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cannabis seeds in portland oregon

Seeds Near Tillamook, Oregon, Portland, Oregon, Merlin, Oregon

At Ascend we always have a selection of top shelf high-THC and CBD flowers. We try all the flower before placing on our shelves to ensure quality and taste. Only the best makes it into our store!

13836 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97230
United States

Kind Heart Collective

Kind Heart Collective is North Portland’s Premier Cannabis Dispensary. We have a wide variety of premium flower, concentrates, edibles and over 1,000 clones in stock daily. We are your #1 spot for all Recreational and Medicinal Marijuana products.

8217 N. Denver Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97217
United States

Brothers Cannabis

Portland Oregon's OLDEST dispensary; established since April 2010. We are known for top quality flowers and products are from local growers and vendors.

3609 SE Division St
Portland, Oregon 97202
United States

Terpene Station – Portland

We are medical and adult use cannabis dispensary open to anyone 21 and over! No medical card needed!

1436 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97202
United States

Nectar – NE Sandy Blvd.

At Nectar PDX we provide patients with the best customer service, selection, quality and lowest prices in the medical marijuana industry.

3350 NE Sandy Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97232
United States

Nectar -N Mississippi Ave

At Nectar PDX we provide patients with the best customer service, selection, quality and lowest prices in the medical marijuana industry.

4125 N Mississippi Ave
Portland, Oregon 97217
United States

Green Oasis – Northeast

At the Green Oasis we’re committed to providing Oregon medical marijuana patients with safe access to high quality, organically grown medicine.

3944 NE Cully Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97213
United States

Shango – Harold

Shango produces, distributes and sells a full range of premium cannabis products, including flower, concentrates, chocolates and cartridges.

8056 SE Harold St
Portland, Oregon 97206
United States

Mt Hood Wellness Center

Our staff is knowledgeable and caring, and can assist in questions regarding to any of our products in stock. We have variety of different edibles, flowers, concentrates, topicals and more, and serve both recreational and medical cannabis products.

In the Press, Eli Bilton, January 18, 2016 – Anyone with a vague degree of familiarity with the cannabis industry will tell you that it has the potential to use tremendous amounts of resources… lighting, water use or the disbursement of nutrients, growing marijuana on any kind of a large scale is bound to consume energy. It’s for this reason that those participating in the space must use sustainable gardening techniques, renewable energies, and sustainable technologies. Those with an influence on relevant legislation must ensure for the passage of well-thought out, environmentally conscious cannabis laws.

Big relief for Subway manager struggling to support family on $11.50 an hour

The Oregonian, Andrew Theen, December 11, 2015 – “These are the new Amsterdams of the world,” said Eli Bilton, owner of Attis Trading Co., a marijuana dispensary in Portland, who is also starting a tour company and looking for locations to open a 420-friendly bed-and-breakfast. And while business is just getting going there — recreational marijuana only became legal for sale in Oregon Oct. 1 — “We’re already seeing a lot of out-of-towners,” Bilton said.

Marijuana Tourism’s Reach Expands

Boston Globe, Jon Marcus, November 28, 2015 “These are the new Amsterdams of the world,” said Eli Bilton, owner of Attis Trading Co., a marijuana dispensary in Portland, who is also starting a tour company and looking for locations to open a 420-friendly bed-and-breakfast. And while business is just getting going there — recreational marijuana only became legal for sale in Oregon Oct. 1 — “We’re already seeing a lot of out-of-towners,” Bilton said.

Wanted: Licensed Contractors to Build In-House Marijuana Grow Rooms

Market Watch, Daniel Goldstein, November 16, 2015 – Bilton says that in Oregon many licensed contractors will build grow rooms now that marijuana is legal. “It’s becoming part of our culture here in Portland,” he said. “You’re more likely to know somebody who’s involved in the growing industry so it’s more acceptable now,” he said.

The Last Frontier: Alaska Pioneers First Public Cannabis Consumption Rules

Cannabis Business News, Recreational Cannabis News, Roni Stetter, November 27, 2015 – Eli Bilton is CEO of the Attis Group, an Oregon-based cannabis cultivator, processor, and dispensary owner. The Attis Group currently accounts for 10% of Oregon’s total cannabis output, and is looking to expand to Alaska within the next year. Bilton is confident that the new regulations will go into effect without a hitch, encouraging a new kind of cannabis culture (and business environment) in Alaska.

Smoothing Out Wrinkles In Oregon’s Pot Law

Jefferson Public Radio, Geoffrey Riley & Emily Cureton, October 16, 2015 – Preview of Jackson County town hall meeting with County Commissioner Doug Breidenthal, Developent Services Director Kelly Madding and Attis Trading Company CEO, Eli Bilton.

Marijuana Odor: Local Ordinance and Carbon Filtration Contain Smell

Portland Business Journal, James Cronin, November 12, 2015 – Growers just need to transition to sealed systems that don’t have an external exhaust, and instead filters the air inside the building. That would go a long way towards containing any odors,” said Eli Bilton, the CEO of Attis Trading Group.

How Oregon marijuana growers plan to get efficient following $5,000 fines for power outages

Portland Business Journal, James Cronin, November 12, 2015 – As the recreational cannabis industry matures in Oregon, concerns are mounting about resource-intensive growing operations and their local impacts, especially from plants grown indoors. But, as experienced farmers know, there are right ways and wrong ways to cultivate.

State Market Analysis: Early Assessment of Oregon’s New Rec Market

Marijuana Investor News, Marguerite Arnold, October 21, 2015 – The state of Oregon is doing many things right as they move into being a fully regulated adult use state for cannabis. Oregon businesses generated more than $11 million in revenue during their first week of sales, which was more than Colorado and Washington combined.

Sale of Marijuana Now Legal in Oregon

MSNBC Jacob Soboroff, October 1, 2015 – Oregon’s marijuana friendly laws help Attis to creating a unique brand of cannabis.

How Green Are Your Cannabis Cultivation Practices?

Marijuana Investor News, Marguerite Arnold, September 2015 – The successful use of sustainable cultivation practices leads to a healthier garden and ultimately creates a symbiotic environment in which farmer and plant can organically coexist.

Growing Up With the Harvest: Oregon Pot Entrepreneur Ready for the Legal Market

During the 1960s, a semi-pro surfer who spent endless summers chasing waves picked up a hobby collecting cannabis seeds in every country he visited. It was a pastime that resulted in a legacy that one of the man’s young relatives, Eli Bilton, would inherit.

Oregon’s Legal Marijuana Industry will be Worth Nearly $500M by 2020, Will Yakowicz, July 2015 – Eli Bilton is about to enter Oregon’s new legal weed industry with five dispensaries. To ensure they succeed, he’s developing innovations including 100-foot-tall pot plants.

Oregon Medical Marijuana Company Raises $1.8 Million To Expand Operations.

The Weed Blog, Johnny Green, July 2015 – The Attis Group, Inc. (ATTIS), an Oregon-based cannabis cultivator, processor and dispensary owner, has entered into an agreement with Las Vegas, Nevada firm Electrum Partners to help develop plans to expand ATTIS’ business operations.


Portland, Oregon is weird and that’s not an insult. They aim to keep it that way. Like Austin, Texas and other pockets of liberal America, the Rose City welcomes eccentricities and prides itself on its many peculiarities. There is a Portland way of doing things where individuality is a pillar of success and uniqueness is a central tenet of business operations. Beards and tattoos are also welcomed.

SW Barbur

7737 SW Barbur Blvd Portland , OR (503) 841-5462 Every Day 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

NE Cully

4920 NE Cully Blvd Portland , OR (503) 477-8981 Every Day 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

SE Gladstone

2606 SE Gladstone St Portland , OR (971) 544-7685 Every Day 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Lincoln City

3026 NE Hwy 101 #1 Lincoln City , OR (541) 418-5200 Open every day – 10:00am Closes 8:00pm – Thursday, Friday and Saturday Closes 7:00pm – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday –


1830 Goodspeed Rd N Tillamook , OR (503) 815-7623 Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM Sunday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Legal recreational pot sales begin in Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. – Sales of recreational marijuana began after midnight Thursday in Oregon as some dispensaries opened their doors early moments after it became legal for those 21 and older to purchase pot.

More than 200 of the state’s 345 medical cannabis dispensaries have registered to sell recreational pot.

While anyone over the age of 21 with a valid ID can buy recreational weed, Oregon Medical Marijuana Program patients who are under 21 can still purchase cannabis as long as they have a valid program card.

Consumers are only allowed to buy flowers, seeds and clone plants until the Oregon Liquor Control Commission – which will be regulating legal marijuana sometime next year – irons out its rules.

At Portland’s Shango Premium Cannabis, co-founder Shane McKee said the first sale to an excited customer came about a minute after midnight, with many others waiting.

“It looks like there is about 60-70 in line out front,” he said in a telephone interview shortly after midnight. “They all seem extremely eager.”

That first buyer, Davia Fleming of Portland, said the sales launch was important.

“I was really excited about that,” said Fleming, who uses the drug for medicinal purposes. “It’s the end of a prohibition.”

A shop can sell up to a quarter of an ounce (about seven grams) of cannabis buds or pre-rolled joints at a time. Consumers could technically buy four times that in a day to get to the legal limit you can have in public, which is an ounce.

Customers also can purchase four starter plants or an unlimited number of seeds to grow pot at home.

Tinctures, hash, dabs, edibles, topicals or any other processed cannabis products are prohibited. Medical marijuana patients, on the other hand, will still be able to purchase the concentrated items in stores.

Store owners say they’re hopeful they can avoid the shortages and price spikes that followed the start of legal sales last year in Washington and Colorado, the only other states where the drug can now be sold for recreational use. Alaska could begin retail sales next year.

Recreational cannabis purchases are tax free until Jan. 4, when it will be taxed by 25%.

Brothers Cannabis Club also opened its doors at midnight. However, others are abiding by the limited hours set by the Portland City Council on Wednesday. The council voted to limit operating hours for dispensaries to between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. But the city can’t enforce those hours until shops have a license from the city, which won’t be available until December. Until then, they can operate anytime, day or night.

Some stores were trying to lure customers with giveaways and food.

Green Oasis in Sellwood is hosting a block party, featuring the Garcia Birthday Band. Cannacea will have free samples, giveaways and a live band. Leafly, an online review site for pot shops, will have food carts at Bridge City’s two locations, as well as AmeriCannaRX and Natural Rxemedies.

The Oregon Health Authority is requiring participating retail shops to record details of the marijuana sale (type of product, how much, birth date of customer, and date of sale) in order to avoid selling more than the legal limit to the same person in one day. Recreational users can have up to an ounce in public and eight ounces of usable weed in their homes.

Oregon has a robust supply system for marijuana that has supported medical marijuana users and the black market. Companies have invested in massive warehouses in Portland to grow the drug indoors, and southern Oregon has some of the nation’s best conditions for outdoor cultivation of marijuana.

Growers don’t face strict regulations yet, so the supply can more easily flow into retail stores than it did in Washington and Colorado.