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dragon punch seeds

DRAGON PUNCH – Irie Genetics

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Flying Dragon Feminised Seeds

Flying Dragon Feminised Cannabis Seeds by The Flying Dutchmen.

An even balance of Sativa and Indica enriches Flying Dragon with the best qualities of the two psychoactive sides of the cannabis family.

From South East Asian genes – a killer Cambodian blended with the world-champion Haze genotype – comes a soaring cerebral high that can leave you drifting in the clouds. Bringing things back down to earth is the fire-breathing Indica punch of a Kush-Skunk parent. Individual females can favour one side of the Indica-Sativa spectrum over another, and the results of this interaction are consistently mind-blowing.

Plants are medium-to-tall and cover themselves with crazy, bubbling peaks of calyxes which burst in all directions. Resin glands highlight every surface and can quickly gum-up scissors.

Fortunately, little manicuring is necessary as Flying Dragon’s leathery, dark green leaves are sparse within the bud structures and detach easily.