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cheap autoflowering cannabis seeds usa

Autoflowering Seeds The best autoflowering seeds USA deliver premium results, super quick!

Autoflowering Seeds From United Strains Of America – Order Auto Weed Seeds

Choose autoflowering cannabis seeds to grow and harvest your buds in as little as 10 weeks! Producing hardy plants which do not conform to traditional lighting cues, autos blossom all year round and provide multiple growing opportunities.

Amnesia Haze Auto

A hybrid diverse genetic base

Blueberry Auto

A souped-up version of feminized seeds

CBD White Widow Autoflower

A dazzling plant with huge medicinal potential.


A one-hit wonder

Bubblegum Auto

A popular strain with a well-balanced traits

Bubba Kush Auto

A tranquilizer in blunt form

Ginger Ninja Auto

You won’t know what hit you

Goldleaf Auto

A touch of luxury in every puff

Gorilla Glue #4 Auto

Guaranteed to get the monkey off your back.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto

A hybrid from crossing two illustrious strains

Jack Herer Auto

A remarkable strain consumption and cultivation

Northern Lights Auto

The best Indica hybrid of all time

OG Kush Auto

A classic versatile strain

Pine Autoflower

Enjoy a walk through the forest.

Purple Kush Auto

Blast the blues away with this violet-hued bud

Sour Diesel Auto

A hard-hitting strain

Super Silver Haze Auto

Super-quick harvests of supercharged sativa bud

Super Skunk Auto

An Indica progeny

White Widow Auto

A top-quality strain for decades

Zkitllez Auto

Za’ taste of the rainbow

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  2. Hybrid (14)
  3. Mostly Sativa (3)
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  5. Heavy (3)More
  1. Low (1)
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  3. High (13)
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  3. Medium (1)
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  3. Tall (4)
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  3. 10-12 Weeks (8)
  1. All Year (18)
  2. October (2)
  1. Calming (2)
  2. Creative (6)
  3. Energetic (7)
  4. Euphoric (17)
  5. Focused (7)
  6. Happy (11)
  7. Hungry (4)
  8. Relaxed (18)
  9. Sleepy (12)
  10. Talkative (1)
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  2. Blueberry (1)
  3. Chocolate (1)
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  8. Flowery (1)
  9. Grape (2)
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  11. Honey (1)
  12. Lemon (6)
  13. Pepper (2)
  14. Pine (8)
  15. Plum (1)
  16. Pungent (7)
  17. Sage (1)
  18. Skunk (4)
  19. Spicy (2)
  20. Sweet (8)
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If you are looking for a fast-growing, user-friendly type of cannabis plant then look no further than our range of autoflowering cannabis seeds. Guaranteed to produce a respectable yield in a short space of time (typically a vegetative period of just 2-4 weeks), autoflowering seeds can be sewn year round for multiple harvests and an overall bumper yield.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are created by weaving light-independent traits into the biological make-up of a photoperiod cannabis plant.

Here at United Strains of America we offer autoflowering varieties of some of the most popular strains from around the world. Working with carefully-selected, professional breeders who cross strains with the hardy, highly-stable native cannabis ruderalis, offspring retain the best characteristics of individual strains but enjoy the significantly shorter growing time of their native parent.


Opting to grow autoflowering seeds comes with some distinct advantages over growing regular, feminized or fast-version weed seeds. Here are a few advantages of buying autoflowering seeds from United Strains of America:

High yield, short grow time: on a plant-for-plant basis, ‘autos’ (weed from autoflowering seeds) cannot match the production of ‘photos’ (weed grown to a traditional light-dark cycle). However, the fast-growing characteristics of autos mean you can grow several batches through the year, exponentially increasing your annual yield!

Beginner-friendly: a short grow time equals a less labor-intensive cultivation. Autoflowering seeds are a great choice for beginner growers because they make for a less complex grow with fewer chances of stress or injury to plants.

Simple lighting schedules: unlike other types of cannabis seeds, autos do not require a complex lighting schedule. Autos will follow a single schedule to maturity (usually 18/6) when you simply switch to a suitable lamp for the flowering stage.

Small is beautiful: one of the defining characteristics of autos are their compact stature. With most plants not even reaching 2 feet (23 inches), they are ideal for growing far from prying eyes in small spaces, such as grow cabinets.

Higher CBD levels: developed from the wild-growing cannabis ruderalis, autos contain slightly higher CBD levels than other types of cannabis. For growers and smokers who prefer a more lucid high or want weed for medicinal purposes, autos make a good choice.

Bumper buds: maturing rapidly, with a compact structure and short lifespan, an auto plant can only produce a small crop. However, harvesting several times a year transforms a small yield (100-250 grams of buds per plant) into a bumper crop of up to four times that amount. This far exceeds the estimated yield of a photoperiod plant.


Here at United Strains of America we know there are some best practices to get the most out of your autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Best-known for user-friendly growing and harvesting, autos pretty much look after themselves. However, there are some top tips for getting the most out of your seeds.

For great results, follow these top tips:

1. To get the most from your plants and discourage mold and disease, create a growing environment where the temperature ranges between 68-86°F and the humidity is no more than 40-50%.

2. Avoid high-stress training methods and injury to plants. Autos struggle to recover from stress and injury, more so than other types of weed plants, resulting in a poor yield. However, low-stress training (LST) techniques can be used carefully and sparingly to improve auto yields.

3. The small stature and hardy nature of autos means they require less nutrition than other types of weed plants – take not to overfeed!

4. Take a considered approach to harvesting by removing the top colas first. This allows the lower, less developed buds to enjoy some more light and to mature fully before you harvest them.

Want to know more? Visit the United Strains of America grow advice site and access our comprehensive growing guide. With step-by-step guidance on getting the best out of your grow – from germination to post-processing – it’s the essential weed growing guide.


You can buy cannabis seeds from walk-in dispensaries or online; whichever you opt for, make sure they are reputable retailers with a good track record of producing high-quality seeds.

United Strains of America is a 100% online retailer and our customers love the convenience, choice and accessibility it gives them. We pride ourselves on offering the very best autoflowering cannabis seeds, the product of careful breeding and years of development by our highly-experienced breeders.

Each and every auto strain in our catalogue is the result of a strict program of development. It sometimes takes several generations to arrive at the reliable genetics and great strain traits our customers expect but we’re committed to only offering the best autoflowering seeds.

As a trusted online retailer United Strains of America places a wide selection of autoflowering cannabis seeds at your fingertips – we like to think we have a strain to suit every type of grower. With a clear and simple buying process and comprehensive aftercare, helping you with your weed growing adventure is our top priority.

Buying online from United Strains of America couldn’t be easier. To place an order, all you need is a US postal address and access to one of our payment methods.

Growers can choose from a variety of strains in packs of 5, 10, 15 and 25 cannabis seeds. We’re constantly updating our catalogue but if you can’t find a strain, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Bulk or wholesale auto seed order? We can do that! Just fill out the wholesale inquiry form to order up to 50,000 seeds of any strain from available stock.

Still have questions about your purchase? Reach out to our team on +1 (619) 374-9001 or by using the ticket submission section in the bottom right of your screen.


Autoflower seeds will automatically flower with age, regardless of the light cycle. Thanks to exciting new autoflower genetics and unique hybrid autoflower strains, it is now possible to grow multiple harvests in a single growing season. From seed to harvest, auto flower strains typically take about 8 to 10 weeks to mature, while some sativa hybrids can take up to 12 weeks. With these expedited harvest times, it’s no surprise that feminized autoflowering seeds have gained such popularity among cannabis growing enthusiasts.

Autoflower Seeds for Sale

Autoflowering seeds are modern cannabis hybrids of the Ruderalis species of Cannabis plants. Autoflower strains transition from the vegetative growth stage in to the blooming stage automatically. This tends to occur four to six weeks from planting the seeds. Many auto flower seed strains will be ready to harvest in less than 10 weeks from seed.

Autoflower weed seeds grow well indoors and out, and come in both feminized auto and regular auto flowering varieties. Feminized Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds are specifically bred to become all female with no production of males, while regular autoflower marijuana seeds will produce 50/50 male to female ratio.

Autoflower Weed Seeds

Like most plants, Cannabis regulates its growth cycles according to the amount of daylight it receives. As the days get shorter, the plants acknowledge their need to propagate before winter arrives. This forces the plants to mature and develop their reproductive organs in the hopes of making seeds for future offspring. That is how photoperiod flowering marijuana strains work. However, Autoflowering varieties are different.

What are Autoflower Cannabis Seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis plants follow a measured timeline for their entire duration of growth. As soon as the seeds germinate, they adhere to a strict schedule pre-designed by genetics. The plants develop based on maturity instead of photoperiod. Autoflower strains began with the Ruderalis subspecies. Ruderalis differs from Sativa and Indica plants in that they are low profile sized plants that will enter and complete the flowering phase regardless of available daylight hours. Ruderalis grows wild between Eastern Europe and Central Asia, with a high distribution in Russia.

Modern Autoflowering strains are hybrids of Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis genetics. Breeders carefully select phenotypes that adhere to the auto-flowering criteria. The cannabis marketplace has seen a dramatic upsurge of Autoflowering strains due to significant quality increases. Autoflower strains commonly grow from 12-24 inches (30 to 60cm) tall and yield about 0.5 – 2 oz/plant. Most Autoflowers will go from seed to harvest in 8-10 weeks, considerably faster than standard indica or sativa varieties.

Why Use Autoflower Seeds?

Autoflower marijuana strains are easy to grow, faster to flower, and tend to tolerate harsh weather and pests better. Commercial and small-scale growers can both appreciate the benefits of producing fast-growing crops of forgiving plants. Growers often choose Autoflower strains because they can achieve more harvests per season and also because the autos are well suited for perpetual harvest growing. Another distinct trait of Autoflowering plants is that they remain low profile and thus are a good option for stealth growing outside or in indoor gardens with limited vertical grow space.

How to Grow Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower Cannabis seeds start the same way as all cannabis seeds. We recommend following the How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds article. After the seeds have successfully sprouted, you can prepare your pots. Because auto-flowering strains do not easily tolerate transplanting, the Air Pruning method is advised to help to manage the roots if you are planning to eventually transplant them outside. Once the taproot reaches the bottom of the container, it will signal flowering for the plant. The Air Pruning method helps keep the roots from making that connection and makes it easier to transplant outdoors.

For indoor gardens, it’s best to use the same container you wish to flower in for the whole growth cycle. You can prepare the flowering pot by placing about 1 inch of damp coconut fiber and perlite in the bottom of the container. This combination helps to air prune the roots and ensure a healthy rhizosphere. You can then fill the pots with your substrate. Generally, a lighter and more airy substrate is best for autoflower strains. Before placing the germinated seeds in the soil, a light sprinkling of root inoculant or stimulant can be used to help provide a rich medium for root growth. Then carefully place the germinated seeds into the soil. Cover them with a light layer of substrate and gently hand water. Take care not to overwater them.

Best Autoflower Seed Bank USA

Autoflower plants tend to become stressed from overwatering much faster than photoperiod flowering strains. It’s best to let the soil dry out between waterings instead of feeding them when they are still damp. Pick up the plants to feel the weight of the pots in order to judge how much water may still be present. Or stick your finger into the soil to feel how dry it is. Another way is to watch the Turgor Pressure of the plants. When they start to slouch it means that the cells lack water and the plants are ready for another feeding.

For indoor gardens, Autos will flower under anywhere from 12-18 hours of light. You can adjust this schedule according to the needs of other plants in your garden at the time. Most autoflower varieties will finish flowering after 10 weeks from showing their first true leaves. Auto strains do not handle topping or training well. It’s best just to let them grow vertically. Pay attention to the trichome development like with traditional strains. Often the main cola will finish before the side branches so you can progressively harvest as the buds develop. Some auto strains with more Sativa genetics can take longer to ripen than Indica or pure Ruderalis ones.


In this section you will find our favorite low-cost automatic varieties, cheap and top quality autoflowering marijuana seeds, all from the most reputed banks.

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1 to 25 seeds packs


1 to 25 seeds packs


1 to 25 seeds packs


1 to 25 seeds packs


4 to 25 seeds packs


4 to 25 seeds packs


4 to 25 seeds packs


4 to 25 seeds packs


1 to 7 seeds packs


4 to 25 seeds packs



The price of marijuana strains is many times quite high. Thus and in this section we have selected from ourcatalog all cheap automatic marijuana strains. Here you can buy autoflowering Cannabis seeds from recognized banks at great prices.

To buy cheap autoflowering seeds in this shop keep going down to see all the selections we have made for you. Click on the following link if you are looking for cheap feminized seeds.

Only +18. We do not sell cannabis seeds to any customers who we suspect intend to use them to cultivate cannabis in a country where it is illegal to do so. Cannabis seeds are sold only strictly as souvenirs or collectibles and they are illegal to germinate in most countries. CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All texts are registered in Safe Creative.

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