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flo mints seeds


Peach Mint Kush is very easy to grow and requires very little maintenance. It has been approved for use in Texas and has a very uniform structure across the field. The plant is hearty, with thick stocks, big leaves, Christmas tree structure and short inter-nodal spacing.

We chose this Peach Mints Strain because it was the best performer across the country. It showed significant resistance to mold and mildew, resistance to cold and mild frost. It displays a traditional afghani structure, and is recommended to be planted at a rate of 2200+ / acre to maximize production. The genetic line is incredibly stable and we consistently see female rates of 99.9%.

Peach Mint Kush is an excellent cultivar for both states that require total THC number and states that work off of delta 9. The crop will need to be managed differently for different intended outcomes however.


Genetics: T1 or #5 line, which was originally cherry x cherry

Harvest Time: End of September, beginning of October

6-9% CBD for biomass before reaching 0.3% total THC

12-15% CBD for biomass before reaching 0.3% delta 9 THC

15-19% CBD for trimmed flower before reaching 0.3% delta9 THC

Yield: 1 – 3 lbs per plant

Plants per acre: 2200+

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Red Stem Mint FLO & Vanilluna cross.

Red Stem Mint Flo a F2 of 2002 DJ FLO x ( OregonPurpleThai x NL ) 8-9 weeks 10 seeds included.

When I first saw this label I it made me think of Reeferman NL x OPT which I was told is not the same cross as above.

The second baggy of seeds was this:

Vanilluna ( non-deformed ) x 75% Kalimost ( red stem )

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Vanilluna ( non-deformed ) x ( 25% Thai Haze x Skunk )

10-12 weeks and 13 seeds.

He told me what happened but I cannot recall I think it was suppose to be the second crossing but something happened with the male and the Kalimost male was added later so these seeds could see some pheno swing.

I am starting these today and for now at least in veg they are going to be under LedGirls 126w units three of them. What happens with them in the coming weeks is up in the air a new warehouse space was rented and it needs to be built out yet.

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What is Red Stem KaliMost Pollen. well, it is like this.

Here is this fellows expression, found in the MOD Kalimost Breeder Pack. It seemed that Kalimost went into 2 divides, which are the RED and the GREEN, and the green stem was hard, while the Red was Flexible and Rubbery.
I imagine the Kalimost would cancel-out the Chocolate Thai influence from the Vanilluna. eliminating the equal ratio between Red and Purple Stem Colorings, granting mostly into the Red Realm.
(-And for some reason I’ve been on this RED GOD kick this year. hmmmm. I don’t know guys, I grew up in Catholic School, and the NUNS never taught me that God is RED.). I just know that the bud can smell like the cedar benches sometimes.

I remember that Vanilluna aswell as OPT, both strains- have about 5% of the seeds to be deformed. which is to give merit to the close proximity between them.


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Sorry guys but i’ll get some pictures up tomorrow of whats going on. I smoked some kick ass hash and had some DQ and fell asleep.

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So I got the seeds in the cups and watered but thats when I took the break and never got back in there to finish. But there is enough warmth in the room from the other lights they should do fine for now.

Tomorrow I am adding some Flodica, Purce’s F13 and of course the BlueBerry Sat IBL seeds I have .

I’ll have so much room now that I can have a male veg/bloom room to find males.


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Indeed my Good Friend. this is Great News.

The Mint Flo is what I consider to be like a 3rd direction or avenue of DJ’s famous Varietal, THE Original Flo.

-Simply stated, the 1st and 2nd aromatic directions are:
1)a Nepalese-like Hash
2)a Nag Champa Incense

There are a lot of secrets inside the Flo line.
And. in my humble opinion, these are in-fact, about a half dozen or so, ‘chemical profiles’. which can achieve some very uncommon smelling budz.

When Breeder Steve said that Flo contained plant smells which he has never inspected inside Cannabis. I just knew that we could really go forward with Flo genes, straight into worthy plant-oil projects. and without getting lost in the Cannabis Stew of Strains on the web.
The word ‘Mint’ can represent an entire library of books and ranges of olfaction.
Here-specifically, it was meant to convey a honey-sweet, Minty product/bud aroma. like the renowned garden Mint.
— AKA(scientifically)"Labiatae" (- a large family of aromatic herbs which include mint; thyme; sage; rosemary.)

‘Mint’ plants, to me, are most extremely fascinating and substantially worthwhile to concentrate efforts toward.
(Actually, all Mint plants are able to do/perform/activate/incite. miracles in mammals.)

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Overall, it can sometimes be very tough to chase specific Flo profiles/ results, whenst using whatever Flo seeds come in a pack. Nothing is bad, but let’s save time if we can.
There are 2 basic seed colors that you will see out there. And things like OPT, F13, Vanilluna and BB. are the primarily the Brown Seed category. Whereas, Flo and Blue Heaven have been much more on the grey end. iow. a Grey Seed.

Flo Seed Size can be all over the place, and more often the seed will be about medium sized, although quite relative to persons. in comparison, Ive seen BIG Mexican and Thai, aswell as tiny Mexican and Thai. The Mint Flo seed is Medium size and Grey, IMO.

Often, I’ll witness someone looking for a Rosebud Flo, and to me it is not actually most easily found by getting to sprout 50 Original Flo, or Dutch-Pass-Flo. ect.
I believe that S_a_H has a better chance(over most) with his 10 beans, because RC Colas- bred away from the assymetric tobacco Flo, and BB aroma Oils. and chose the lesser yeilding, more aromatically concentrated, most Rose-like smelling Flo with a modest THC presense.

The Red Maduro spawned the red stemmed-Mint Flo, . whose father had a red stem aswell. -Further, these red stems can be killed with some magnesium, though red color has more to do with how well the plant ancestors roots were able to penetrate into mountainous, rocky terrain/soils.

I hope this thread inspires many who search for the delicate-yet-complex Rosebud type experiences/effects, of one of Nature’s Most Elite, Creative and Influential Plant Families. the Red Stemmed Mint Flo.
Happy Hunting/Encounters to All