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cbd rich cannabis seeds

Rich CBD

At ACE Seeds we are aware of the beneficial medicinal potential of the strains rich in CBD (cannabidiol). Almost all commercial varieties of high CBD content are based on the same genetic family, so at ACE Seeds we believe it was important to find new CBD genetic sources. As a result of our research in this field, we now offer 2 CBD-rich families not related to the rest of the CBD-rich strains on the market: a Lebanese sativa and the ErdPurt afghan, which will help to improve the lack of genetic diversity that CBD rich strains currently suffer.

Properties of CBD-rich Cannabis

Our friends over at Dinafem seed bank have written an extremely interesting article on the properties of CBD-rich cannabis so that we can all learn a bit more about this cannabinoid and its benefits. They also talk a little about their seed selection process in order to offer their customers trustworthy and quality seeds. This is their article:

Medicinal properties of CBD-rich Cannabis

More and more people in the scientific community are raising their voices on the subject of cannabinoids and the incredible power of medicinal marihuana. The substance that is now changing our traditional view of marihuana is CBD, a cannabinoid present in some cannabis strains that effectively neutralizes the psychoactive effect produced by THC, as well as possessing many therapeutic values. Alongside THC, CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, represents around 40% of the total amount of cannabinoids in these plants.

CBD interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system (the natural CB1 and CB2 receptors), activating and stimulating the body’s natural response against pain, anxiety and stress. The CB1 receptor is found in the central nervous system in a region that’s implicated in the brain’s cognitive functions like memory, anxiety, pain, visual perception etc. CB2 is found in the speen and immune system cells. Thanks to this interaction process, Cannabidiol can give the body many benefits among which are; reducing nausea and vomiting, treating psychosis, trating and preventing neurodegenerative illnesses… the list goes on.

As well as having therapeutic properties, CBD counteracts THC’s psychoactivity. This is why seeds that are high in CBD are perfect for those that don’t wish to experience any of the secondary effects that THC causes; this could be both medicinal and recreational users. Medicinal users generally look for specific strains that can help them deal with their cannabis healthcare without making them stoned, and some recreational smokers prefer to be able to smoke a joint and still go about their daily business.

For medicinal uses, CBD is not the only important element; they also need to know that the strains are stable and that they are guaranteed that what they’re consuming is within a certain guideline. This is why banks like Dinafem Seeds have invested a lot in research and development so that they can launch a complete collection of CBD rich seeds to the market, keeping up with quality and stability guidelines.

They first go through a meticulous selection process in which the highest rating CBD strains are picked, as long as they also have optimal genetic qualities. They analyze the DNA of each chosen strain so that they can tell the exact quantity of cannabinoids in each plant, figuring out which ones are simply better than others due to their genes.

Once they’ve created the perfect CBD strain, they then cross it with a strain that’s loved worldwide due to its amazing characteristics. The hybrids from this cross are amazing strains that are high in CBD, combining aspect from both its parents (flavor, speed, yield etc. with CBD).
Some seeds that are special are Amnesia CBD, Bubba Kush CBD, or Cheese CBD, which offer a more manageable alternative for medicinal users with the same flavors and aromas as the original strains. If you want to learn more about the best high-CBD strains, don’t miss out on this article. Happy growing!