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doug’s varin seeds

The Power of Ultra Rare Doug’s Varin™ Cannabis Formulation Now Available at Dispensaries Statewide in California

Oakland, May 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cannabis users who are seeking to unleash the power of THCV got some good news today as California Cannabinoids, Inc., the maker of Doug’s Varin™ announced its ultra-rare THCV formulation vape pens are now available at more locations throughout California, specifically in select dispensaries in Berkeley, Marin County, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and Sebastopol.

Doug’s Varin contains the highest concentrations of THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) available in the marketplace. It is currently available in two THCV-rich vape pen product lines: Doug’s Varin ORIGINAL (1:1 THCV/THC) and Doug’s Varin™ RELIEF (1:1:1 THCV/THC/CBD). Both products contain 25% to 30% THCV cannabis oil, found naturally in a full spectrum extraction from rare high THCV cannabis flowers, and are reputed to offer long-awaited personal health benefits. The high THCV levels are enough to activate the compound’s surprising effects. THCV is known to help with focus, productivity, creativity, energy boost and exhilaration. Some people also experience appetite suppression after a short period of continued use.

“We are thrilled with the tremendous consumer response to Doug’s Varin in San Francisco, Sebastopol and Santa Rosa and are excited to expand its availability to Urbn Leaf in San Diego, Tree House in Santa Cruz and Hi Fidelity in Berkeley, as well as ONA Life Delivery in Marin,” said CEO David Lampach. “In addition to offering Doug’s Varin in these new markets, we will be introducing new product lines in the coming weeks that will provide even greater access for consumers who want to unleash the power of Doug’s Varin and its unique health benefits from the high-levels of THCV using alternative delivery methods.”

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Consumers can purchase Doug’s Varin at the following dispensary locations:

  • Berkeley:BPG — 2366 San Pablo Ave. NEW location
  • Marin County:ONA Life Delivery Service NEW location
  • San Diego:Urbn Leaf — 1028 Buenos Ave. and 658 East San Ysidro Blvd. NEW location
  • San Francisco:Sparc — 473 Haight St., 502 14th St., 1256 Mission St.
  • Santa Cruz:Treehouse — 3651 Soquel Drive NEW location
  • Santa Rosa:Sparc — 1061 N. Dutton Ave.
  • Sebastopol:Sparc — 6771 Sebastopol Ave.

“Our customers understand the wide array of health benefits associated with high levels of THCV,” said Will Sen, founder of Urbn Leaf. “With Doug’s Varin they can experience first-hand the powerful results from these unique products and we are excited to begin offering them in our dispensaries.”

For more information about Doug’s Varin, retail locations, product offerings, supply contracts and licensing opportunities, please visit or follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @DougsVarin.

About Doug’s Varinand California Cannabinoids, Inc.: Formed in 2017, California Cannabinoids, Inc. is a California corporation based in Oakland, with the mission of providing the cannabis industry and consumers access to rare cannabinoids. The company is the exclusive provider of Doug’s Varin™ which contains the highest concentrations of tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) currently available in the marketplace. CEO David Lampach is a long-time industry expert, grower and advocate for clean, safe cannabis. Prior to founding California Cannabinoids, he was Co-Founder and CEO of Steep Hill Labs and served a consultant to several states concerning the creation and implementation of various aspects of medical and recreational cannabis regulation.

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I have Dougs Varin seeds. What do I do?

Hi reddit, so it turns out I have had dougs varin seeds for a while now just sitting in a drawer. I got the strain once and was pissed it had seeds in it but I still smoked it any way and loved it. I kept the seeds in a dark drawer for like 2-3 years. Are they still viable? And if so when I grow them could I face legal action from the doug varin company? and no I will not give them out. I have 14 seeds in total and im thinking of growing them and releasing the strain to the public. But im worried if I do this ill get in legal trouble what do I do?

Update: I guess ill add a lil back ground so I used to smoke weed alot and wanted to try a strain that helped with appetite suppression and migraines. at the time I was around 350+lbs. highest is 423 and hey at least my weight was a stoner pun at one point but I digress.(currently im 255) So I asked if any one had dougs varin no one did but some one I know allegedly went to a dispensary and bought it.(I dont have a mmj card *sadface) Part of me thinks my dealer *cough *cough I mean friend sold me fake dougs varin but if its not fake I could be sitting on a gold mine. Thinking back on it the strain i smoked had all the effects of thcv. I remember thinking this weed was trippy like when I smoked it I got the LSD come up feeling. And come to think of it I didnt shovel cheetos in my hole like I ussualy do. This could be coincidence but it fits the bill to all but confirm its truly dougs varin to me.

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Moved to r/microgrowery (removed by mod @6trees1pot for no reason)

Ill still answer question here as well.

Mod on microgrowery is a dick @6trees1pot. removed my first post after I submitted the start of a grow log.(he removed that aswell apparently because I asked the same question twice)

So I guess ill start the grow log here seeing as its not removed as of yet. Maybe im paranoid but it seems that mod is trying to gate keep the strain since I got some insane offers right after the post was removed. Im not saying the mod is the same as the person who gave me offers on a second account I'm just saying that timing is weird.