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cookies and cream seeds

Cookies and cream seeds

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No milk required for these Cookies and Cream!

This delectable cultivar was conceived by crossing the illustrious Girl Scout Cookies with Starfighter.

As you might expect from the name – Cookies and Cream possesses a very sweet vanilla aroma that has a strong resemblance to Cookie Dough.

Thanks to its hybrid parentage, Cookies and Cream presents itself with a very well balanced effect that is uplifting and euphoric while bolstering creativity and relaxing the user.

Cookies and Cream matures in around 8 – 9 weeks of flowering producing up to 450g/m² of extremely potent flowers at up to 28% THC.

Cookies and Cream Fem

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Cookies and Cream Fem

Cookies and Cream has quickly become one of the USA’s must-have varieties. This is partly for the delicious, intensely enjoyable high which seems to last forever. And partly for the sweet, smooth taste of the variety. The genetics came from Starfighter and a special highly potent phenotype from the cookie family. The crossing retains the exceptional THC levels from the stable parent genetics. Best of all is the special creamy smooth flavor and feel to the variety. She is a unique top shelf variety with her own special appeal, taking around 9 weeks to bloom with generous yields. Once tasted, never forgotten!

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This is a stable strain that is worthy of winning cups it is that good I am surprised it has not yet. It is my family’s favorite strain. I don’t see that changing soon. Heck it was crossed with the starfighter strain what more needs to be said .