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Amsterdam Genetics – Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a strongly psychedelic hybrid thanks to a well-balanced lineage of parent plants. This strain is still widely regarded as one of the finest smokes Amsterdam has to offer. With its telltale interplay of taste and aroma: a spicy touch of herbs embodying sweet subtle hints of fruit.

This sativa-dominant hybrid produces huge and heavy buds in a 9-weeks timeframe. Each one covered in a thick layer of large, silvery THC-packed crystals. The genetics underpinning this haze strain have harvested international awards ever since the nineties, and juries worldwide have had good reason to keep recognizing its greatness.

Super Silver Haze is an all-round world heavyweight champion, thanks to a short flowering period for a sativa-dominant strain, a grand high and overall spectacular results!

Super Silver Haze Cannabis Seeds

Super Silver Haze Cannabis Seeds from Seed City Seeds

The Super Silver Haze marijuana strain is a feminised seed that’s a delicate hybrid of Skunk No.1, Haze, and the Northern Lights. She’s a Sativa dominant cannabis strain that has won High Times Cannabis Cup Amsterdam in 1999 and 1997. The Super Silver Haze is genuinely an old beauty as she exhibits lush emerald green leaves coated in a delicate layer of sugary trichomes. Indoors, the Super Silver Haze has a flowering time averaging at 9 to 11 weeks. According to online forum users, she requires a warm equatorial climate with sufficient fertilizer and water. Overall, the Super Silver Haze cannabis strain produces long plants and thick-juicy buds, which is always a bonus to cannabis cultivators.

Online forum users expect nothing but the best high from this delicious cannabis strain. Super Silver Haze reportedly harbours an energizing and uplifting effect, that starts off slow, but then moves to a sudden sharp sense of focus, and energy towards a task at hand. Gradually, the mind may succumb to creativity and euphoria that’s both uplifting and relaxing. She is reportedly the perfect cannabis strain for those looking for stress relief.

Super Silver Haze has a sweet and herbal flavor. The Super Silver Haze has a truly well-rounded taste with subtle citrus, cinnamon spice, and earth notes. Her aroma is nothing more than a sweet perfume that’s neither overwhelming nor pungent. The fragrance emitted is a subtle earthy aroma with spice, skunk, musk, and diesel.

The Super Silver Haze provides a dynamic flavor profile and a long-lasting, delightful high, making her a must-have amongst cannabis connoisseurs.