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5 Best Outdoor Strains For New England Growing!

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Many of us believe that growing cannabis is probably nearly impossible in the New England/Northeast area of the US, but is it really? While you do need to understand the basics of growing, such as choosing the right soil and learning to properly care for the plants, that isn’t all that you need to know. The climate is a bit different and slightly more difficult to grow in due to cooler temperatures and less time to grow, but you can still grow some very successful strains! Let’s talk about a few of those. We’ve got the five best strains that you can grow in New England.

And the Best Outdoor Strains For New England Are…

Let’s get a summary of each one of the strains.

Table of Contents

1. Super Skunk

Super Skunk is a hybrid strain of Afghani and Skunk No. 1 that was created in the 1990s. The growers wanted to breed a strain that had 60% sativa/40% indica split, and they absolutely nailed it. While the plant is extremely pungent, making some think there’s a dead something nearby, the flavor profile is nice. Super Skunk has an earthy, but sweet flavor. Super Skunk is one of the best outdoor strains because of its ability to endure cold weather and disease.

This strain is most commonly used for pain relief, and may leave the user stuck on the couch for a bit because it’s so helpful. Some users have boasted that they focus much better without their physical pain because the strain allows them to keep a clear head. This strain is one of the easiest to grow in New England because the growers won’t need to worry about changing light cycles, and the climate is pretty perfect, being warm during the day and colder at night.

2. Blue Cheese

The Blue Cheese Strain is another hybrid strain, derived from the original Cheese strain bred in the UK, and the Blueberry strain. This plant has a 20% sativa/80% indica split, and is immensely relaxing. Aromatically, the strain puts off a fairly distinct scent of cheese, but tastes more like that blueberry strain. You’ll get cheesy hints underneath the fruity sweetness. This is one of my favorite outdoor strains because it does a great job in colder climates and actually thrives in cold weather, which is perfect for New England!

This Blue Cheese Strain is best utilized in the evening, when one wants to relax and sleep well. It is said to make the consumer feel increasingly heavier to assist with the happiness inhaled. This strain is also resistant to mold and thrives best in cooler temperatures, just like the UK Cheese strain. If you’re a rookie grower, this strain is perfect for you to begin with since it’s so easy to cultivate outdoors.

3. White Widow

First released in 1995, White Widow has become a mainstay on the world’s cannabis stage with its nearly perfect balance from its parent plants, the South American and South Indian strains. With a 40% sativa/60% indica split, White Widow gives the smoker a mind-blowing high through its amazing flavors of fruit and spice, even though the aroma is strongly skunky. Depending on the genetics of the strain, smoking it may taste as if you just bit into a fresh piece of fruit or if you caught a whiff of a sweet spice. This is another great choice for anyone looking for the best outdoor strains for New England because it does a great job of enduring the cold weather that the Northeast brings.

It is most commonly used for treating illnesses like depression and anxiety, or can help tremendously with chronic pain. Smoking this in the morning can give you quite the calm start to your day. White Widow is a favorite of many consumers for the insane high, but it’s also a great place to start growing. Known to be a hearty strain, White Widow is pretty resistant to bugs, mold, and cold temperatures, so not only is it a fantastic strain to use, it’s a fantastic strain to grow as well.

4. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is named for where it originated: Durban, Africa. It was born there and perfected in labs in Europe to create one of the best outdoor strains for creativity and productivity. The strain runs between 80% and 100% sativa, with up to 20% indica, depending on if it has cross-bred, so generally, it’s a Sativa dominant strain. If you’re feeling lazy or have a mental block, you’re going to want Durban Poison to start your day with and get the creative juices flowing. The scent alone will draw a consumer in with the balance of sweet and spice. You’ll get flavors of vanilla, fennel, and spiced orange, while also getting the full effects of the best medicinal strain of cannabis there is.

Growers particularly like this strand because it isn’t usually genetically manipulated and grows well in the colder air of the North, however, the plants can get very large, so you may need to grow it outdoors and put in the control work to keep the plant at a manageable size. Although this might be a tough closet grow due to its size, it’s one of the best outdoor strains for the Northeast and New England!

5. Northern Lights

The Northern Lights strain is said to have developed sometime after 1985 in Holland and is bred from Afghani Indica and Thai sativa to be 10% sativa/90% indica, so it’s a pretty Indica dominant strain. The smell of the strain will have you reminiscing of camping trips with the woodsy scent, but the flavor isn’t all earthen. While you will experience the earth tones in the flavor, you’ll also experience the sweet flavor that resembles candy.

The most common uses for the Northern Lights strain are for chronic pain and better sleep, so it is best consumed at night. The high is euphoric and relaxed, so you can expect to feel genuinely happy, at peace, and well-rested the next morning. Northern Lights is best grown indoors because it requires warmer climates, but it also remains small enough to be able to do so.

As you may have guessed from the name of the Northern Lights strain, this is one of the best outdoor strains to grow in New England because it thrives in cold weather and is a fan favorite in the cannabis growing industry!

Why Growing Cannabis Is Difficult For New England And The Northeast?:

Growing cannabis in New England and really the Northeast can be a difficult task mainly due to the climate. Most cannabis strains prefer warmer and humid or tropical environments, which definitely isn’t the case for the Northeast. If you’re planning on growing cannabis and use a strain that prefers a warm climate, any snow or cold weather will either kill the grow or reduce its production potential. That’s why it’s so important to focus on outdoor strains that do better in colder weather and can survive and thrive in these types of climates.

Along with this, New England tends to get more rain than other climates, which some outdoor strains aren’t accustomed to. This makes it important to focus on strains that are accepting of higher amounts of rain and won’t interfere with their growth cycle.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Strains For New England

If you’re a new grower and you’re searching for a plant that will be easy to cultivate, yield good supply, and teach you more about growing, you could select any of the five we’ve discussed. All of the outdoor strains except for the Durban Poison are auto-flowering, meaning that they sprout quickly and grow without needing too much interference from the grower. Whether you’re growing for commercial sale, or personal use, you can count on Super Skunk, Blue Cheese, White Widow, Durban Poison, or Northern Lights to handle all of your needs. Happy growing! Thankfully this list is also similar to strains to grow in Vermont, New York or Maine, so you can take some of our choices for those climates as well!

How to grow Northern Lights cannabis seeds in UK

From Blimburn Seeds, we bring you the best tips and tricks. Also, we are committed to all growers in the world to maximize their outdoor growing production. In other words, we will make you an expert grower and lover of our seeds.


First, because NORTHERN LIGHT AUTO is a mostly indica variety, characterized by its good vegetative development of thick central stems, as well as its lateral branches. Also, crossing Northern Light x Lowryder we have obtained a plant with a shorter flowering time

Second, this genetic are compact in size, due to their short internodal distance and the flowers tend to be compact and hard with a lot of resin.

For this reason, it is special for growers who want discreet crops, since it takes up little space and in outdoor cultivation it is completely discreet, so you can grow it on balconies or terraces in complete safety.

However, we do not forget the most important thing. It has an indoor flowering period of 9-12 weeks, but we recommend 12 weeks for optimal maturation. Also, outdoors you can harvest your harvest from April to October.

Do you think you can grow outdoors in the UK?

Yes, you can grow outdoors in the UK. First of all, please read our seven points carefully. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or to place your seed order. Finally, after this introduction we start with the tips and tricks:

United Kingdom, is a great island and has oceanic climate. Also, its geographical location makes its climate changing. What’s More, depending on which region of the UK we will have a different climate. Therefore, we will describe the four regions and their different climates to grow our NORTHERN LIGHT AUTO.

  • Southeast:

It is a perfect area to grow NORTHERN LIGHT AUTO. Firstly, this area has cold winters. However, the summers are sunny, dry and pleasant with a lot of heat. In other words, ideal temperatures for outdoor cultivation. Summers are sometimes warmer by the masses of hot airs coming from Europe.

  • Southwest:

It is another perfect area in the UK to grow our NORTHERN LIGHT AUTO. Firstly, there are mild but humid winters. Also, the summers are usually warm, but with a lot of Atlantic climate with clouds and rain. Therefore, mild conditions allow for a longer growing season than in the far-north regions.

  • Northwest:

In this area cannabis growers experience cold winters and summers. Therefore, they tend to be colder and grayer than those in the south. Also, the predominant atlantic air masses can bring rain and wind almost all year round. In other words, cannabis growers and lovers from this region can find the late weather in September and October less friendly for cultivation. In conclusion, our NORTHERN LIGHT AUTO is a perfect strain because in mid-September you can pick your crop.

  • Northeast:

In this area growers should take into account climate constraints. Also, the growing season is shorter compared to southern growers. Therefore, winterscan be cold, spring can take a while to arrive and summer is short. Finally, we must grow strains with a short flowering period. In conclusion, NORTHERN LIGHT AUTO has a fast flowering period almost comparable to any self-flowering seed.

Also, to be clear about the area where we live. We must take into account other important factors in outdoor cultivation in the UK. Firstly, the temperature and hours of sunshine are very important. Also, the location where our small seeds of the NORTHERN LIGHT AUTO will then become large cannabis plants.

Next, a temperature calendar and hours of sunshine during the different growing months:

  • January February. Firstly, these two months are very important to look for a good growing area. Also, see the orientation of the sun.
  • March
    Hours of Sunshine inMarch: 11 hours • Average temperature: 2–10 ºC.
  • April
    Hours of Sunshine inApril: 13 hours • Average temperature: 5–14 ºC
  • May
    Hours of Sunshine inMay: 15 Hours • Average temperature: 8–16 ºC
  • June
    Hours of Sunshine inJune: 16.5 hours • Average temperature: 11 –20 ºC
  • July
    Hours of Sunshine inJuly: 16.5 hours • Average temperature: 14–22 ºC
  • August
    Hours of Sunshine inAugust: 15.5 hours • Average temperature: 12–20 ºC
  • September
    Hours of Sunshinein September: 13.5 hours • Average temperature: 10–18 ºC
  • October
    Duration of the day October 1: 11.5 hours • Average temperature: 8–14 ºC

Also, this calendar with its hours sun and temperatures. Firstly, it’s important to prevent. In other words, growers in northern UK areas must have canvases in the event of sudden rains or cold days.

The medium where we grow our NORTHERN LIGHT AUTO is important. Firstly, we have to be clear if we are going to grow directly on land or on pots.

If we grow our cannabis seeds in pots, we have no problem since we will use any soil on the market that is already fertilized and with its fertilizers.

Finally, if we cultivate directly on land. We advise to condition the soil first. In addition, remove the surface soil about 10cm and add worm humus to ensure the growth of the plant, red guano or dry bird guano, which you can buy in any garden store, to guarantee a great flowering and trichodermas, beneficial fungus for the protection of the roots and stimulate the microbiotic life of the soil.

These fungi will be your allies to get robust and high-yielding plants.

In conclusion, our culture medium is very important to obtain large resin buds from our NORTHERN LIGHT AUTO.

Firstly, photoperiod 20/4 is very important for the development of any autoflowering plant. Secondly, at the Outdoor point we reflect how many hours of light our EUROPE-grown plants receive. Finally, outdoors, most autoflowering strains will naturally enter flowering in an automatic way.

When the NORTHERN LIGHT AUTO enter in flowering, need 18 hours of light and 6 of dark

The autoflowering plants in general start the flowering in the 4 or 6 week of life and finish all the process between the 10 to 12 weeks of life.

Firstly,NORTHERN LIGHT AUTO is a quality strain and many growers have confirmed to us that it can be grown perfectly in any region of the UK.

In other words, we are very proud to work hard for great results. Also, it is a plant that grows vigorously when we provide quality nutrients.

Finally, we reached the most anticipated point. After a long time of cultivation comes the harvest. Now it’s time to harvest your marijuana, the result of your effort is near.

Firstly, the best time to cut our marijuana plant is when several factors appear.

  1. Color change of the pistils. Firstly, pistils are born white. However, as harvest time approaches, they change from white to brown.
  2. Color change of our leaves. Firstly, we will notice how the leaves start to pick up a yellow color. This is due to the lack of nutrients and is a trigger for our marijuana plant to be ready.
  3. Observe the trichomes. Observing trichomes throughout the plant stage is important. Finally, the change from crystalline to amba color is a big trigger that our marijuana plant is ready to be harvested.

In this last point, we highlight the importance of NORTHERN LIGHT AUTO for your health.

First of all, it is a mostly indica strain that induces extreme body relaxation, sleep and a lot of peace. This makes NORTHERN LIGHT AUTO perfect for people who need to relieve body aches or symptoms related to fibromyalgia or migraines.

Also, its sweet flavor with touches of pine and earth, make this genetic a unique trip to relaxation, since in each smoke you will discover new aromas that will make you fly.

People who suffer from chronic insomnia will appreciate the power of northern light, as it will make them dream in a deep and relaxed way.