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critical skunk seeds

Critical Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Critical Skunk Strain

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Critical Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

If you smoke this strain outside, then it’s likely that you’re won’t taste much of anything, but if you manage to get into that sweet spot where the buds are rich with resin, then there is a hint of that spicy effect. Critical Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds have an earthy taste combined with some wood, making for an enticing mix. However, as you inhale, you will taste the hints of wood which goes well if you enjoy smoking weed or tobacco.

If you’re growing some of this weed, then it’s likely that the smell will stay in your grow room. This is due to how strong this strain smells while it’s growing because there are hints of diesel mixed with a skunk-like aroma which is very pungent. There are so many different scents you can get from the strain. But the best ones are earthy, woody, spicy, and musty smells that go hand in hand with the taste.

This strain is 20% Sativa, so it’s best to smoke this weed during the daytime. But it’s mainly an Indica with 80% dominance, which means you’ll feel its sedating effects throughout your body. The Indica side does kick in as the plant grows, as you will realize from the looks. The THC level is around 20%, which is indeed a high-quality strain. The low (<2%) rating means it’s not too high, but it should be enough to give you the psychoactive effects of being stoned.

Effects Of Our Critical Skunk Strain

Critical Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds are not for beginners because they might seem too powerful. This is especially true if you smoke too much of it because it can almost knock you out. Some people started to hallucinate after they over-smoked the stuff, so only heavy smokers should consider smoking this weed.

Fast Onset, peak, come down, and duration: It can take up to 1-2 hours before you start to notice these effects. Then once they kick in, they’ll hit you like a ton of bricks, and you’ll be locked onto the couch for hours. This is especially true if you over-smoked the weed. So keep that in mind before you dive into it without knowing.

If you’re looking to get your creative juices flowing, smoking some of this Skunk might be what you need. It brings out your creative side and will give you that burst of inspiration that you’ve been waiting for. This strain is definitely for those who want to write, paint or do anything creative.

This strain is great to use any time of the day because it will help you be motivated, happy, and ready to take on tasks. It provides users with overactive imaginations that could lead to some creative thoughts. Critical Skunk Seeds also tend to put people into excellent moods, which is why it’s so popular among musicians and artists looking for some inspiration.

Critical Skunk is perfect for people looking to treat their insomnia or just trying to fight off that bout of fatigue that you’ve been having. You’ll find yourself feeling relaxed, which makes it very easy to fall asleep. But once again, please note that this strain is very potent and can leave you feeling a little bit paranoid. Do not smoke if you haven’t had any sleep for more than 24 hours straight to avoid these feelings.

While this Critical Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds can put you in a better mood, it can also help improve appetite. If you have trouble eating but still wish to get something down, this might strain you, and it will give you food cravings without making your stomach feel sick, which is definitely.

How Does Critical Skunk Strain Grow?

If you’re a beginner grower, then Critical Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds will be a little bit harder to grow. You’ll need to learn more about proper growing techniques and how to take care of the plant properly it’s at the very least. Make sure you have some experience before trying out different strains for future reference.

This strain is straightforward to grow both indoors and outdoors. As long as you know what you’re doing, it should be no problem to use this plant. Outdoors, the plant grows pretty much medium to tall, so make sure that your growing area has lots of space. The yield can get pretty high, too, since this strain produces large buds.

The flowering times for this strain are pretty short compared to other strains, and they’ll only take around 7-8 weeks to be done with the whole growing process. Once they’re ready, you can just cut them down and dry them out.

The yields for Critical Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds are pretty impressive. When you grow it indoors, you can get a production of around 750 grams per meter squared, and that’s more than enough to keep yourself and your friends satisfied for months. Outdoors, the yield is even better with up to 700 gr/plant.

History of Critical Skunk Strain

Critical Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds are a cross between Skunk #1 and Afghani, so it’s also considered an Indica/Sativa hybrid. Regardless of what it is, the buds are just amazing, and you can’t help but fall in love with them.

Critical Skunk Regular Seeds – 18

Critical Skunk is 75% Skunk and 25% Afghan. It performs similarly to Critical Mass but has an improved flavour and a bit more sativa hit from the increased proportion of Skunk genetics.

Critical Skunk can be as high-yielding as Critical Mass especially if grown from cuttings from a favourite mother plant. Indoors flowering will take between 6 – 8 weeks depending on pheno-type and yields can be really impressive at 650 – 800 gr/m 2 when using cuttings. Northern hemisphere harvests outdoors will be in late September or early October with yields way above average in good conditions.

This plant delivers not only on yields but also on flavour. It is very Skunky with some pepper and licorice noticeable and is a plant that impresses end users as much as commercial growers. The effect is more physical than cerebral and is very relaxing. If you like Critical Mass then you’ll love Critical Skunk.