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Discount Cannabis Seeds Seedbank Review

On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 33 user reviews.

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Discount Cannabis Seeds is listed as "green" at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank.

User Reviews

guest United Kingdom, January 2022

Quick delivery considering Covid and Xmas post.
All 10 seeds germinated, very happy.

guest United Kingdom, October 2021

PLEASE read all of the reviews below and save yourself a lot of wasted time and cash.
Same as others I’ve 11 years experience and had a 12 PERCENT SUCCESS RATE! popping the seeds from this guy those that grew were stunted and totally fucked up.
The guy just sends a standard message about it being illegal to grow seeds in the UK so he KNOWS THEY ARE DUD SEEDS.
I’ve gone back to getting seeds shipped over and am very much hoping karma bites

guest United Kingdom, September 2021

Bought a large number of seeds. They had an 8% germination rate and like others here I’ve many many grows under my belt and popped maybe 400 seeds previously. The guy knows these seeds are blanks but also knows there’s nothing that you can do about getting your cash back.

guest United Kingdom, July 2020

Bought a multiple lot of different seeds from same seed bank that I usually purchase from successfully but none germinated. Spoke to ‘johnny’ and was fobbed off with did I know what I’m doing etc etc. Sent photos of processes and still fobbed off. Have mailed seedbank directly to complain about dcs. Sad as previous to this things were going well with 90%+ germination and completion. Lost me and my network as customers. have changed to another supplier and things going well so far.

guest United Kingdom, May 2020

After only getting a 20% germination rate and contacting them and being fobbed off, I contacted one of the suppliers directly, seed stockers who were very helpful, they do not supply D, C, S, which raises some questions on authentication, they are currently looking into this, I will be buying direct from them in future

guest United Kingdom, May 2020

From first sight they look rough, gave them ago waste of time and money ! Stay away

guest United Kingdom, August 2019

Bought the 100 seed bulk packs, great price and great results

guest Canada, March 2019

Several orders with no issues.

Shadowcat325 United States, October 2018

This is by far the best customer service I have ever experienced!! The freebies that come with each order are well beyond impressive, and after my third order it?s almost as if they know me. The selection is wonderful and I have never, never had a problem with an order!! Larger orders are broken into smaller shipping packs to avoid the yet unknown problems! And finally the germination rate is outstanding! I have no interest in looking further, and I have used 12 sources previously!! This is my only: HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

guest United Kingdom, August 2018

Not grown yet so cannot comment, delivery ok, packed very well. Heres hoping they grow.

guest United Kingdom, July 2018

dont buy any th?ng from th?s asshole send us off seeds wh?ch does not germ?nate when ? compla?n he repl?ed *As the germination of Cannabis Seeds is illegal in the UK and most other countries, we are unable to provide any guarantee the cannabis seeds will germinate.

We deal with the most reputable Seed Banks from around the world, many of which have their own quality control procedures which include testing the germination rates.

Like all plant seeds, Cannabis seeds are living material and therefore Seed Banks or Discount Cannabis Seeds cannot offer guarantees on germination rates, or promise that every Cannabis seed in every packet will germinate.

We would like to assure customers that all our Cannabis seeds are purchased from reputable Cannabis breeders and are sold in the breeder?s original packaging.

guest Spain, May 2018

I ordered a 80 £ seed pack. Then i contact to them to reconfirm the order, they said that was out of stock and to choose other item., i dont want other but only that. They said the payment was cancelled, but one week later. no money on my account! Postal police will make the rest.

guest United Kingdom, March 2018

Bought the Bulk Seeds, awesome value!

guest Canada, December 2017

Have done multiple orders, everyone arrived safe and sound, no worries with DCS

guest New Zealand, December 2017

oredered 2 of there bulk packs on separate occasions, both got thru yay, of the 100 seeds about 20 popped, f#@k#d my whole season. my fault bought cheap seeds.
had some free ones with them that all popped and grew so failure wasnt the result of iradiation

guest United Kingdom, December 2017

Ordered 300 seeds bulk packs. White widow, northern lights and big budd white widow 10 packs. Out of 300 bulk pack seeds approx 80% failure rate. Useless. Past seeds had ordered before reverted to them, about two in every pack of feminised seeds turn out to be male, not germ, straight up male. I have been growing for years never once had problems like any of this, soon as I used DCS major major problems. Avoid like the plague!

guest United Kingdom, November 2017

Discount Cannabis Seeds they sell death seeds , after i ask customer service to make me a return , they fucking told me in UK is illegal to germinate the seeds , so fuck off i have been scammed.

guest United Kingdom, October 2017

Ordered 10 Buddha Auto mix seeds 10% off due to flash sale. They also sent 2 free Royal Queen Seeds Northern Lights in the package. Great value for a little over £30. Delivery was quick, communication good and all seeds in original packaging. First time Ive bought from them and would use the company again. Highly recommended.

guest United States, August 2017

Johnny and his crew are great! Got my beanz very fast and in good shape ? The package was discreet and was delivered without any problems, even though you could hear the beanz rattling around ? Every bean sprouted and grew just fine . Theyre budding now so more info to come. Id recommend these guys to my granny and her posse ?

guest United Kingdom, August 2017

50% of bulk feminised seeds did not germinate. One third of those that did were male.

DCS Discount Cannabis Seeds: Reputable Seed Banks That Ship To USA

DCS Discount Cannabis Seeds is a UK based seed company that ships to the US and is one of the top 10 seed banks in many seed bank reviews. They provide good quality seeds from established breeders at very alluring prices. The company is not a bank per se but purchases seeds in wholesale from other reputable seed banks and breeders. Their website provides a list of suppliers that they get from.

Their buying process is very easy and convenient since it allows a buyer to add some free seeds on top of you already made order. You have the option to buy through credit or debit cards and they proceed to call you as soon as you place an order to confirm the details. The company is prominent for the free seeds they add in every time a person buys any seeds. Their prices are very affordable, making them one of the customers most prominent sellers. Shipping with DCS is convenient because as a seed bank, it hides details at the request of the client.
Due to the fact that they do not breed their own gives them the opportunity to select the best and most widespread breeders so they have a wide range of high-quality seed collections.
DCS has a very impressive customer service section that replies almost instantly via email. The fact that they call after an order is made to confirm the details of the buyer removes chances of mistaken details. Their discounts are a customer favourite thanks to their frequency and the amount that is discounted.
DCS has a very unique and user-friendly website that is also highly secured to protect the customer’s data from unauthorized third-party access. Something worth noting about their website is how one can switch languages from English to German, French, Polish, Italian or even Spanish to cater to non-English speakers.
Another incredible feature they have is the price comparison, a feature that allows buyers to compare the price of the specific seed they want to buy against the prices the competitors put up for the same. They also have the best sellers ranked up daily to show what is trendy among the customers. Their selection includes strains like 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Feminised, White Widow x Big Bud, Auto Girl Scout Cookies, Auto Gorilla Glue, Stardawg among others.
The breeders they work with are qualified and trusted names such as Anesia Seeds, Big Buddha, Barney’s Farm, Bulk Seeds, Cream of the Top, Dinafem among others. Their insistence on high quality seeds and services makes them one of the best European seed banks in the industry.