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gelato #3 seeds

Gelato #3 seeds

Enjoy and live a unique experience when you buy Purple Gelato Indica cannabis seeds from Blimburn Seeds Bank. It is an Indica variety and one of the most sold in United States.

Our seeds are alive, fresh and ready to germinate. Follow our Germination guide and get the best results.

Origins of Purple Gelato Indica Cannabis Seeds

Purple Gelato is an Indica dominant strain from the Purple Haze x Gelato cross. A high-quality Californian strain that got its name for its purple hues and gourmet aroma. Purple Gelato combines the exceptional genes of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Sherbert, known for her extremely powerful high, descends from the classic GSC crossed with Pink Panties. It has a complex aroma of skunk citrus, sweet berry, and caramel. The other parent is a GSC phenotype that has Durban Poison and OG Kush genetics.

Growing Purple Gelato Indica Cannabis Strains

Purple Gelato is quite difficult to grow even for experienced growers. Maintaining the right conditions can be quite tricky, but is still doable as long as the grower has the necessary knowledge and skills in cannabis growing techniques. It is also vital to invest more time and effort in carefully monitoring the ripening progress of the plant. Despite the hard work it takes, the premium buds it produces make all the trouble worth it. Purple Gelato is a plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors as long as the temperature is warm and humid. The choice of growing medium is an important consideration as it will significantly influence the growth rate. Organic soil can increase the terpene profile, but it often requires special care and elaborate pest control. Hydroponics, on the other hand, feeds the nutrients directly into the roots, resulting in faster and more vigorous growth.

Purple Gelato Indica Weed Flavors and Effects

Such an amazing blend of genetics resulted in a THC powerhouse with tantalizing flavors and a gorgeous aroma reminiscent of sweet berries, mint, and citrus. Like its ancestors, this cross induces an initial burst of energizing euphoria with intense physical relaxation that doesn’t normally turn into a couch-lock effect.

Devine Gelato

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Basic / Breeders Info

Devine Gelato is a unknown variety from In House Genetics and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors . In House Genetics’ Devine Gelato was never available as seeds (It’s a clone-only variety!).

Used by Inhouse for several strains.

Devine Gelato Forum Threads

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Devine Gelato Lineage / Genealogy

  • Devine Gelato »»» x probably x (Dosidos x Gelato #41 )
      x Gelato #41

        • »»» OGKB x Face/Off OG BX1 Probably
            selected pheno (specified above)
          • »»» x Face-Off OG Kush #32 x Face-Off OG Kush
              #32 »»» Unknown Strain
                Selfed (specified above)

                • »»» Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint cut (specified above) Thin Mint cut (specified above)
                  • »»» Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties
                    • »»» F1 Durban x OG Kush South Florida S1
                        • »»» Durban Poison x Chemdawg Mendocino IBL

                              KwaZulu-Natal »»» Sativa
                            • »»» OG Kush South Florida x South Florida x Burma
                                South Florida Probably

                                • »»» Chemdawg x Probably x Hindu Kush, Pakistan
                                    »»» Sativa
                                    »»» Indica
                                    »»» Indica
                                      Probably Sativa »»» Sativa
                                      (specified above)
                                      #33 (specified above)

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                                    GELATO Feminized Seeds

                                    Gelato is a hybrid strain of Sunset Sherbert and thin Mint Scout Cookies. It provides a euphoric experience as well as an intense sensations of relaxation.

                                    GELATO Strain Background

                                    Gelato strain is admired by marijuana lovers because of its foamy, sweet smell combined with a pungent after-taste. The effects it produces are rather appealing as it can instantly get a person high along with the ability to produce mild psychedelic effects and relief from chronic pain. It can be grown indoors but being very pungent, odor control measures are necessary and the medium-sized plant can be conveniently harvested within the available area.

                                    HISTORY OF GELATO SEEDS

                                    Gelato is best known for its strong and universally appealing flavor. Most people who smoke marijuana will end up trying lots of different flowers and find unique flavors. The special ones are capable of appeasing most of them and this is one of the favored cannabis strains. The unique taste originates from its hybrid nature.

                                    Gelato marijuana strain is a combination of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies which when fused with Sunset Sherbert, creates a tasty, juicy and memorable aroma that lingers in the minds of the person. There are multiple variants of the strain which has a higher level of indica and its THC composition is usually between 20% and 25%.

                                    Its origin begins from Cookie Fam Genetics. The company is located in California and they specialize in experimenting with multiple hybrid seeds. Out of the lot, they shortlisted Gelato which has a strikingly sweet smell and taste to it. Surprisingly, it also happens to be one of the most potent marijuana plants that a person could use. This particular variant was also nicknamed #33 because the company hails from California where their favorite player is Larry Bird and his jersey number was used to identify the seed during production.

                                    Appearance of GELATO strain

                                    Seasoned veterans who have been consuming marijuana plants for years may easily be able to find it with its smell and appearance. For newbies, it is still easy to spot because of the sweet smell and the weed’s capability to provide an instant high when consumed. The Gelato buds are often small in size which is striking and easy to spot. They are covered with thick and dense petals on all sides that are found in most buds that originate with indica as its base before hybridization.

                                    In terms of color identification, a Gelato strain bud can be identified with its forest green color as the base. The bud is covered with orange hairs all over with a hint of purple but it may not be easy to spot the purple color as it is evident only in select plants. When they are stored for a long time in a vegetative state, they tend to produce that color. The leaves when burnt will produce a smooth and creamy smoke that most people have come to love but it is quite pungent, which encourages anyone to not use it in a crowded environment.

                                    EFFECTS OF GELATO CANNABIS

                                    The strikingly popular effect of Gelato is that unlike many other marijuana leaves, it has the potent power to instantly hit the user in the head. A lot of people opine that they have felt high even before they managed to completely exhale the smoke, making it an instant relief solution. Besides, its ability to be smooth and creamy makes it easier to enjoy the aroma despite the strong pungent additional flavors that it produces.

                                    A common and widely praised effect of Gelato strain is that it makes one feel intense, alters their perception about the surroundings and is supposed to be consumed when idle. If you are planning to drive a car or go out, a more sober weed is suggested whereas this particular strain is all about letting it go completely. There is no room for anyone to be operational when they inhale it but still allows them to walk, if they like to, within their home.

                                    A psychedelic effect is common with this marijuana which is also capable of appeasing chronic pain and aches as it numbs parts of the body. When consumed in large quantities, it is wise to know that the person will be very sensitive to sound. High frequencies will affect them more along with time dilation which is why it is advisable to be indoors. This cannabis is ideal for regular users and not newcomers. It also provides relief from stress, depression and anxiety issues.

                                    Growing of GELATO SEEDS

                                    Gelato can be grown if you can find a source to buy plant trimmings because their seeds are not commercially sold in most places. The sample obtained should be of the highest quality hybrid because this is ideally a potent weed that can make you really high as you would expect it to. However, it should always be used in moderation because newcomers cannot handle the high it provides.

                                    When grown in outdoor conditions, the plant can grow best in warm, humid temperatures where the temperature is usually around 75F. Most people tend to grow it in indoor conditions because the hybrid plant favors the condition and can also be grown to its full size as they don’t grow too high. These medium-sized plants can be accommodated inside the house or in the backyard. The plant can be fully grown within a period of 8 to 9 weeks in indoor conditions. They are best harvested during October and are in line with most other marijuana seeds that could be grown at home.

                                    Everything about the Gelato strain is interesting as people love it for the earthy, herbal flavor it offers. The fruity nature of the buds is lent by the Sunset Sherbert combination, making it a tasty yet one of the few marijuana that could get you high without difficulty. The effect lasts for a long time besides being a delicious flavor that you could enjoy. It is best used in a scenario with friends, to get in touch with a group of people or simply on your own self when soul search has become essential. The strain should be used in limited quantities and is best reserved for a special occasion than to be considered as a daily choice.

                                    Skywalker seeds for sale on the Farmers Lab Seeds site are good for both day and early evening.

                                    The Farmers Lab GELATO – The Standard Bearer In Genetic Excellence