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Fully Loaded Auto Feminised Seeds

Auto Fully Loaded is a fast-finishing, high-THC cannabis strain with very good potency. It was created by crossing Super Skunk Auto with Wipeout Express Auto and is 60% indica. Harvest time is a very sticky occasion and manicuring will provide plenty of “scissor-hash”.

Growing to a height of between 70 – 100 cm. tall you will be astounded at the yields that are possible from Auto Fully Loaded; as much as 600 gr/m 2 indoors or 50 – 100 gr/plant outdoors is perfectly realistic in a total life-cycle of just 8 weeks from initial germination. a lighting regime of 18 – 20 hours per 24 is recommended.

THC production is excellent at 20% with low CBD of just 0.5% resulting in a potent high that will blow minds anywhere! Due to its 40% sativa genetics the powerful high has just enough uplift to stop it being totally debilitating.

Fully Loaded Auto Feminised Seeds

Heavyweight have been busy creating the next generation of auto-flowering masterpieces and we’ve done it again by reinvigorating a classic skunk and crossing it with the ever popular Wipeout Express.

The results are simply spellbinding and we welcome Fully Loaded into our increasing collection of automatic excellence. Sure to achieve legendary status, this awesome plant is as reliable as the turning tides in delivering high quality yields and mind blowing highs; no stress, no worries, no problems!

Fully Loaded produces an abundance of crystal coated buds and a strong set of scissors is required for manicuring, as this girl gets super sticky! Though strong, the sativa element ensures a happy and creative high which isn’t completely debilitating; just perfect for parties and socialising.

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