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ducksfoot cannabis seeds

Ducksfoot Seeds

Ducksfoot cannabis cultivar happens to be a sativa predominant strain that originated in Australia. The strain has a modest THC level and therefore inhaling its flavors will stimulate you cerebrally as well as make you gregarious and humorous. The strain gets its name from the leaves that resemble the webbed feet of ducks. Smoking Ducksfoot envelopes you with the invigorating scents of freshly brewed coffee tinged with spiciness, skunky, and pungency. The flavors leave behind aftertastes

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More about Ducksfoot Seeds

More about Ducksfoot Seeds

How to grow Ducksfoot pot plants?

The plants grow tall enough and branch out in all directions. So, you need to have ample space while growing indoors.

Indoor vs. outdoor growing

Ducksfoot is a marijuana strain that develops ideally if grown in an outdoor environment that is sunny, warm, and dry. Indoors, the saplings develop fully in about 7-8 weeks at the end of which you can expect to pick up 250-350g of buds from every sq. Meter of space. Outdoors, the plants’ roots get firmly implanted in the soil to promote holistic growth and development with large and broad branches. If grown in suitable climes, every plant yields about 200g of buds.


The duck foot breed is a gormandizer, and so you need to be generous in feeding the plants. Heavy watering should be restricted to specific stages, especially while planting the seeds, flowering period and a week before harvesting.

Grow techniques

Indoors, it is receptive to SOG, and SCROG grows techniques, thriving in orangery and greenhouses. If your grow room is not spacious, you’ll have to resort to periodic pruning to prevent overcrowding. Be liberal in supplying nutrients.

Grow techniques

If your grow room is not spacious, you’ll have to resort to periodic pruning to prevent overcrowding. Be liberal in supplying nutrients.

Recreational Use

Owing to a mild THC level, the effects are cerebrally stimulating that makes you ecstatic but do not immobilize you. Ducksfoot is ideal for daytime smoking.

Side effects

  • Euphoria
  • Giggly
  • Uplifting
  • Stimulating
  • Happy

Medicinal Use


  • Chronic fatigue
  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Mild Migraines


  • Depression
  • Mental stress

Taste & Aroma

Tokes of this strain has a strong aftertaste of spices and coffee. The aromas wafting out of the vapors are reminiscent of spices, coffee, and pungent skunk.


Alchimia presents here Ducks Foot, a cannabis variety famous in Australia for its very particular foliage, as its leaflets stay joined, giving it a more discreet appearance and helping to camouflage in surrounding vegetation.

Underground Seeds Collective has reproduced this unique line for 4 generations until being able to share the legendary Ducksfoot marijuana strain on regular seed form.

Ducksfoot shows a compact structure thanks to its short nodal distance, and its strong root system allows a vigorous growth. Even if its origins are uncertain, this IBL cannabis strain clearly enjoys warm and temperate climates for an optimal blooming, needing 10-12 weeks of flowering before getting ripe.

Its flavour is peppered and spicy, and its effect is relaxing.

Thanks to its atypical foliage and its original scents, this discreet looking plant is a good option for guerrilla cannabis crops in warm climate zones like the Mediterranean area.