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cookies haze seeds

Cookies Haze

Haze Cookies is a feminized cannabis strain created by Kannabia from a cross of Afghan x Super Silver Haze, producing a Sativa-dominant plant with sweet and fruity aromas.

The fast, vigorous growth and elongated branches of Haze Cookies will mean growers will have to switch plants to flowering quickly to limit their final height, while the high resistance of this variety to insect pests and over-fertilisation makes it really easy to grow.

In indoor cannabis cultivation, Haze Cookies can be harvested after 56-60 days of flowering for a generous yield of 550-600g per m2. Outdoors, it is ready in early October and can reach 3 metres high when planted in the ground, forming large and very dense colas, which should be regularly checked if the growing area is wet and humid, conditions in which botrytis could develop within its compact flowers.

Once harvested, Haze Cookies has a fruity, sweet, candy-like scent, while its THC level of up to 25% will result in a euphoric and stimulating effect.

Cookies haze seeds

This is an obviously Sativa plant, with thin leaves, a slender appearance, and the form of a pine tree. It’s an enthusiastic grower so put it into flowering before the rest of your plants to keep it at 90 cm or 1 metre.

It has long internodal distance, with long branches. It is very easy to grow, being highly highly pest-resistant – especially to red spider mite – and not easy to over-fertilize

Outside this plant can become a real monster, easily exceeding three metres when sown directly in the earth. The buds are large and very dense, so keep an eye out for brotitis if growing in damp conditions.

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This strain has super high THC levels, up to 25%, which will guarantee you an intense, long lasting full-body high. Its flavour is delicious, sweet and fruity like gummy bears, its hit euphoric without being trippy, a happy buzz that’s great for creative day-time use.