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developing premium cannabis seeds

Developing premium cannabis seeds

Premium Seed Market is a collective of licensed medical marijuana growers. We have been operating in Oregon for over two decades.

We have cultivation experience with 150+ strains. We’ve also selected the absolute best of Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD cultivars.

We have years of breeding and cultivation experience. Our team believes these seeds represent some of the best strains available anywhere in the United States.

Keep reading to find out why we’re the best U.S. cannabis seed bank.

Our mission is to bring you affordable cannabis seeds!

We pride our business most on being able to provide you top quality seeds at an affordable price. We believe in the organic distribution of cannabis. Therefore we act as the grower and distributor.

We don’t purchase our seeds from any other entity. There’s no middle man involved and everything is grown in-house.

Grow your own cannabis:

We provide some of the world’s most popular varietals. These include several award-winning and legendary strains with trusted genetics.

Our seeds can be grown successfully by anyone! Beginners and experts can do it. We’ve spent countless hours preserving the strongest genetics.

We’ve also perfected our order process. You can be sure our seeds will arrive safe and in great condition, year after year.

Seed Shipping & Storage

Our seed packets are shipped out of a distribution center in the midwest. We are able to expedite orders to all corners of the country. Typically, our seeds can last up to two decades (if stored properly).

Female/Male Ratio

It’s best to assume our packets will contain a female/male ratio of 50:50. (In practice, the natural female/male ratio is more like 65:35.)

This is because this species of plant spreads its pollen through the air. There is no need for pollinating insects. Therefore, it requires fewer males than females.

These are the likely ratios. However, we cannot guarantee any specific number of male or female seeds for purchase.

Featured: Blue Dream Seeds for Sale!

Good grows start with even better seeds. This month we’re excited to feature our premium Blue Dream seeds.

It is the most widely-grown strain on the West Coast. It contains a dense bud structure with trichomes packed in deep. It, therefore, gives off a sparkly glistening type look.

Blue Dream is a cross between Blueberry and original Haze. It is a Sativa dominant heavy-hitting strain worth every ounce put into it.

It has a sweet berry aroma, much like its Blueberry parent. Blue Dream delivers quick symptom relief without a heavy sedative effect.

Our Blue Dream seeds are pest and mold-resistant and do very well in outdoor and indoor environments.

Our Top-Rated Cannabis Seeds

We know that choosing a new strain to grow can be tough. Here are our top-rated cannabis seed selections:

Jager Kush

Jager Kush is named after Jagermeister. It is a potent Indica-dominant strain.

Jager Kush was created and perfected in Oregon. It has a deep setting high and is more suited for nighttime use.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a strong Sativa-leaning hybrid. It is known for its distinct strawberry and tropical-like taste.

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It is a strain that generally does better indoors (under warmer temperatures). It will keep you alert and focused, yet relaxed.

White Widow

White Widow: this is a Dutch-bred varietal. This strain won the High Times Cup in 1995.

This pearly, “white-trichomed” bud is great because of its high adaptability and easy-going nature.

Original Blueberry

Original Blueberry is a beautiful strain that produces red and purple hues. It finishes with a blueberry-like aroma and an unmistakable blueberry taste.

Premium Seed Market – The Best Cannabis Seeds from Oregon

We pride ourselves on being the best U.S. cannabis seed bank. When you buy two or more packets of our premium seeds–you’ll receive free shipping with every order!
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Animals Make Weed Farm Their Safe Sanctuary in Colombia

Animals have found a home and special sanctuary on a very unique weed farm in Colombia.

Despite their mutual love for all things green, cannabis cultivators and environmentalists aren’t always on speaking terms. If left unregulated or badly managed, cannabis farms can take a pretty hefty toll on the surrounding ecosystem. In California, for instance, many rivers run dry during the summertime because trespass growers divert water to their facilities, endangering the state’s salmon and trout populations.

The same goes for foreign countries exporting their weed, like Colombia. Health Europa editor and Colombia Cannabis investor Matt Youkee wrote that, while the country’s isothermal climate may be optimal for cultivating weed, the quality of its soil is not as good. Anecdotal evidence from growers claims that strains “struggle to adapt to soils tainted by previously unencountered pesticides and tropical pests.”

As the agricultural vice president of Flora Growth and general manager of the corporation’s picturesque weed farm in the Andes-enveloped Colombian town of Bucaramanga, Javier Franco can recite the plant’s ideal growing conditions in his sleep. “It’s 18 degrees Celsius at night, 26 during the day,” he told High Times over Zoom. “About 72 percent humidity, and one-half-mile-per-hour coastal winds.”

As VP and GM, Franco also knows a thing or two about the importance of sustainability for cannabis producers, not to mention the somewhat poor example set by his direct competitors. Within a 20 miles radius from where Franco conducts this Zoom interview, there are about six to seven weed farms, he said, none of which respect the local flora and fauna as much as he does.

Franco’s farm covers some 361 acres. Next door is the forest, whose residents frequently hop, crawl or fly on over for a surprise visit. Every morning, Franco is greeted by sloths (aka the stoner’s spirit animal) that watch him work from the treetops. From 5 to 6 p.m. sharp, a family of porcupines can be found scuttling around the farm’s perimeter and—on a good day—playing with the guards stationed there.

Animals as Friends and Helpers

Franco has also been keeping track of the number of species of snake he’s encountered among the budding flowers. So far, he’s at seven. The species that seems to like his farm the best are the non-venomous but still pretty dangerous boa constrictor, which kills its prey by smothering it with its 10-foot-long body and populates the jungles of many South American countries.

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When Franco isn’t on the farm, he asks two environmental engineers stationed there to keep an eye out for the critters. Together, they keep a detailed list of the animals that visit the farm, along with the times at which they usually show up. Franco instructs his growers to be respectful towards the animals, as they are but guests in their world. He also knows that their wellbeing is intimately tied up with the success of Flora Growth’s farm.

“The only thing we want is to provide our customers with a natural, organic product,” Franco explains. “Something that’s actually from nature.” In order to do that, Franco and his growers have to make sure that their cannabis grows in a place that resembles the plant’s natural environment as closely as possible, with little to no interference from man and their tree-killing ways.

Nowadays, cannabis is often grown indoors, where cultivators become chemists, and gardens are turned into labs. Though Franco respects the art and science behind this kind of micromanagement, he doesn’t think it’s the best way to go. “When you grow indoors, you want to have control of everything. But, in doing so, you also take out the symbiotic interactions between the animals and the microbiology.”

At this point in the conversation, Franco made a circle with his index finger and asked me to guess how many microorganisms live in a piece of dirt no wider than an inch. The answer, he revealed, can lie anywhere between 10,000 and 30,000 of unique species, depending on the quality of the soil. Franco likened cannabis to wine in this regard; a fine wine isn’t prepared indoors, but grown in a vineyard under the French sun.

Cannabis is, at the end of the day, a crop and—like with any crop—many of its growers frequently use harmful pesticides to defend plants against unwanted intruders from the outside world. So, these growers guard their precious cargo with rodenticide and carbofuran, a teaspoon of which could take down a bear. To put this issue into perspective: more than 79 percent of dead fishers (a weasel-like animal) found in California during the last five years died after consuming pesticides from weed farms.

Not only is Flora Growth a pesticide-free enterprise, but the farm employs wildlife to keep the flowers safe from pests. Ladybugs (known to Spanish speakers as mariquitas) eat spider mites, which have been the undoing of many a cultivator. Franco calls these bugs his “greatest ally” and a sign that his plants’ glucose levels are where they’re supposed to be. Anteaters, which also roam the farm, eat—you guessed it—ants, making insecticides like Termidor and Taurus obsolete.

Without getting too pedantic, I feel like weed has always helped people become more in tune with Mother Nature. Think about the endless hours you’ve spent watching parades of clouds or nettled treetops blowing in the wind while enjoying a good spliff. It’s only fitting that the cannabis industry should strive to be as green as possible, and Flora Growth’s Franco is leading the way towards a future in which stoners and wildlife can live side-by-side: attracted by the same sweet smell of flower.

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Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion has been developing, upgrading, producing and selling Cannabis Seeds since 1987, making them one of the first Dutch Seed Companies. Through the years they have gained a lot of experience in developing, producing, and marketing premium quality Cannabis Seeds.

In 1998 Dutch Passion made a major breakthrough in Cannabis Seed Technology, through the development of “Feminized” Cannabis Seeds. Under the right growing conditions these “Feminized Seeds” give rise to only female plants. Also we are the only Cannabis Seed Company that gives THC and CBD percentages of most of their strains in their catalogue.

CBD Seed Labs is a family-run operation focused on one thing and one thing only, breeding premium high CBD / low THC feminized hemp seeds. We are passionate about developing premium hemp seeds and have over 60 years of combined experience breeding.

Located in a beautiful valley in Northern San Diego County, about 15 miles from the beach, our facility is subject to both a heavy coastal influence i.e. cold, wind, moisture, and desert inland influence ie. heat, aridity, low rainfall. Picture cool humid mornings, warm humid midday’s with hot and breezy afternoons until the coastal fog rolls back in the evening time to cool things down. Temperature ranges to low 100s in the middle summer and with frost possible from late October to early March. This unique and variable climate allows us to stress test our hemp cultivars for a myriad of climates across the world.

Because of our small size and our intense focus on hemp genetics, we are able to provide superior attention to detail and quality control. This results in seeds of greater feminization ratios and greater viability because we hand-selected hemp seeds from individual plants expressing the ideal traits. Because we don’t sell biomass or flower, we’re able to focus 100% of our energy on providing the best-feminized hemp seeds with the best genetics.

In the future, we are dedicated to developing our own highly strains using Cherry Blossom, ACDC, Mountain Mango as solid foundations to develop our genetics program. As we’re able to breed and stabilize our hybridized hemp cultivars will be focusing on plants that will be adaptable in a variety of climates and conditions especially focused on humidity-resistant cultivars, drought resistant/ drought tolerant cultivars for low water usage, and cultivars that will thrive under more tropical equatorial sunlight patterns. Eventually, we hope to craft multi-use hemp cultivars to be used for CBD production, terpene production, other cannabinoid production, pulp for paper, fiber, building materials, etc.

We are committed to making our hemp seeds available for everyone from backyard enthusiasts to industrial agricultural operations, with fair pricing, low MOQ’s and generous material transfer agreements.

Simply stated, We have the feminized hemp seeds you need to succeed and the knowledge to make sure you get there.