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early harvest cannabis seeds

Strawberry Blue Early Harvest Cannabis Seeds

Strawberry Blue Early Harvest Cannabis Seeds from World of Seeds

A few years ago at WOS we decided to launch our Early Harvest line, varieties of fast flowering, feminized and photodependent, to the market. These are the result of the crossing of an autoflowering F4 with photodependent varieties of our catalog, significantly shortening its flowering and strengthening its vegetative growth stage, turning them into ultra fast varieties. These plants being early version can be ready for harvest, in flower in as little as 45 days total. Which makes them ideal for crops in humid, rainy and very hard winters- since their speed allows you to anticipate the attacks of the most fungi and beat the fall rains!

Due to the great acceptance with which our fans and customers receive this new category of plants, at WOS we are ready again to surprise you with our new variety, Strawberry Blue Early Harvest. This variety began with the selection of a male from the Blueberry family, which stands out for its great yields, sweet flavors and nuances of berries, crossed with the famous and powerful Strawberry Cough that stands out for its fruity flavor and extreme euphoric power, which usually happens to leave a strange smile in your mouth, the origin of this variety is unknown, which makes it somewhat mysterious. The result of crossing with an autoflowering F4 gives us a mostly sativa variety of very short flowering that develops long branches which is very easy for cultivation in SCROG. Flavors of forest fruits interspersed with floral notes and incense nuances blend in your mouth, to give you a breath of fresh air into your life. It is a very easy plant to grow, resistant to fungi and pests, indoors it will be ready in 45 days of flowering, and outdoors, in early September for the northern hemisphere, or early April for the southern hemisphere. Its production is very high, easily reaching yields of 1gr: 1watt.

Afghan Kush Early Harvest

Alchimia presents here the Early Harvest version of World Of Seeds Afghan Kush cannabis strain, a 100% Indica landrace strain now available with earlier flowering.

The fruit of the cross between the traditional Afghan Kush and a 4th generation Autoflowering strain, this variety remains sensitive to photoperiod, while flowering more quickly, reaching maturity after only 45 days of flowering.

In outdoor cannabis cultivation, Afghan Kush Early Harvest starts flowering earlier in the season, so it can be harvested before conditions deteriorate. This early flowering, combined with its great resistance to pests and mould, makes this an ideal plant for outdoor cultivation.

Compact and robust, it can produce up to 450g per m2 indoors, and up to 600 grams outdoors. Its generously resin-covered flowers exude a woody and organic aroma and will give returns of about 20% in BHO extractions.

The effect of Afghan Kush Early Harvest is typically Indica, physically relaxing while leaving the mind clear and lucid.