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feminized cannabis seeds banks

00 Seeds Bank Feminized

Specialists in indica strains and affordable prices

00 Seeds Bank is an excellent seed bank specialized in Indica varieties based in Spain. Its catalogue offers a wide range of powerful strains. These Spanish breeders are concerned about keeping quite a commercial selection, to keep on bringing very productive genetics to their consumers. Their strains produce compact plants, very suitable for guerrilla or indoors crops, with resinous flowers of first quality. Their seeds give very good results in any medium – soil, coco, hydroponics and aeroponics-. Each and every one of the selected strains produce rich resinous buds that will seduce the most demanding user. Here below we’ll tell you something more about of their most significant varieties so that you are acquainted with their excellent genetics.

Commercial quality strains

Sweet Soma Seeds

Sweet Soma is a very indica strain. Quite small and very resinous, it has been selected for its short flowering period. Appreciated for its extraordinary and exotic aroma, it gives excellent results in indoor grow tents and rooms. When planting them in 4 pots of 11L per spot, they can produce up to 350g / m² with the best cares of an experienced grower. Outdoors, they will become a little higher, reaching a maximum of 2 meters. Under favourable weather conditions plants can produce up to 650g.

Chocolate Cream Seeds

Chocolate Cream is also an Indica. With this strain, the bank tried to maximize the production of resin, which will delight extractions’ lovers. They have an excellent performance under lamps where they can produce up to 300g/m² with the required cares. Outdoor, they can reach moderate heights and in occasions they can grow beyond 2m. Their excellent branches structures will bear the weight of resinous buds perfectly. It can produce up to 500 g per plant with right weather conditions.

Northern Lights seeds

Northern Lights is a highly valued variety among growers around the world for its extraordinary colors and its delicate, tightened and resinous buds. With a short flowering period it gives excellent quality buds in a record time. Indoors, it can yield up to 300g/m² with the best grow room conditions. Outdoors it is very tough and manages to produce beautiful flowers even in less favourable climates. You’ll have to provide your plants with everything they need so that they can yield up to their full potential. You can get excellent productions of up to 400g per plant with the right conditions.

00 Seeds Bank easy to grow seeds

When you purchase 00 Seeds Bank seeds, you are choosing easy to grow strains that will provide you with pleasant flavours and big productions of sticky buds, along with a whole set of commercial properties. You can be sure that your buds will be the envy of your friends. Buying 00 Seeds is choosing from an incredible range of intoxicating scents for all tastes, captured inside beautiful seeds. With very little effort you’ll get resinous and tightened buds. Choose your favorite flavor among the wide range of 00 Seeds Bank and start growing your own buds with total peace of mind.