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cannabis time lapse from seed

ScrOG: Getting More From Fewer Plants – Time-Lapse Videos

In this age of rapidly-spreading cannabis reform, an increasing number of people can legally grow their own marijuana. Most of the regulations regarding home growing limit growers by the number of plants they are allowed to grow. For growers looking to really maximize their yield, the Screen Of Green (ScrOg) technique allows for heavy harvests from few bushy plants.

The ScrOG technique requires a screen, usually made with string or netting. As the plants grow, taller branches are bent outward and placed through the screen. Branches are adjusted this way until a nice, full canopy develops at an even level, then flowering is induced. This technique is great for small or large plants and spaces, and I highly recommend it for patients that require a lot of medicine.

A small grow tent or cabinet with 2 or 3 plants and basic equipment should provide all the medicine a patient needs.

I found these time-lapse videos in an article on GrowWeedEasy, and they are an excellent demonstration of the ScrOG technique in action. Two plants are grown in a grow tent equipped with a plastic screen.

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