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Paddy Cannabis seeds

PaddySeeds is one the most trusted source for cannabis seeds for sale in the Republic of Ireland and UK We have the widest selection of the best cannabis seeds in Europe.

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Holy Smoke Seeds – London OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds 6 Pack

Holy Smoke Seeds – London OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds 6 Pack

The true royal crown of Kush, the White, Fire Og, Fire Alien, Tre Star Dawg and Bubba Kush HP from Topdawg round off a supremely special Kush terpene profile. She’s a beast with huge OG style nuggs staying close to the stem exhibiting those beautiful old Kush characteristics and even though she holds an exceptional floral bouquet the effects are stupidly strong. She creates so much space in the head at the quiet time where you really free yourself of the daily grind, what a beautiful kush she is. Growing to monstrous sizes given the space with the rock hard round Kush nugs absolutely coated in trichomes; that’s how dense the forest of terpenes is on her.

There are all the true OG medicinal effects from help with nausea, sleeping, eating, body aches and pains. She’s like a personal physician she tends to do many ailments and as such well and truly deserves the title of London OG!

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Yep she’s that special. Time and time again she cuts through the barrier providing a very serious med with a vast array of terpene effects and a huge umbrella of stone with thick columns of effect like she’s supporting a beautiful night sky. We know you’re gonna’ love this she sure is a keeper!

  • Genetics: Flamethrower OG x Mob Boss x Guide Dawg
  • Sex: Feminised
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
  • Yield: High

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