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Al Capone OG Cannabis Seeds

Al Capone OG Cannabis Seeds from Dankonomics Genetics

The Ghost OG aka the Josh D OG aka 1992 Florida OG, the original OG Kush that spawned all the others that are still very popular all over the world. Well grown Ghost is hard to beat. With Stardawg #2 the lemon fuelly Skunk side comes through and just amplifies the intense Ghost high. The bud flies off the shelves in Colorado and will for you as well, but she isn’t the easiest to grow strain. Work with her. Extra cal/mag are needed and sometimes silica too. Once mastered there isn’t much you will want to grow besides her though.

Al Capone OG Lineage: Ghost OG aka 92 Florida OG Kush x Stardawg #2 Type: Sativa/indica 40/60 Flower time: 8 – 10 weeks Yields: OK to heavy Smell: Deep musty funky lemony OG Kush to fuelly Chemdog Skunk. Flavor: Coat your mouth lemon fuelly funk High: very strong.

Al Capone F2 & outcrosses

If you love OG, if you love Chem, or Alien, weve got your perfect hybrid all rolled into one!! Al Capone has everything youd want, Flavor, Strength, Bag appeal, you fin an amazing kush/OG flavor with a nice power Chem like high, with a nice Alien exhale!! One of the greatest melodies of combinations you could stumble across, fairly uniform within the F2 population you will find 2 major pheno types with some variants inbetween, with outliers showing vigor and an abundance of resin and nearly cereal like terps!!

If your looking for something to bring the terps with a male line, look no further, Al is going to bring that Chem strength to the high, and almost cereal like terps to anything you cross him to, be on the look out for packs, they are still around, dont sleep on these, the females are some of the terpiest in the room!!

here is a few pictures,
2 Al Capone F2
2 GinCake (IceCreakCake x Al Capone F2)


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