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cannabis strain seeds purple pineapple

Cannabis strain seeds purple pineapple

This is probably the most underrated cannabis strain in existence. The high is controlled, non-paranoic, and exceptionally active. You will want to clean your house, then wash every car on the block. This is a get things done strain to say the least. This strain is a complete motivator, it will make laziness a thing of the past. Wonderful to play music with, wonderful socially as it is very invigorating, and engaging. You will be talkative and receptive to everything. The biggest hidden gem of this strain – THC-V . This will keep your appetite the same as when you are straight. You will NOT eat everything in site. The typical "Boy Eats World" will not happen with this strain. It is a remarkable strain and in my book in the top 5 Most Righteous Weed Stains available. I cook exclusively with this and it's the Bees-Knees . it's tight buds and wonderful deep purple colour will be the eye candy that turns into attitude candy. The most friendly strain on the planet. It can make your loins active as well. A most natural viagra. It does it all

Pineapple Express Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Pineapple Express Strain

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Pineapple Express Strain

Our Pineapple Express Strain is the most popular marijuana plant in the world. From the big screen in Hollywood, to the top favorite among many growers, Pineapple Express is here to stay. This strain is a well balanced Sativa Hybrid weighing in at 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. The fragrance and flavor is a perfect tropical blend that hits you right way. However be careful as this is not a beginners smoke, the Pineapple Express Strain is packed with 23% of THC. The heritage of this product is a cross of selected skunks along with Big Bud to create this multiple award winning Sativa Hybrid. In addition, to popularity and THC, Pineapple Express is covered in massive and heavy buds providing the best flavor on the cannabis seed market. High quality, fast flowering, and great yields, we highly recommend adding this strain to all seed collections.

Effects of Pineapple Express

The effects of the Pineapple Express is on top of all Sativa Hybrid strains. This marijuana plant heals both mind and body without leaving you feeling foggy or energy less. Many users of our Pineapple Express have noted to feel full of life, cheerful, bright, and bubbly energy. This product may only have 1% CBD, however it will help you manage stress, chronic pain, and depression. The effects of the Pineapple Express Strain are powerful, and will lead to a great balance of cerebral and mental clarity.

How does Pineapple Express Grow?

Pineapple Express is naturally resistant to common diseases and molds. This makes it a perfect strain for all beginners to start with. Now just because it is easy for beginners to grow, many top weed farmers love cultivating and adding this Cannabis Seed to their mix. When you are growing Pineapple Express patience is key. Flowering time can be seen at 7 to 9 weeks however the rewards of your yields will be 500 grams indoors and outdoors. The height varies depending if you are growing indoors or outdoors. The plant is tall, and if you are growing indoors the height will be 100 to 130 cm, and outdoors will be 130 to 170 cm.

One important item to mention is that Pineapple Express reacts very well to a hydroponic system. For many that do not know, Hydroponic growing is when you are not using any soil and only using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. In summary, our Pineapple Express Strain is great for all levels in growing. The yields are high, the taste is great, and the THC is of one of the best.

purple pineapple express

purple pineapple express This sensational sativa-dominant hybrid is a legend for a reason. With its delicious flavour and top potency, she’s hard to resist! Even before the famous movie of the same name, this strain had widespread recognition. In fact, this strain was huge in the Netherlands for half a decade before the movie came out. If it’s good enough for the dank Dutch tokers, it’s a winner in our books!

Pineapple Express is a cross between parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. Breeders at Barney’s Farm are to thank for this potent powerhouse. It supplies a sweet and smooth smoke that will transport you to paradise in more ways than one!

purple pineapple express Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Pineapple Express is as pretty as it is potent! This hybrid has olive-coloured, rock-shaped buds. They almost look like small, decorated Christmas trees. Upon closer inspection, you can see pretty pops of purple and bright orange hairs poking out.

True to its name, this strain has a distinctly delicious aroma! Pineapple Express has a very noticeable scent that’s hard to hide. So, if you want to hide your high, you might want to take extra precautions. Puff on this flower in an open space with lots of circulation! This dank bud has a unique earthy yet fruity mouthwatering smell. It’s sure to entice and invigorate your senses! Pineapple Express reps the pineapple scent from its Hawaiian heritage with pride.

Keeping up with the pineapple theme, unsurprisingly, this flower tastes as it smells. But we’re not complaining! This strain has a cedar and pine flavour to it, mixed with a sweet tropical taste. Some users state that Pineapple Express leaves a faint sugary aftertaste. This lingering flavour tastes like sweet mango and, of course, pineapple! This strain is truly a taste of the tropics!

The Pineapple Express high is sure to put some pep in your step! You’ll feel an overwhelming happy feeling creep up on you that will put a big smile on your face. This euphoria and uplifted mood will also come with a boost of energy and have you ready to conquer the world! Pineapple Express is also known to make users feel focused and creative. So, if you’re experiencing some creative block, this dank bud has got you covered! This strain will have you feeling mellow and relaxed without putting you to sleep. These qualities make for fantastic for daytime seshes. It’s also known to incite a contagious case of the giggles! It also makes tokers feel extra talkative. In this way, Pineapple Express is a fantastic social strain.

On top of its recreational uses, Pineapple Express also has multiple medical benefits. Its feel-good effects are great for symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety. The energy boost also helps fight fatigue. This strain can also treat mild pain and inflammation.

purple pineapple express Medical Benefits

Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue, Pain, Inflammation, Migraine, Muscle Tightness