going to encounter problems along the way, but i can't even germinate the damn things

UPDATE: my local seller gave me a new batch of seeds and they germinated within 36 hours. Looks like it was a bad batch after all. Thanks everyone.