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cannabis seeds review

Marijuana Seed Price Comparison And Seed Banks Review

Cannabis Owl is the wise place to come for all Marijuana Seed information. Search the database for seeds from all over the world from the best seed banks, shops and producers.
Looking for a rare strain from the UK? Looking for an easy growing high yielding Indica? Need to find a medical strain for chronic pain relief? A pure landrace? Look no further you can find links to the right supplier for anything you are looking for right here!

Cannabisowl search results

Here you will find great Indica strains that will be a typically shorter and faster growing plant but slightly wider than a Sativa, these originated from the Middle East in places such as Turkey, Morroco and Afghanistan. These are more suitable for growing indoors because they dont grow so tall as Sativa’s that can reach up to 25ft! The smoke produced by the India varieties that you can find on Cannabis Owl give you a strong physical high that give you a ‘stoned’ affect and the stronger strains can give you the commonly refered to ‘couch lock’ leaving you fully relaxed and sleep so these are good for insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression as well as chronic pain and muscle spasms. Here you will find Indica’s that have the well know strong, sweet or sour flavour.

Rare marijuana Strains you can find only on cannabisowl

On Cannabis Owl you will also find the best Sativa strains that are a taller slower grow, so more suited for outdoor growing, with a more narrow leaf and a more leggy spindly looking plant that usually have a higher yield, originating from near the equator such as Columbia, Mexico, Thailand and South Asia. The Sativa hybrids will give you a smoke that will give you a more cerebral high, and a euphoric energetic lift, so well suited to balance the bodily effects of an Indica in strains that have both, or alone, where they can be a great daytime smoke to pick you up, make you want to do something creative and in social activities. So the Sativa’s are great strains to use for depression, anxiety and stress as your cares will float away and you will be on a happy high ready for anything! Sativa’s usually have an earthier taste, such as pine.

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Rare marijuana Strains you can find only on cannabisowl

Mix strains of marijuana can be found in plenty here, with all the popular strains that have both Indica and Sativa so you can find an Indica that is taller or a Sativa that is shorter, and wonderful varieties that have a mix of sour and sweet, earthy and fruity, at Cannabis Owl you will find them all!
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