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Benefits of Feminized & Auto-flowering Seeds

Indoor cultivation of cannabis has been gaining popularity among growers due to its ability to produce high-quality cannabis strains in many variations. Its success is attributed to the fact that farmers have the opportunity to grow their plants in a controlled environment where plants are carefully monitored for optimum production. Working indoors, cannabis farmers also have the opportunity to work from the comfort of their homes to ensure the security of their crops.

Types of Seeds

While there is a wide variety of seeds from which you can choose, it is essential to understand that most of them are either feminized or auto-flower seeds. If you have no idea of what sets them apart, I have prepared a detailed summary to help you out.

Feminized Seeds

These are seeds that have been precisely selected overtime to get rid of male chromosomes so that they can produce only female plants. They are also commonly referred to as female seeds. These kinds of seeds are a favorite among cannabis growers who are interested in growing plants that will produce smokable buds. The argument behind this is female plants produce more of these buds and also have higher concentrations of CBD and THC when compared to their male counterparts. Though the parent plant can be said to be genetically modified, the seeds are naturally produced via pollination.

Benefits of Feminised Seeds

  1. Sowing feminized seeds will entirely produce female cannabis plants which grow fast and are easy to maintain. There will be no need to prune and watch for male plants which eventually have to be discarded after producing only a few “smokable” buds.
  2. Growing female plants alone ensures that every plant can produce buds rich in CBD and THC, this guarantees a high yield since growing space is optimally utilized
  3. Sowing feminized seeds also give you the opportunity to raise healthy mother plants from which you can get more seeds. These seeds also guarantee uniformity even when planted in large amounts.
  4. Feminized seeds also have a reputation for producing breeder plants that are 100 percent free from hermaphrodites.
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Auto-flower Seeds

Unlike feminized seeds which are produced via human intervention, auto-flowering seeds are naturally produced by the plant through its regular mode of pollination and germination. These seeds produce cannabis plants that flower normally without having to change light cycles or get rid of males. These seeds come in handy for novice growers who have no experience in adjusting light cycles. In simple words, plants from these seeds are easy to grow and maintain.

Benefits of Auto-flower Seeds

  1. These seeds produce shorter plants with fewer maintenance requirements, this makes them suitable for areas with less than ideal growing conditions or where growing space is limited.
  2. Auto-flower Seeds also produce plants that can withstand fluctuations in temperatures and still grow fast enough. Growers who have used these seeds have confessed to early harvests or even two at times with one being in summer.
  3. The seeds are hardy, with the capability to resist pests, mold, and frost since they can be grown almost anywhere all year long as long as temperatures don’t plummet too low, this guarantees reliability regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.
  4. Though low in THC, plants from these seeds have a higher concentration of CBD which makes them ideal for medical users. CBD reduces the effects of THC getting rid of its psychoactive properties.

So Which is Better?

High-quality seeds regardless of them being an auto-flower or feminized will guarantee you highly potent cannabis. Nonetheless, feminized seeds have become more popular for indoor cultivation since growers can extract more potent buds from them. As we found out, these seeds produce only female plants which have more buds making it easy to grow and maintain the plants.

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Nowadays, auto-flower plants have also become feminized with the capacity to produce 100 percent flowering plants. The only difference is that they cannot be cloned. Because of this, you will have to purchase new seeds every time you need to establish a new crop. That is not the case with feminized seeds they can be cloned to produce as many plants as you may like.