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The OG Reek’n helps reduce flowering time while retaining that stunning Glue frost. A t the same time The OG Reek’n brings a fantastic new twist in terms of the overall terpene profile.

First Place At The High Times Cannabis Cup!

November at The High Times 30th Anniversary event in Amsterdam saw our Extracts Division pick up 1st Place in the “Seed Company Hash” category. A strong debut putting The Devil’s Glue and The Devil’s Nectar Crew firmly on the map!

(check out those sweet new cups from Alex Grey )

Hells Bells

Also recently added to the stables, we have Hells Bells. A winning combination of our ever popular Strawberry Sour Diesel and our spectacular Kuchi.

This selection combines a strong and heavy effect with a wonderful Kush flavour while still offering growers a high yielding harvest.

Raspberry Waffles.

Be sure not to miss the recently added Raspberry Waffles too.

This medicinal beauty tests highly for CBD and is already proving very popular among discerning consumers as she picked up awards at several events throughout 2017.

Our Strawberry Sour Diesel was crossed to a unique CBD male to produce something incredible for the medical community and many of the pheno-types are very high in CBD. The flavours and fragrances coming through from the Strawberry Sour Diesel are best described as sublime.

What is the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup?

Since 1974, High Times Magazine has been the top spot for everything cannabis-related, from cannabis brands and strains to marijuana legalization laws. It only seemed like a natural progression that in 1988, the High Times Cannabis Cup was formed, which quickly became the world’s top marijuana competition. Every year, cannabis growers and companies come together in Amsterdam to compete for the top spot in each category. Notable judges from the High Times Cannabis Cup include Snoop Dogg, Tommy Chong, Wiz Khalifa, Joe Rogan, Method Man, Rita Marley, Damian Marley, and more.

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How Does it Work?

The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup was born from the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2010 and takes place in San Francisco annually. This competition involves blind product testing by judges, who then rank the products in accordance with each category. The top three products in each category are crowned as the ranked champs. The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup differs from the High Times Cannabis Cup in that it focuses exclusively on the growing medical cannabis industry in the United States.

Attendees of the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup who have state-approved medical marijuana cards or prescriptions are able to sample entries prior to the competition. Entries can be edibles, marijuana, and hash, but they can only be entered into the competition by legally licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup has grown into a competition that is held separately in different states, including California, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

More Than a Competition

In addition to the sampling and judging of medical marijuana products, the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup offers seminars on cultivation and creating legal medical cannabis businesses, as well as a product expo that provides thorough information on each entry and offers other medical cannabis-related products. The first High Times Medical Cannabis Cup included seminars from High Times editors Danny Danko, Jorge Cervantes, and Nico Escondido. Product categories judged in the cup include Sativa, Indica, hybrids, concentrates, food edibles, beverage edibles, topicals/tinctures/capsules, best product, and most medicinal product, as well as non-marijuana products including glass, vape pens, and top expo booth.

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Recent & Notable Winners

The 2021 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup included medical cannabis brands Connected, Cannabiotix, and Sovereign taking multiple top spots.

Connected took the number one award for Best Indica Flower with “Biscotti” and Best Sativa Flower with “Gelonade”. Cannabiotix took the number one award for Best Concentrates with “GMO Cold Cure Live Rosin” and the number two spot for Best Hybrid Flower with “Cereal Milk”.

Sovereign took the number one award for Best Pre-Roll with “Mother’s Milk Solventless Geode Pre-Roll”, the number two award for Best Sativa Flower with “Mother’s Milk”, and the number three spot for Best Indica Flower with “Runtz”.

Other notable winners include:

  • Kingpen with third place for Best Pre-Roll with “Kingroll Do Si Do x Cannalope Kush Infused Pre-Roll”
  • Green Dragon took first place for Best Hybrid Flower with “Feria the Fetti”
  • Farmer and The Felon with first place for Best Sungrown Flower with “Lemon Sponge Cake”
  • Jetty Extracts with first place for Best Vape Pens with “Banana Crème Solventless Vape”
  • Kiva: Lost Farm took first place for Best Food Edibles with “Raspberry Blue Dream Live Resin Gummies”
  • TONIK took first place for Best Beverage Edibles with “VITAMIN Shot: Kiwi Strawberry”
  • Yummi Karma was number one in the Best Topicals/Tinctures/Capsules with “Drift Away Drops Bedtime Elixir”

Raising Awareness

The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup not only brings together people who need medical cannabis products and distributors of those products, but it also brings awareness to the need for more availability of medical cannabis products. Medical cannabis products have changed many people’s lives, and having a competition to bring awareness to the best of the best brands and products opens up doors to improve availability and responsible usage of medical cannabis products.

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