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Chiquita Banana Seeds | Chiquita Banana Feminized Seeds

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Feminized Chiquita Banana Seeds

Our feminized Chiquita Banana Seeds is a very popular strain amongst our customers. Although they’re rare in nature, they’re worth it since they have a whopping 29% THC content. This wonderful strain is 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. These have one of the highest THC levels of most marijuana seeds.

It boasts of superior parentage due to a fruit cross between Banana and OG Kush. The result is a strain with an adequately-balanced flavour with a long-lasting psychoactive experience.

Deriving its name from the naturally existing Banana Strain, this fruity bud is best enjoyed during late afternoons, to give it enough time to sedate you into the night.

Feminized Chiquita Banana Seeds is among the most potent species in the marijuana sector. If you are determined to get a hold of this designer species, you can enjoy the size and production of our exotic plant.

Effects of Feminized Chiquita Banana Marijuana

Our Chiquita Banana seeds will develop into a strong cannabis plant. Sporting a high THC content, the experience of this weed can overpower even experienced MJ (marijuana) users.

This strain is the ideal mood motivator and offers energetic effects, due to its Sativa dominance properties. You’ll feel creative and inspired after smoking the Chiquita Banana plant.

In addition, it has a distinct fruity aroma accompanied by an inviting tropical fragrance and hints of floral earth tones. Several users also report hints of sugar, petals, citrus scents that are alluring and fresh.

Featuring a full-bodied taste, Chiquita Banana Seeds have an overwhelming sweet flavour upon the first state complemented by notes of candy fruit and a hint of earth notes in the aftertaste.

How does Feminized Chiquita Banana Marijuana Grow?

Feminized Chiquita Banana Seeds become THC-rich plants with a 0.5% CBD content. They’re 60 per cent Sativa and grow well in arid, temperate and Mediterranean climates. You can also apply SOG (sea of green) and SCROG (Screen of Green) growing methods on these seeds.

It’s easy to cultivate our Chiquita Banana since they are highly mold tolerant and have a short flowering time (56-70 days). When grown indoors, they can grow up to 120cm tall and yield 400 grams/ meter square. They also require trimming when fostered indoors due to their sativa leanings. Outdoor growing enables it to reach heights of between 130-160cm with yields of 800-900 grams/ m2. However, they require a hot and wet climate when nourished outdoors.

Chiquita Banana feminized seeds

Chiquita Banana feminized seeds grow into a plant with 50% indica and 50% sativa properties. Chiquita Banana has been derived from: OG Kush x Banana. The grow difficulty of the plant is beginner, has a high mold resistance, this strain can be grown indoors as well as outdoors and has a flowering time of 56 to 70 days. Chiquita Banana feminized seeds are well suited for the SOG and ScrOG growing methods. Indoors, the plant will reach a height of 90 and 120 cm and yields up to 400 gram per m². Growing outdoors, the plant height lies between 130 and 160 cm and will yield 400 to 600 gram per plant.

The weed has the following flavors: sweet, banana, earthy, tropical and the effects can best be described as: creative, euphoric, happy, relaxed, focused.

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About this strain

Chiquita Banana by Utoptia Farms takes the Banana OG cut to the next level. A cross between parent strains OG Kush and Banana, Chiquita Banana leads with a potent heady sizzle (likely brought on by the enormous quantity of THC) which then melds into a Kush-esque body buzz that is relaxing but not sedative. These Kush effects continue to gain potency over time, “creeping” over the body. This powerful hybrid is an outstanding option for patients struggling to hurdle their tolerance barrier, and its effects are also well-suited for those suffering from chronic pain or nausea.

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