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Dr Hermans

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Long ago, at the beginning of time itself, when Mancunian dinosaurs roamed the Northern Quarter and the legendary Afflecks first sprang from the ground on the corner of Church St, a magnificent jewellery and accessories shop was born. There are myths of this wonderful cave like emporium which glittered with neon bright treasures and sparkling adornments. People everywhere looked a zillion times more radiant, decked out in all the glorious trinkets purchased from the palace they call Luna and Luna Eclipse (formerly Extreme Largeness).

OK, so some of that MIGHT be made up. BUT Luna has been in Afflecks for nearly 20 years, selling all manner of eclectic bits and bobs, to make you look more awesome than you already are!

Our shop is based in Manchester, home of ’90s rave culture, miserable ’80s indie and the best city in the world for a good time! We work hard, we play hard, we have it large. We sell a wide range of fashion jewellery, from all different types of body jewellery to on-trend choker necklaces. We’re well known for our amazing range of iron on patches and our massive collection of badges, all made in house by our team of ninja fairies!

If you come to see us on the ground floor of Afflecks, you’ll find the perfect accessories to funk up your outfit, get excellent service and all the help you need from our lovely staff and get the fantastic Afflecks experience that everyone talks about!

Or shop online with us now, loads of stuff available on our website and with a super-fast next day dispatch!

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GRIN is situated on the ground floor, they offer a wide range of products including house plants, sunglasses, vintage clothing and sunglasses. they also stock the full range of Directions hair colours and some UV make-up. If you are looking for something unusual and not on the high street then Grin definitely has this to offer.