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ex situ seeds cannabis

Ex situ seeds cannabis

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“He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.”

2 Corinthians 9:10 (NIV)

The private seed vault of ExSitu is owned and operated by a breeder who provides access to only a select few of the most exclusive cannabis genetics in the world. When you invest in ExSitu seeds, you are gaining access to a time-tested-and-true breeder’s vault. Rest assured, these genetics are never mass-produced, and buyers receive only the strongest most viable genetics possible.

The idea of this private seed vault was born from ExSitu’s passion for botany and the preservation of unique Afghani and Pakistani cannabis plant genetics. Above all else, though, this vault is being presented for the love of cannabis plants and is dedicated to the well established or budding cannabis plant enthusiast.

ExSitu specializes in breeding cannabis plants with the goal of obtaining the highest quality seeds. Along with the cooperation of these rare genetics, this strict focus on quality over quantity will provide every buyer with 100% satisfaction.

ExSitu has been breeding these cannabis plants for limited production since 1998 and is excited to share this labor of love with you. As stated earlier, this catalog contains a select few of the most unique, potent and reliable seeds on Earth. This family heirloom seed vault is compiled out of a sincere love for these wonders of nature and is being graciously extended to like-minded people like you.

Of serious note is that ExSitu is emphatically against the misuse of seeds or their progenies, as supplied by private seed vaults in any form of genetic engineering, breeding, or research that results in any form of infringement of life patent, variety protection, trademarks, breeder’s rights – or any of the intellectual property thereof.

“Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.”

Henry David Thoreau, “Faith in a Seed: The Dispersion Of Seeds And Other Late Natural History Writings.”

Thank you ExSitu. Wishing you a happy new year!! It’s very sad that Instagram is treating people so badly these days. I really have lost the heart for social platforms as of late.

Hello! Photos of my Jalalabad Star seed plant! I found a nice male, but I need to do a larger hunt of more seed. Very interesting structure and very different than the other afghan varieties. Much love.

I wasn’t expecting so many! Can’t wait to dig into the #1, #2, and #3 for starters. How do you suggest I best go about preserving and replicating these? I’m sure I will have questions in the future on some of these & will stay in touch. Thanks so much and hope you have the best year ever this year!

I love these plants and just looking at them and taking care of them and seeing what they can do. It’s so exciting. As soon as I get them going I will be sure to give you all kinds of updates. Thank you for getting these genetics out there! Your awesome!

Yes, awesome! Thank you so much. Just got to check it out. Again thank you, very cool. They will all receive love from me. Best regards.

Hey man thank you so much, you are awesome. Can’t wait to pop these.

Thank you very much! I’m very blessed to get my hand on these gems. Lots of love for your service.

Thank you! Damn, this is the most exciting seed gift I have ever received! Thanks my friend. I’ll be sure to share the love.

The work you’re doing is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate it. Very excited to go through these!

Thank you and blessings!

You have a friend in the hills of Humboldt.

In this day of hybridization I am thankful for people like you who care enough to preserve the past!

You’re a very generous man. I’m sure your community is lucky to have you.

Really appreciate what you’re doing here. The cannabis scene will not recognize the importance of these genetics until intellectual property is integrated in the legal situation.

Thank you again for trusting me with access to these seeds amazing potential.

Hello my friend. The seeds and I’m happy to say they are in excellent condition.

Your genetics are much appreciated.

I will recommend only the best of friends. Your kindness is unmatched. Thank you. Love and light.

Lots of love for your service. Thank you very much to you. They will be grown with love.

I want to thank you for making these genetics available. I truly appreciate your generosity. Blessings.

Jalalabad Star is tall and narrow, I grew her from seed. She is very peppery acrid spicy when I ruffle her leaves. JS, or #1 is an interesting pungent plant with greasy buds that have a yellowish tinge to them. Very fuelly smell with some sweetness as well when she is starting to ripen.

Vintage genetics Jalalabad Star. She smells of honey fuel and a little skunk. The high is transcendental and euphoric. Let it go too long and you’ll get the typical boring couch lock high.

Thanks for providing such rare genetics. Keep doing what you’re doing!

I appreciate the opportunity to experience the true lineage that you are sharing. I have been doing this since 1993 for the love. It has been many years since I have had real regional cultivars, which I prefer! Thank you so much for this special opportunity. My words can not express how honored I am to have this chance. I am grateful for everything you did to make this happen.

Greetings! Very cool website and even cooler genetics! I really appreciate the work in preserving these genetics and making them available to anyone! Truly honorable.

They made it, thanks again brother and thanks for all you do!

Awesome! Thank you for everyone you are doing!

Jalalabad Star, really unique line, pretty quick indoors, reasonably solid no real heavy intersex traits, beautiful colors, lots of resin, wild smells that came on at the end. It’s been curing for a few weeks, may try some tonight. Many thanks and blessings. This is why I went out on another limb after forty years of tending with ExSitu. His story has more credence than any other of recent times and from few that have tended his gear only have good things to say. Like refreshing. Taste/highs that take one back to yesteryears.

Jalalabad Star, first three of ten I purchased. Germination was good. I ended up with one male and two females. I’m surprised by the width of the leaves. I like what I see and will keep you informed. I have a few here. The Jalalabad Star came out very nice. It was started pretty late in the season so it didn’t get very big. The smell is perfumy fuely and the high is euphoric very nice indeed. I will plant more outside next year with a full summer. It’s a nice cultivar and needs to be grown again. Thank you for the opportunity to grow it. Chitral Precious, it looked and smelled very similar to the Jalalabad Star, but with a little bit more of a pastries smell.

Frosty! Look forward to outdoors here. The friend of mine is enjoying the Jalalabad Star as well. Says exotic in taste and high. Refreshing to say the least. Ten days from harvest. Looks nice. Fat flowers of dank they say. Very refreshing from all the reshuffled gene pools that dominate US marketplace. Appreciate any updates on other gear. Cheers.

The Chitral Precious is very nice. After curing it has a nice smooth sweet taste, and is very relaxing and pleasant. Really like the all around physical and mental effect. No paranoia, no couch lock, just a very mellow happy uplifting experience. I think it would also be the perfect strain for many medical conditions. Hopefully I will have some luck getting a female with the remaining Jalalabad Star seeds so I can experience those genetics as well. Will let you know when I do give the Jalalabad Star another try and keep you posted with results.

A Belated Green Revolution for Cannabis: Virtual Genetic Resources to Fast-Track Cultivar Development

Cannabis is a predominantly diecious phenotypically diverse domesticated genus with few if any extant natural populations. International narcotics conventions and associated legislation have constrained the establishment, characterization, and use of Cannabis genetic resource collections. This has resulted in the underutilization of genepool variability in cultivar development and has limited the inclusion of secondary genepools associated with genetic improvement strategies of the Green Revolution. The structured screening of ex situ germplasm and the exploitation of locally-adapted intraspecific traits is expected to facilitate the genetic improvement of Cannabis. However, limited attempts have been made to establish the full extent of genetic resources available for pre-breeding. We present a thorough critical review of Cannabis ex situ genetic resources, and discuss recommendations for conservation, pre-breeding characterization, and genetic analysis that will underpin future cultivar development. We consider East Asian germplasm to be a priority for conservation based on the prolonged historical cultivation of Cannabis in this region over a range of latitudes, along with the apparent high levels of genetic diversity and relatively low representation in published genetic resource collections. Seed cryopreservation could improve conservation by reducing hybridization and genetic drift that may occur during Cannabis germplasm regeneration. Given the unique legal status of Cannabis, we propose the establishment of a global virtual core collection based on the collation of consistent and comprehensive provenance meta-data and the adoption of high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies. This would enable representative core collections to be used for systematic phenotyping, and so underpin breeding strategies for the genetic improvement of Cannabis.

Keywords: cannabinoids; genetic conservation; industrial hemp; marijuana; phenotypic variation; plant breeding.