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Opinions on Ascension flower/lack of

Today I checked out the Pure Ohio Wellness menu and saw that they have a couple kinds of 1/10ths of Ascension shake. One is Chitral Sunset shake coming in at 21% for only $16 dollars. I actually got a half of Chitral Sunset shake in August and was surprised at its strength for only being 18.5%, so I trust their quality for shake (seedless and mostly stemless) and am glad to see it being this cheap.

My question though is, where are Ascension’s actual colas and buds going? Because I’ve never seen anything but their shake in Columbus and Springfield. Do they sell their actual bud somewhere else? Is it under a different name? Do they just buy and resell other cultivators shake? Orrrr, do they keep the best for themselves and just sell shake to help finance it? lol.

But seriously though. Anyone know?

great question. this is like the ohioMJ version of 'whats the deal with all the vcr repair stores that still exist'. or 'why is there 4 mattress stores on one corner'. lol

is their 'shake' just preground nuggets like cresco? maybe thats the most efficient way to sell flower when you aren't concerned about bag appeal

I would imagine they sell to processors to turn into distillate/other carts, but it would make more sense to sell the actual buds to patients and send the processors shake. Maybe they want to fill the bulk shake niche? Idk. Just spitballing here. Good question as I’ve never seen anything else but their shake on the menu

That would be my guess too but the strains they sell as shake I can’t recall seeing as concentrate.

I’ve seen 2.83 containers of flower from them a few times, but it seems rare. they’re likely having a lot of it processed

That is still shake though?

I've always seen it marketed as pre-ground flower and not shake. I'm sure a lot of it goes to processing but maybe they are grinding and sifting to eliminate seed issues or the bud itself doesn't look very good.

I know a patient who picked up a 1/2 oz. of their Shrieker pre-ground and she was happy with it.

That's my guess. Patients don't generally want buds full of seeds so if they had a grow accidentally hermie then maybe instead of taking a complete loss they ground it up and sifted out the seeds. Better to sell it at shake prices than not sell it at all.

I got 11 g container of chitral sunset ack in January from verilife. The buds weren’t the biggest but they weren’t small. The buds actually looked pretty decent, but they didn’t have a smell or taste and the majority had some hefty seeds. The effects were pretty good but I couldn’t bring myself to smoke more than a couple bowls before I turned it into edibles.

Great question, i’ve wondered this myself!

So ultimately it goes without saying that they are low key probably taking them home. Or low key paying bud trimmers with them. And yes I know the state keeps a close eye on things but I guarantee there are ways around it.

Side question, what is the allure of buying Shake anyway? I mean obviously it’s cheaper, but doesn’t it make more sense to get 2/10 of flower for 100 bucks, then a half ounce of shake? I’m just curious, asking the Shake buyers out there I genuinely am not sure what the draw of it is. Since you’re giving up flowers and getting leaf you would expect to get a much bigger discount than I see that’s why am asking

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I’ve only really bought shake in half’s when they are on sale, and honestly recently we’ve started to see more actual flower half’s go down in price and actually be available in general. That said the draw of buying a good batch of shake (I’ve tried two and 3 popcorns)without stems etc, is that you are getting 2.5x more flower. Often times ground flower is labeled as shake, but honestly of the shake I’ve bought it was good maintenance medicine that I kind of used as filler after hitting something better. Kind of like how some people think the best way to drink beer is have a nice one or first two, then buy the cheap shit because you won’t taste it anyways. Lol. So yeah, I mean the budlets,baby nugs, and more ground flower I’ve had has not tasted the greatest, but got the job done in being that second go to. And helps keep me from being high and dry without anything by letting me stretch my dollar. Hope that makes sense.

Chitral sunset seeds

2019 has left us a year full of new projects and what better to review the best. In general, we continue working on remodeling our catalog, more and more new regular cannabis seeds also feminized seeds designed to meet the needs of new producers. Read on to discover our new lines with genetics like Northern Lights #5 x Haze, Pre98 Bubba Kush, Sherbet Gelato, Sour Diesel, Pakistan Chitral Kush, Athina North Greek Landrace and others.

First Trimester: New feminized seeds

Firstly, during the first quarter of year and with the reproductions finished. We already had regular seeds of Athina North Greek Landrace P1 and Pre98 Bubba Kush x Sour Diesel F4, along with some hybrids. We were ready to test all the previous work done in the new feminized hybrids to better understand the genes and how they interact with each other.

New Bisho Purple – Feminized seeds

New edition of one of our best-selling classics in feminized seeds. Cross between our wonderful genetics Ciskei South African Highland and Pakistan Chitral Kush. In fact it’s our classic hybrid that works perfect in all types of climates, moreover has one of the best resistance to both pests and fungi.

  • Ciskei South African Highland
  • Pakistan Chitral Kush 2006
  • Bisho Purple
Durand’s Herald Kush – Feminized seeds

First time we have used our selected mother Old Afghan NLD to perform feminized, along with our already well-known Pakistan Chitral Kush. Allowing us to know better how it works and how it interacts with genes that we already know first hand. Finally, the result is a strain with classic aromas, and without a doubt, one of the best hybrids with PCK we have offered until date.

  • Durand’s Herald Kush plant
  • Durand’s Herald Kush
  • DHK close up
Biscuit Buster – Feminized seeds

After finishing the F4 reproduction of the Pre98 Bubba Kush x Sour Diesel hybrid, we really wanted to make a feminized version with our selected mother Black Sour. Taking advantage of the fact that our mother Pakistan Chitral Kush 2006 had reverted to make the feminized Bisho Purple, we made this new limited edition hybrid named Biscuit Buster.

  • Biscuit Buster plant
  • Biscuit Buster feminized seeds
  • Close up Biscuit Buster
Purple Nurple – Feminized seeds

Since we were selected our mother Malawi x Dancehall Mapetit is becoming one of our biggest challenges moreover one we most desire to offer you. After a resounding failure in the hybrid with the male Black Sour, the last hope was to make feminized seeds with her. For this purpose we chose our mother Pakistan purple already known and that we know provides stability in the offspring.

  • Purple Nurple plant
  • Purple Nurple bud
  • Close up Purple Nurple
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Second Trimester: New genes in the project

With the arrival of spring and good weather, and together that the reproduction of Northern Lights # 5 x Haze F4 went forward. It was the perfect time to look for new parents to work with.

Old Afghan x Athina North Greek Landrace – Freebie

When we conducted the study of Athina North Greek Landrace, we discovered that it was a line that required work and selection, because some specimens were very sensitive to hermaphroditism. For this reason we used the same male Athina who had already shown to be somewhat more stable with our best-known and stable landraces, in this case Pakistan Chitral Kush and Old Afghan NLD were chosen. And it was with the latter that we have seen some very interesting hybrids and with better resistance to hermaphroditism. Get these regular cannabis seeds for FREE when you buy your pack of Athina North Greek Landrace.

  • Old Afghan x Athina North Greek Landrace
  • Old Afghan x Athina F1
  • Close Up Old Afghan x Athina
Black Sour – Regular seeds

With the new catalog proposal in mind that we want to offer, our first choice fell on Black Sour. The new hybrid between Pre98 Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel that we were already working for some years and that had never been on sale yet. With the intention of evaluating the work done, a test of the offspring F2, F3 and F4 was made.

  • Black Sour plant
  • Black Sour bud
  • Close up Black Sour

Third Trimester: Sativa time

After last heats of summer comes the time we like most of the year, it is the time we choose for sativas. As for the reproductions, the choosed genetics have been Durban Poison 70’s, Nepal Highland and a very special one, Colombian Gold 1972, which you can already enjoy if you are a VIP member of our Club. They have been small reproductions to keep fresh stock and continue studying these pure strains. On the other hand, strains such as Double Congo, Zambian, NL#5Haze and some haze hybrids have been studied and in some specific case selected as new parental.

Double Congo – Regular seeds

Double Congo is one of the rarest pure strains of our VIP Club with the greatest potential, unfortunately it has always been the landrace strain that has had less stock. For these reasons our Congolese is very requested and demanded. Even with the intention of making a small reproduction, finally this was not possible. But yes, it left us one of the prettiest specimens.

  • Double Congo Landrace
  • Double Congo bud
  • Close up Double Congo
Northern Lights #5 x Haze ’90 – Regular seeds

As a result of our studies of hybrids of the decade of the 90s. One of our first proposals was the recovery of this hybrid of Northern Lights #5 x Haze developed by Nevil Schoenmakers in a more sativa version than we are used to seeing nowadays. As this beautiful specimen showed that was selected to be one of the mothers that will continue the line in its F5 version regular seeds that will be released during this year 2020.

  • NorthernLights#5xHaze’90s
  • NL#5xHaze’90s
  • Close up NL#5xHaze’90s
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After School Special – Regular seeds

As a result of our desire to discover new genetic interactions and to offer you new challenges in cultivation. We use our super male NL#5xHaze’90 to pollinate some of our best selected females, in this case our selected Black Sour. A strain that will not leave you indifferent and that outdoors has proven to be off-road withstanding heat waves and rains.

  • After School Special
  • ASS bud
  • Close up After School Special
Red Light Special – Regular seeds

We could not miss our most famous indica. Our Pakistan Chitral Kush 2006 also met closely the super male NL#5Haze’90. Resulting in an old school hybrid of classic incense and floral aromas that will transport you to the 90’s from the first puff.

  • Red Light Special
  • Red Light Special bud
  • Close up Red Light Special
Sherbet Gelato x NL#5xHaze – Freebies

If you belong to our VIP Club, you can obtain seeds of this strain buying any haze hybrid.

  • Sherbet Gelato x NL#5Haze
  • Sherbet Gelato x NL#5Haze
  • Close up Sherbet Gelato x NL#5Haze

Last Trimester: New hybrids

Finally, we arrived at the last quarter of the year and still had no clear our road map for this year 2020. We continue with the idea of making new feminized seeds to complete the catalog, but we were not sure which female to reverse for this purpose. We decidedly germinate the fastest hybrids that included genes from our famous Smooth Smoke F1, Sherbet Gelato and Black Sour.

LoveShake – Regular seeds

One of the most ambitious hybrids we have developed this past year. Starting from the selection of two very different females of Sherbet Gelato and making the hybrid with two very different males of Black Sour. Resulting in two versions of our LoveShake. First, the female with the most intense aroma along with the fastest male. And secondly, the female of creamy aroma but with very high concentration of THC along with the male of longer and sativa structure.

  • LoveShake
  • LoveShake bud
  • Close up LoveShake
Strawberry Savage – Regular Seeds

Strawberry Savage is a hybrid that was created as an intermediate step to select new parents to be used in the project, but that has gradually gained a place in our crops. Hybrid between our well-known mother Smooth Smoke F1 selected by Aeritos in 2007 and a super vigorous male of Ciskei x Black Sour – Sativa genotype. We have selected this female that we show you that has undoubtedly caught our attention. Take this unique opportunity to get this strain at our VIP Club.

  • Strawberry Savage
  • Strawberry Savage bud
  • Close up Strawberry Savage
Dandy Dance – Discontinued strain

Unfortunately, we need to pay tribute to the strains that are no longer available and which, as is the case as our Dandy Dance and Heaven’s Gate, due to the breeder’s disease, can no longer be reproduced. Although this makes us very sad, what better tribute than a great selection like this one that we show you with an incredible aroma of bubble gum of Melon and Peach.

  • Dandy Dance melon cut
  • Dandy Dance
  • Close up Dandy Dance


In summary, this 2019 has been a year full of challenges and new opportunities to continue growing and help other professionals to grow. Thank you very much for reading until here and our Road Map 2020 Tropical Seeds Co is available now, we hope it will surprise you!