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Irish Cream Strain | Marijuana Strain Review

Everyone knows what an Irish Cream is; a tasty mix of classic Irish whiskey, cream, and all kinds of tasty flavoring combinations.

While it’s a great and refreshing cocktail, sometimes you don’t fancy drinking alcohol. What if you could get the tasty flavor profile of Irish Cream, without having to get tipsy?

Let’s investigate the Irish Cream strain and find out if it does taste just as good as the drink.

What Is the Irish Cream Strain?

Irish Cream is a great little strain for giving you a slightly tangy, fruity, burning sensation that a real Irish Cream cocktail would give you.

It comes from Mighty Irish Seeds, a smaller Ireland-based grower that is well known for its most prominent strain, Mighty Irish Hope. In fact, Irish Cream is actually a crossbreed of Mighty Irish Hope, plus a few mystery strains, making it both a signature strain and something unique at the same time.

Like many well-bred strains created in recent years, Irish Cream has a sizable THC content. You can expect to feel its effects intensely, though it might take a bit longer than you would expect.

Irish Cream has a reputation for slow effects. After first getting a mouthful, you might find yourself wondering whether or not your Irish Cream is defective. However, if you give it a little while to take hold, you feel it taking over all your senses before long.

The high is surprisingly weighty, giving you a sensation of pressure in your eyes and head. The first thing you will realize after a fleeting feeling of heaviness is that Irish Cream can soothe your entire body. The smoke eases the whole body from the muscles to the brain, making all stress a thing of the past.

Due to its strong effects, you can expect to feel revulsion toward anything that makes you think or feel too much at once. So much so, that you might be best suited to closing the curtains and keeping your eyes closed.


Considering this strain’s name, it would make sense for it to smell of whiskey and cream, which it does, but not quite in the way that you would expect.

There are plenty of rich, nutty aromas that take over, giving you the impression of gently toasted, maybe slightly rich condensed milk. It’s both sweet and a little bit fruity, also possessing a few floral notes that are hard to label. There is also a fair amount of skunkiness and dankness, reminiscent of its skunk heritage.


After you break up the buds and begin to smoke, your mouth will fill with rich and incredibly vibrant smoke. There is the same nuttiness that the aroma promises, but also a hint of coffee that tickles your senses.

Deeper into the smoke, you will find yourself thinking that you have just enjoyed a rich and decadent Irish Cream cocktail.


The interesting quality of Irish Cream bud is how consistent it is in its appearance. Instead of the wild variations and differences that most marijuana buds have, this one is practically identical all the way around. It is decently green, with only a few examples of orange pistils buried beneath the surface.

With a smattering of white trichomes across the surface, this bud is quite beautiful rather than a typical example of dank bud.

To try and create some visual variance in this bud, you need to try and grow your own. But what do you need to know to grow Irish Cream?

Irish Cream Strain Grow Info

Irish Cream Strain seeds are, thankfully, available all over the place, mostly directly from Mighty Irish Seeds.

Once you go and get yourself some Irish Cream seeds, you’ll find that it’s surprisingly tolerant to all kinds of temperatures. While it does, of course, prefer a humid climate, you can likely grow it successfully with all kinds of weather conditions.

The thing to keep in mind is to try and increase the final yield regardless of the weather conditions. For best results, you should try to cultivate it using the Sea of Green technique, which doesn’t require any complex skills.

Keep your Irish Cream plants growing together in a long, almost hedge-like configuration, with plenty of natural sunlight or high-intensity artificial lamps.

Additionally, make sure you constantly trim the top of the growth. This encourages the Irish Cream plant to grow more sideways, rather than vertically. This lateral growth is what creates lots of useful bud.

Once you harvest your Irish Cream bud and have finished marveling at its surprisingly uniform shape, what cannabinoid content can you expect?

THC Content – Highest Test

Irish Cream cannabis is known for possessing a surprisingly intense effect, one strong enough to make you want to block out sunlight. Considering these potent effects, it makes sense that it has such a high THC content.

You can expect roughly 20% THC within your Irish Cream bud, though this amount can vary from as low as 13-14%.

This makes it a decently strong strain, but not one that you need to worry about if you are a newbie.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Pretty much all cannabis has at least some CBD within it, as that is just the natural way that marijuana develops in the wild. However, the endless growing efforts of breeders have ensured that most contemporary strains have little CBD.

While you will struggle even to find 1% CBD content in Irish Cream, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t plentiful medical benefits.

Medical Benefits of the Irish Cream Strain

Just like with all decently high THC strains, Irish Cream is useful for shutting out negative or unpleasant mental states.

This includes helping you deal with stress, but also in helping you tackle depression or even anxiety. Furthermore, the high THC content makes it perfect for handling issues relating to pain. If you suffer from an unpleasant, long-lasting painful condition like arthritis, this is a great strain to keep on hand for flare-ups.

Another thing this strain is used for is the treatment of insomnia. While Irish Cream won’t knock you out completely, it’s excellent at ensuring that you shut out all external sources of worry or pain. If your trouble is an inability to focus on things or shift your attention toward sleeping, then this strain will be just what you’re looking for.

The fact it doesn’t knock you out is a positive; you can sit there and enjoy the high for its full lasting effect. Then, once it’s over, you gradually drift off to sleep without a care in the world.

Of course, even the best strains come with some side effects, right?

Possible Side Effects of the Irish Cream Strain

Irish Cream is one of those weird strains that doesn’t have a specific list of unpleasant side effects. What it does have, however, is a list of effects that, while not dangerous or damaging, are a bit annoying.

The main quality of the Irish Cream strain is that it leaves you incapable of rational thought or logical decision making. This leaves you sitting there, staring at nothing, hiding from the light until you eventually fall asleep. For those not looking for a super chilled out evening spent dozing, this can be a bit of a problem.

Furthermore, some users complain about mild headaches after smoking a fair amount of Irish Cream. However, this should only be a problem if you smoke too much at once, so make sure to keep your consumption to a reasonable level.

Finally, Irish Cream is known for offering the typical side effects of dry mouth and dry eyes, perhaps even more so than other strains. Keep yourself well hydrated and keep a pillow nearby to fight off the primary negative effects of this strain.

Final Thoughts on the Irish Cream Strain

People find their perfect marijuana strain for a variety of different reasons. Some people are looking for intense effects that leave their heads spinning; others want just to chill out. There are more types of marijuana out there than different types of coffee, and each of them has its own place in your dispensary and your secret stash.

For those times when you want to zone out, close your eyes, and contemplate existence, Irish Cream is perhaps the perfect choice. While it won’t completely knock you out, you can expect to find yourself gently lulled into sleep after a few hours of blissful, slightly numbing high.

The only thing you need to remember is not to take any of this potent weed during the day – drifting off is fun, but not when you have things to do! If you are lucky enough to find some Irish Cream at your local dispensary, clear your schedule. Close your curtains, lock your door, and put on some calm, slightly trippy music.

After that, sit back, relax, and find your nearest pillow for what is perhaps the ultimate in marijuana relaxation.

Everything You Need to Know to Buy Cannabis Seeds

So you’ve decided to grow your own cannabis, and you’ve got your grow space all set up. You’re all ready, except for one small detail; you are going to need some genetic material to get started. In other words, you will have to locate some cannabis seeds or clones to begin your cannabis grow.

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Greenpoint Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds (Spain)

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Barney’s Farm

Where Can I Buy Cannabis Seeds?

Generally speaking, there are two primary sources for cannabis seeds:

  1. Local stores & dispensaries or
  2. Buy seeds online (retailers & breeders)

In both cases, you will have the option of choosing brand name seeds from established commercial breeders, specialty seeds from artisan breeders, and cannabis seeds from “no-name” or low-end breeders. In jurisdictions where cannabis is not yet legal, the only option will likely be to buy seeds online, and they will only be available from retailers willing to ship.

What’s the difference between a breeder and a retailer? Breeders only carry the strains they produce themselves, while retailers will carry products from a variety of breeders. Some hybrid breeders/retailers sell their own seeds as well as those from other breeders.

Buying cannabis seeds online is similar to purchasing any sort of seeds (lettuce, kale, carrots, etc.). There are hundreds of varieties (aka – strains), a range of quality, wildly different price ranges, and sellers of varying integrity. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of choices available. In order to make things easier, here is a list of questions you should consider before buying cannabis seeds online.

Buyer’s Guide

1) Are you growing inside or outside?

When purchasing for indoor growing, you will want to look for strains that grow shorter so they can fit in the grow space in your home (less than 120 cm, or about 4′). You may start with 8′ high ceilings, but containers can be a foot or taller, and you’ll likely have fans or exhaust systems secured to the ceiling (taking up the top couple feet of space).

2) How much time do you have for your grow?

Some strains can be ready in less than three months, while others can take as long as five months. If you’re growing outside, consider how much time you have available for flowering. For example, in my part of the world, it starts getting cold by mid-September, making outdoor flowering very challenging.

3) Indica, sativa, or hybrid?

While there is considerable debate about the actual differences between these classifications, sativa strains tend to grow taller and take longer to flower. In contrast, indica-dominant strains require less time and room for vertical growth. Hybrids are somewhat in the middle.

4) Regular, feminized, or autoflower?

Regular seeds are usually less expensive, but you can expect at least 50% of them to be male and, therefore, not really useful for growing bud. If you want to guarantee all your plants will be female, then buy feminized seeds. Autoflower cannabis seeds are a special kind of hybrid that automatically starts flowering regardless of the photoperiod (light schedule). Autoflower plants are generally ready to harvest in 10 weeks or less, but they’re not recommended for the beginning grower since they can be a bit finicky about their growing conditions.

5) Is it legal to order seeds?

In most cases, seeds cannot legally be shipped across international borders, and especially not to areas where cannabis is still illegal. That being said, there are many breeders around the world, and if you’re willing to buy the seeds, most retailers will agree to ship cannabis seeds. You may see an option for stealth shipping (often at an additional cost), which essentially means that your seeds will be discretely sent to you, perhaps tucked away in a brochure or t-shirt. This shipping option makes it less likely that your package will be confiscated in transit, and many buyers go this route. However, this is also an indication that it may be illegal to send the seeds from their origin to the destination you’ve requested. Keep in mind that if your seeds are somehow “lost” during shipment, you will probably have lost your money spent as well. Check out your local retailers and the online stores in your country before you consider international shipment

6) What’s your budget?

Seeds can be expensive! I have paid as much as $20 per seed for top-shelf artisan seeds, but low-end budget seeds can be as little as $2-3/seed. For beginners, I would recommend not spending more than about $8-10/seed.

7) How many different strains should I buy?

While it is tempting to purchase a variety of different seeds, unless you are a very experienced grower, I would recommend growing no more than two strains at the same time. Different strains will grow differently (have different physical traits), have different feeding requirements, and be ready for harvest at different times. These differences add complications to the growing process. It’s best to avoid these problems until you have at least 5-10 grows under your belt.

8) How many seeds should you buy?

Cannabis seeds are often packaged in groups of 3, 5, or 10. At least 80% of the seeds you buy should germinate, so if you want to grow eight plants, you should buy ten feminized seeds to be safe. If you’re purchasing regular seeds, buy approximately double the number of female plants you want to grow (to account for having to throw out all the male plants). Try to avoid buying more seeds than you intend to plant this season since storing seeds for an extending period of time can be tricky, and older seeds may not germinate.

9) What’s your level of experience?

Beginners should purchase easy to grow, forgiving strains. One of my favorites is the classic White Widow, but any reputable breeder or retailer should be able to advise you. If you are more experienced, you can try more challenging strains like autoflowers, CBD-dominant strains, or pure sativas.

10) Do you need to worry about odor control?

While all ripening cannabis flowers tend to be aromatic, some strains are much more “skunky.” If you’re growing your cannabis in a populated area outdoors or inside your own home, you might want to consider a less smelly strain or installing some odor control (like a carbon filter).