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Best California marijuana seed and clone shops of 2020

America’s cannabis-growing heartland—the Emerald Triangle—celebrated Valentine’s Day a little differently than the rest of us.

While lovers popped bottles of champagne, Humboldt County growers prayed over and germinated their 2020 cannabis seeds, said Brian Smith, buyer and inventory manager at Satori Wellness, a licensed cannabis retailer in McKinleyville, Humboldt County, California; population, 15,177.

“Oh yeah, it’s a tradition in Humboldt County to pop seeds on Valentine’s Day,” Smith said. “We got the full moon, then the equinox coming. You should definitely be popping all your seeds off by the end of February and beginning of March.”

Missed the big occasion? Don’t stress. Hundreds of legal stores in California stand ready to sell you prestigious seeds for your garden this year. It’s peak seed-selling season, store managers say, and more adults 21 and older can tap more legal genetics from more legal outlets than ever before.

Thanks to Prop. 64, passed in 2016, adults 21+ in California possess the unambiguous legal right to grow up to six plants on their property and keep their harvest. An outdoor plant can yield up to a pound on the high end, so a decent gardener could grow about six pounds this year—that could be a six-year supply, assuming you smoke a gram every day.

Still, most Californians haven’t visited a legal weed store—legal sales are just a little over two years old.

Below, we direct first-timers and veterans alike to the best California cannabis stores that sell seeds and clones.

Los Angeles marijuana seed stores

Buds & Roses

Los Angeleno weed nerds looking to grow a personalized, exotic strain flock to longtime all-star outlet Buds & Roses, located in the San Fernando Valley, north of downtown, said owner Aaron Justis.

The iconic Prop 215 club survived the Prop. 64 transition and stocks a wide variety of legal cannabis seeds as a matter of principle. Buying, collecting, growing, and making new seeds ensures plant diversity, Justis said.

“We’re really into the genetics and what’s new out there and getting them out there to the people,” he said.

Buds & Roses stocks Southern California’s most solid lineup of Purple City Genetics, Equilibrium Genetics, and Rebel Grown seeds.

PCG touts hyped crosses like Zookies x Super Lemon SMAC. Go Rebel Grown for the undisputed king of OG Kush and Chem genetics. Equilibrium’s 2020 hot sellers include Burmese Bananaberry or Forbidden Heat, Justis said.

Los Angeles Farmers Collective

Also in LA: Don’t miss Los Angeles Farmer’s Collective—home of the Jungle Boyz, SoCal’s elite, exotic, indoor flower brand.

This year, Los Angeles Farmer’s Collective carries Jungle Boyz’s Creamsicle #10 and Divorce Cake #1. Plus, don’t miss out on all their Zkittlez Cake crossed to Grape Topanga #6, Gelato #33, or TK Lato #1.

Seeds also spotted at:

Seeds are nice. Buds are better. Find kind cannabis nearby with Leafly Finder

Best San Francisco cannabis seed and clone stores

SF Elevated

Eight hours north from Los Angeles, San Francisco is a global ganja crossroads and hobby gardener’s playground. Several stores promise the best legal seeds and clones of cannabis’ entire history.

Around San Francisco, new store SF Elevated carries Purple City Genetics and Equilibrium. On Mission Street, Mission Organic Center carries seeds from Medicine Man including Tropical Zittles (Purple Punch x Zkittlez).

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Harborside in Oakland remains the go-to choice for clones from Dark Heart Nursery. But you can look for Dark Heart clones all around the Bay, like in Pacifica’s Lytt, SPARC Santa Rosa, 7 Stars Richmond, or Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose.

Seeds also spotted at:

Dark Heart Nursery clones bring the heat to every corner of California. (David Downs for Leafly)

Best San Diego cannabis seed and clone stores

Urbn Leaf

All the way down south in California, San Diego has fully licensed the legal cannabis industry, from seed to sale. Two years into commercial sales, retail marijuana stores are just beginning to entice home gardeners with fresh seeds.

At the Urbn Leaf chain of stores, customers young and old, experienced and novice, surprise budtenders with seed requests. Packs of 20 regular seeds from Humboldt Seed Co. sell for $124. Grow a classic like Trainwreck or the new Pineapple Muffin.

Seeds also spotted at:

Best Santa Cruz, Mendocino, Humboldt cannabis seed and clone stores

If you want the best wine grapes, you go to wine country. Want the best cannabis genes? Point your map app at cannabis country. Gas up the car, charge up the phone, and pull out some cash for this genetics odyssey. Or make sure to hit these spots next time you’re passing through.

Santa Cruz Naturals

An hour south of San Francisco lies the stoner Valhalla of Santa Cruz—where lush coastal mountains hide greenhouses and gardens and the pumping point break of Steamer’s Lane keeps the vibes irie. The two go-to seed spots are Santa Cruz Naturals of Aptos or Watsonville.

Satori Wellness of Humboldt County

Champagne, France, rocks some badass wine grapes. Similarly, Humboldt County is stunting in cannabis genetics.

Everyone from mom and pop growers to big ballers with cash stream into Satori Wellness in McKinleyville this time of year for the best seed selection in the world. A huge drop from all major breeders came in Feb. 1.

“Seeds are on a roll. I’m moving through some units,” said Brian Smith, the inventory manager.

Hints of gas, nuts, salty caramel, and cream merge in the trending cultivar Caramel Cream. (Courtesy of Humboldt Seed Co.)

The two-year-old store is affiliated with award-winning Talking Trees farms and carries their clones. Also in season in 2020, Humboldt Seed Co.’s Magic Melon, Caramel Cream, and feminized Notorious THC.

“It takes a lot of work to get them all in. We’ve established ourselves as the premier store and our seed selection has gone with it,” Smith said.

Seeds also spotted at:

Compassionate Heart in Mendocino

At Compassionate Heart, Ukiah, seed sales are peaking for the year, staff said. In-house brand Lempire Seeds is crushing it with the Lempire Strawberry Banana Slush. Also score exclusive Dying Breed Seeds, plus Terp Hogz seeds, and DNA Genetics seeds.

Seeds also spotted at:

Even more rural California cannabis seed stores

You never know where you’ll find the next addition to your personal cannabis genetics library. Download the Leafly app and use it on the road to peruse menus and discover gems like these:

So get out there and grow a pound in 2020. The best way to keep cannabis diverse and people-powered, is for the people to grow their own, said Justis.

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“We want to get these seeds out to people to let them breed with it, let them play with it, make new genetics—so they can preserve it.”

Cannabis seeds los angeles ca


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With COF LB you can begin your legal medical or recreational grow from various stages of development. Start your Marijuana treatment now. Our growers have a great passion regarding quality of each clones. Clones are more stable than seeds, always female. Most marijuana clones take approximately 10 – 14 days to become well rooted Each new tray is labeled and monitored until roots are visible. Each must pass a light “tug test”. Our methods ensure each patient receives rooted healthy plants. All clones are approximately “4-8″ tall rooted in Rockwool.

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